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  1. Is it possible to dip plastic frames into melted wax to get a good amount of wax over the frame instead of spraying the frame or painting it on would the bees still be happy to comb out from doing this?
  2. I prefer to use the metal wood surround excluders which do you prefer
  3. Last year I serviced some hive on the coast and discovered ants inside eating alive bees and brood draging live bees out across the concrete pad where the hives were placed to there nest in the ground has anyone got a solution to these nasty little critters or have had to deal with them before? Cheers
  4. Yeah I shake them off and the same with ant colonys
  5. What is manuka honey worth in bulk prices?
  6. I prefer to use the metal wood surround excluders work best double brood box and lifting honey and brood up above dose work well and helps with swam control in brood box
  7. I have seen alot of hives with roaches on the top board anyone have a solution for this?
  8. We're so you purchase your feed from and do you add any supplements to the feed? Cheers
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