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  1. I guess over supering is good if you can check your hive regularly because you can monitor their progress by just looking at top super but say, if you're going away for longer like 5 weeks or so,is it advisable to undersuper since they draw foundation downwards the frame?
  2. well dried lavander. branches and all. smells nice. stays long too.
  3. Do you spray sugar water or air freshener to join them together?
  4. Yes.got same situation here.could it be the weather ie strong winds here in Auckland not conducive for mating flight? Who knows?
  5. I've been putting sprigs of lavander or rosemary on my smoker and the smoke from pine needle smells better.
  6. not really a biggie but i don't like the sight of them or their black little poos on the hive cover. A mate said lavander leaves, in theory, can deter them staying but...remains just a theory.
  7. Hi everyone. 'Just wondering what people do to avoid having cockroaches on top of the inner cover/hive mat. I opened my hive cover and saw a lot of small roaches. There were bees guarding the entrance hole of the inner cover but not really chasing the roaches out. It was alright but there were roaches feces as well. What the best thing to do to keep this pests camping inside? Thanks for any suggestion.
  8. Thanks for that Roger.im just thinking of getting queens the cheaper way to increase diversity.
  9. @@Roger .just wondering, how do you transport queen cells from Alastair?
  10. When inserting these strips, does one have to widen the gap between each frame so the bees have space to walk through them or just leave the frames as they are? I've noticed that there will be depressions in the shape of the strip on the comb down to the foundation.
  11. I saw these plants at Hamilton Garden few days ago but missed looking at the name tag on the ground. Could someone please name these for me.seems like bees love them. thanks very much.
  12. 'Tried using dried lavander leaves and branches and found them better than my last fuel which is pine needles. Less tar to clean on the smoker and nicer smell too.
  13. My hive, like what i said, there's not much brood rearing going on. there are 3 frames of brood with solid pattern flanked by honey frames. I didnt harvest honey since they started from small swarm and I just can't be bothered. so i was correct with the required D O S E? Thanks Pbee for your add'tl info. I will PM you.
  14. Thanks for the reply guys. It's just that I need it only for 1 hive. It's 4 strips for a well developed hive isn't it? There's not much brood rearing going on in my hive so maybe , I just need 2-4 strips(?) Does it leave residues on the beeswax/combs like Apistan? How long is the validity (expiration) of one packet?
  15. Where can i buy bayvarol in Auckland please?
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