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  1. I agree. The guy their talking about is a top bloke, very approachable and cooperative the best on the ApiNZ team in my oppinion.
  2. Bee Good

    Tasman Fires

    Cripes, 21000 hectares effected so far.
  3. Bee Good

    ApiNZ's Amended 2018 Commodity Levy Proposal

    There is still some un answered queries that should be answered/clarified by @ApiNZ themselves.
  4. Bee Good

    ‘Just plain stupid’

    That news item will repeat on the late news tonight.
  5. Bee Good

    tips on harvesting honey

    Well yeh, Best Practice is to return wets back to hive they originated from. Check hives for any visual sign of AFB before removing honey.
  6. Bee Good

    ApiNZ's Amended 2018 Commodity Levy Proposal

    Yeh it was kind of a loaded question anyway, Best practice ,what all well meaning bekeepers are already doing, not sure i should have to pay someone to tell me how to do what im already doing. I may have misinterpreted myself. Good point about the compliance, did,nt think about that angle, sort of things that come up in boardroom meetings when there throwing ideas around.
  7. Bee Good

    ‘Just plain stupid’

    Already been on.
  8. Bee Good

    ApiNZ's Amended 2018 Commodity Levy Proposal

    Just seen a clip on ONE NEWS on beekeeping, mainly based around an introduction of a comodity levy from APINZ. Karin Kos fronted to say that the levy would be benificial in recomending better beekeeping practices. So what are better Beekeeping Practices and how would paying a levy help a commercial beeker with these practices I already get my best beekeeping practices from the knowledgable folk on this website. for free
  9. Bee Good

    landcruiser 70 series upgrades

    Just out of curiosity, what was the fuel consumption like after the re-map ?
  10. Bee Good

    ‘Just plain stupid’

    Party up the top, Business down below.
  11. Bee Good

    Marketing honey

    Yes it does have benefits, you are wrong, but as Alistair said spin should be used correctly. I just highlighted that spin can be spun however we like, it all comes down to consumer perception. But you already knew that?
  12. Bee Good

    Marketing honey

    Spin can work, should be, spin does work. Example: Coca cola -- Coke adds life. (slogan). and they,ve got global domination in soft drinks, nuff said
  13. Bee Good

    Marketing honey

    Kanuka flowered just fine. Many view Kanuka as just bush honey, and price accordingly.
  14. Bee Good

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    Should be the quote of the year. Luv it.
  15. Bee Good

    January 2019 Apiary Diary

    Hive lids hot enough to fry an egg on today. If I left hive tool on top of adjacent hive, would have to do a hive tool juggle to keep from burning fingers.