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  1. Im not recommending ahe for bees. The molassis may cause more issues than benefits
  2. One property we used watered down ahe( animal health elixer) seaweed molasis garlic + Everywhere i walked with my brew up came bountiful mushrooms. In a wobbly line. I do believe there is benefits to the seaweed based suppliments. Ive seen it in cattle. Our bees spend alot of time in the garden getting the nutrients from the seaweeds
  3. This time of year our bees have increased interest in the seaweed we retrieve and put on the gardens. There is also interest in mineral cattle salt blocks. Temps are cooling but we do still have Tawhero out.
  4. We noticed a significant improvement getting those hives up on 2pallets. We use hive Dr bases. Others had solid bases on the same sites on the ground. They were wet . Simple fix by getting them up off the ground.
  5. Interesting. That is a observation worth noting. Thankyou for sharing.
  6. On that site i found a lid 20metres away down a hill. Time to relocate bees
  7. Maybe worth a pallet and emlock. Just too hard when this happens. One site threw unstrapped empty boxes with wind. Oh how pleased we were the rest were secured.
  8. The cameras at minimum are quite entertaining. We had a contortionist possum arrive at the same time at night to get its photo taken. Ebay they are considerably cheaper but 1day has had them on for around $150. There are also tile trackers. $40. I had one in the car and recieved a message and gps exactly where our car was sitting in the carpark. I had it labeled as .........hives so got a fright when the message came in 600km away.
  9. whakaora apiaries


    Hope there were not any losses :(
  10. Weve had folk ask just give us that cheap crystalised stuff.
  11. I recall in primary school a violent teacher. Tried to give the kid a hiding. The kid retaliated as quite skilled in martial arts gave the teacher a beating.
  12. You can have some of ours. I can not even advise a typical day. Rain in the night yet cracks forming by lunchtime???
  13. Our inhive feeders have ladders and still some drownings as a little gap right in the end but!!we have fully eliminated this problem by putting a small manuka stick down.
  14. We registered for gst early. I am so pleased we did. If you have a look on nz companies to get an idea. Someone to advise you of what type of company to set up is ideal. You can also have a look if you have an idea on what your business name could be to check its not yet taken.
  15. Noticed an increase since yesterday. Maybe temperature related. Its been hot here the last few weeks.
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