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  1. I think Grant was having a laugh, 10,000 posts and you get one vote.
  2. If i found anything like that near my setups, I'd be on the war path for sure
  3. So whats the general consensus, Is it to late to do another graft ?
  4. Absolutely right, Its extreme at this end of the country, already had some PMS issues creep in. The worst Ive seen it, And the most hives around me ever. Its going to be a busy autumn fixing the damage.
  5. Their a pain in the bum when they make nests in exhaust pipes of lawn mower, chainsaws, weedwackers, jackets that havnt been worn in a while ets etc.
  6. Did you hang your toes over that line again.
  7. I completely agree. Would have also added lack of values and ethics.
  8. Well that was gloomy reading. Last reports I had heard were that were well into remission, however must have read some false reports ie journalists talking directly to mpi. Sounds like the Govt only wants too hear good news, and not report the reality
  9. Cripes, we live in some uncertain times at the moment, this whole levy dispute/debate debacle... and now m4tts become the pink cats guinee pig, what next...
  10. I agree. The guy their talking about is a top bloke, very approachable and cooperative the best on the ApiNZ team in my oppinion.
  11. Cripes, 21000 hectares effected so far.
  12. There is still some un answered queries that should be answered/clarified by @ApiNZ themselves.
  13. That news item will repeat on the late news tonight.
  14. Well yeh, Best Practice is to return wets back to hive they originated from. Check hives for any visual sign of AFB before removing honey.
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