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  1. New Varroa Treatment?

    [media] [/media] I've read about this.. wonder how effective it is. It seems to treat incoming mites but not in the hive itself?
  2. Hi Has anyone used one of these? Is it effective? How much does a unit cost? It looks well thought out and well engineered. One Stone [media] [/media] Thanks
  3. Hi I need some advice on what to do with a rescue / cut out I was called to have a look at an "old hive". It turns out that an old bee keeper used to live at this house about 7 or 8 years ago. His son gave me a call to come and have a look. There were a whole heap of hives at the back of his place, most in an extreme state of disrepair. One of the hives had attracted a swarm and they have taken up residence, for what seemed to me to be at least one season, may be more. I tried opening as much as I could however most of the supers are very tightly packed and if I started dismantling the hive I would need to have somewhere to house them straight away. I decided just to have a look as best I could and reassess what to do then. I did lift the lid and found a lot of burr comb throughout the top box. It was laden with honey and seemed to go down a few supers. The bees seemed quite happy. There wasn't a large amount of activity and it didn't seem that the population was very large. I was doing this about 9am, so not in the middle of the day. So what now?? Should I: 1. Do a cut out now, dismantle the hive and get it into a box. Take out the comb and use rubber bands to place the comb into a frame, relocate and feed and treat them for varroa? 2. Leave this at the moment (the owner is in no hurry) and come back and cut this out in mid to late September when the hive will be starting to grow and things will be getting warmer. 3. Go down to the local for a beer? Some photos are attached Any thoughts, wisdom and insights would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Dave [GALLERY=media, 1196]20170808_092001_resized by Dave G posted Aug 8, 2017 at 11:15[/GALLERY] [GALLERY=media, 1197]20170808_092048(0)_resized by Dave G posted Aug 8, 2017 at 11:16[/GALLERY] [GALLERY=media, 1198]20170808_092103_resized by Dave G posted Aug 8, 2017 at 11:17[/GALLERY]
  4. 20170808_092103_resized

    Hive entrance
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    Internal comb
  6. 20170808_092001_resized

    The Hive
  7. Bees in Schools

    I've been asked to set up a couple of hives at our local primary school, starting in spring. I think I'm headed for a Health and Safety, Rules and Regulations, Red Tape ride! Has anyone out there had any experience with this and done any documentation about hives in schools like policies, Health and Safety documentation, hive management plans for the school environment? Thanks Dave
  8. OK Got to hand it to someone for being innovative. Don't know how effective it will be Can't wait for Trev to do a video on this device! Varroa Blaster
  9. Hi, I'm looking at preparing for Spring and I've noticed that there are a lot of bee feeding supplements available... Probee41, Nozevit, Agrisea, Hive alive, BetaBee etc etc Some make quite "large" claims about getting rid of varroa and increasing the honey output by 300%. Hmmmmm, my cynical side kicks in here! So, best thing to do.... ask for advice from those in the know.... so here I am. Can anyone comment on what they have found using any of these (or others) and if there have been positive (or negative) results from using these? Thanks Dave
  10. Hi I've received a call from a lady saying that she has a hive that's established itself in a wall cavity. From what I can gather the position where the hive is located is going to be renovated so access shouldn't be a problem Sorry, I don't have any more information Attached is a photo. The location is in Greenhithe, North Auckland. PM me for details. Thanks [GALLERY=media, 1116]Hive in a wall by Dave G posted Mar 19, 2017 at 18:55[/GALLERY] [GALLERY=media, 1115]Hive in a wall 2 by Dave G posted Mar 19, 2017 at 18:55[/GALLERY]
  11. Hive in a wall

  12. Hive in a wall 2

  13. Yet another newbee question.!! I've treated by hives with Bayvarol and did a sugar shake test - all seems good. I'm about to start the autumn treatment cycle and I'm looking for thoughts and experience on what treatment to do next. I know that I can't use Bayvarol again and need to change the type of chemical used. What is the general consensus about the most effective treatment to use next? Thanks
  14. NZBF Requeening

    I'm needing some advice on requeening. ... another newbee question. I have two hives with older queens.. In talking to people there seems to be many opinions on when to do this. Some say Autumn and other say to do this in Spring What are the opinions of those experienced beeks here? If in Autumn, this would be very soon. If this is the case when do people aim to do this and is the preference for mated or virgin queens? Thanks for your advice on this
  15. Hi All I need some advice about some unexpected queen cells I found today. I have a hive, 3 FD suppers, with brood in the bottom 2 boxes, an excluder and a honey box on top. I got this as a NUC in early November. It has last years queen who is laying well and the hive numbers have exploded. So today I go to do an inspection starting with the bottom box and working my way up. I came across 3 Queen Cells (three cells on three different frames (1 in the bottom box, 2 in the next box up). They were all situated at the bottom of the frames. I removed all the Queen Cells. I didn't see the Queen, which is not unusual as I have been unable to locate her on several other inspections. There is capped brood and larvae in the brood boxes so I have assumed that the Queen is all good. There are a large number of bees so I am assuming that they were looking to swarm. Is this a good assumption? Having not actually seen the queen she may have died and they are looking to requeen however the queen cells were at the bottom of the frames (possibly indicating an intention to swarm) and not in the middle of the frames (for superceedure) I thought my next course of action should be to add another honey box on top and give the hive more room with 10 undrawn frames to work on and have a damn good look for the Queen so I can be sure that she's still in residence. Is my thinking right here? Is adding another brood box and having a good look for the queen the right course of action? I'm heading off on holiday tomorrow for 5 days to the Naki so I need to do something tomorrow morning. Any advice appreciated. Thanks! Dave