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  1. I've been using the gib tape soaked in oa/gly mix for just over a year now, still a big learning curve to overcome but to date not un-happy with results. Using the gib tape has become a neccessity due to high mite/high hive numbers in the North. Treating just twice a year is no longer an exceptable option to maintaining a healthy hive, plus the expence of synthetics is just a bridge to far. With the regular contributions From Phill, I have healthy mite-free hives(mostly) it is his research and observations made available to the beekeeping community that have made this happen. I hope to here more of his observation and the trials he talks of, he is cleary very envolved and enthusiastic about his hives. I would'nt just say Phil is researching for us, but is actually a godam trailblazer for us to follow.
  2. I only breed my own now, have tried a few different suppliers including the above mentioned and I was'nt really overwelmed either. The OP did mention Dallas, who I assume is Dallas Russ of Lion Apiaries, any stand out Queens I have now I can trace back to this supplier. They are very good queens from this guy ,two thumbs up👍👍
  3. Same here too thin, to pale. Just bee food really.
  4. Seriously !!! When one starts the other finish's . oh crud.
  5. yep, As Tommy said, i,m one of them tight for cash limited, limited patience for promoting/marketing but plenty of honey. Just love working with my bees. A conumdrum I know.
  6. A. would be the choice I would take. just re-house the swarm and let them build naturally into there new home and monitor the outcome. Later on you can replace queen or just dispatch current queen and let bees continue with current genetics, if you favour.
  7. most beekeepers have these scenenarios from time to time, Best to check in a couple of days, and look at the Queen cells if one has hatched out cleanly from its exit, the other two should have a hole riped into the side where first virgin culled ocuppants. Just close up hive for two or three weeks, waiting for mating. Provided they have enough stores. If all three or two have hatched, then would be best to search froms for surplus Queens. or there could be mini swarm outs.
  8. I'd be more inclined to say no. The capped queen cells will be replacement queens first one out will murder other two. Old queen swarms as soon as first queen cell is capped. But as matt said there may or maynot be virgin already there, running that is.
  9. Known as Rangiora, also known as bushmans loo paper.
  10. Baits were changed to cinnimon flavour as it was the preferred bait of choice when Landcare Research interviewed 9 out of 10 possums. AWH com'on james it was,nt that bad.
  11. Our northern rata at this end of the country usualy starts not long after christmas, it is a fickle tree for bloom, some years good other years not so great. A few other smaller vine species, flowering spring and autumn.
  12. Hi Phil, if there stone cold dead and not sick and dying, They may be bees that got knocked around from box to hive transfer.
  13. yep, nepotism can turn a pleasant work environment toxic pretty darn quickly.
  14. Well its obvious really... Whats happened is you had so many mites crammed into one hive they decided to swarm out and move into another hive.
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