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  1. Hi Phil, if there stone cold dead and not sick and dying, They may be bees that got knocked around from box to hive transfer.
  2. yep, nepotism can turn a pleasant work environment toxic pretty darn quickly.
  3. Well its obvious really... Whats happened is you had so many mites crammed into one hive they decided to swarm out and move into another hive.
  4. Our condolences. Well done spotting symtoms.
  5. Could someone translate, I,m not fluent in Phil.
  6. Well well, you just described a similar scenario to the area i occupy, except i have at few apiaries next to these so an so's. They reduce there work load by not maintaining the health of there hives, but my work load increases. when sping arrives they,ll replace their dead outs with live hives. And so the cycle begins again.
  7. A lot of poorly maintained hives, thats the reason.
  8. I think there is alot more mites around than in previous years, treatments just need to be followed up with more treatments. Mites are just entering hives and re-establishing to regulary not to be treating less than 4 times a year with synthetics Seems to be how it is in my neck of the woods.
  9. I think Grant was having a laugh, 10,000 posts and you get one vote.
  10. If i found anything like that near my setups, I'd be on the war path for sure
  11. So whats the general consensus, Is it to late to do another graft ?
  12. Absolutely right, Its extreme at this end of the country, already had some PMS issues creep in. The worst Ive seen it, And the most hives around me ever. Its going to be a busy autumn fixing the damage.
  13. Their a pain in the bum when they make nests in exhaust pipes of lawn mower, chainsaws, weedwackers, jackets that havnt been worn in a while ets etc.
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