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  1. Bee Good

    Honey Price Collapse

    Bay of Plenty the place to bee.
  2. Bee Good

    NZBF Bees not using escape

    Some times i find a stray drone blocking the exit holes. Good stong hives can take sometime to clear. you may need a bee brush on hand to remove remaining bees from frames.
  3. Bee Good

    NZBF Bees not using escape

    It usually takes mine three days to clear out.
  4. Bee Good

    cleaning up partially filled frames

    Happy accident = Serendipity An a+ photo.
  5. Bee Good

    Drop in bee prices

    For those of us who insurance to cover hive theft , loss of honey on hive, in transit (transporting) and in storage. There will be a reduction in overall value compared to previous seasons. And the amount of premium will/should be based on current value. I would recommend beeks talk to insurance companies to re-adjust value of stock to current values .
  6. Bee Good

    Drop in bee prices

    You should no the signs by now, thats Doctor Speights talking.
  7. Bee Good

    Drop in bee prices

    Do us a favour, don't ever go into sales and marketing?
  8. Bee Good

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Wet and windy up north, much like the beginning of november just a tad warmer. More rain forcasted.
  9. Bee Good

    Commercial approaches to the flow?

    I could,nt care less about some one else's views on marriage on this site, Its not what I come to a beekeepers forum to view.
  10. Yes, the best side. Weather straight out from the tasman from the south-west generally hitting a mostly forest region with hills up to 700m within 10 - 15 km's from the ocean, equals an area of higher than average rainfall for the overall Northland region. Home of Tane Mahuta, NZ's largest Kauri tree.
  11. Northland does, but the distict I live is always a rain magnet and effectionately referred to as being summer friendly.
  12. Yeh, bucketing down at mo, and long range for far north not much better, time to dust of the wet suit and go diving. Going to get wet anyway.
  13. Bee Good

    Honey not a gold rush for all

    Yes I saw this myself in the Rural News fairly obscure article some where in the middle of the newspaper. Finally some acurate press on the beekeeping scene at the mo. The rural papers have been dominated by Mycobovis Plasma issues it would be hard to squeeze a beekeeeping topic in. Might show it to some site owners expecting big bucks for hive placement.
  14. Bee Good

    Honey extractors / North island

    If your using wooden frames an ordinary vivid marker works just fine and last for years For black plastic frames I use either posca pens or.... CRC paint marker pens ( silver is best ) Different colours help denote one hive or apiary from another.
  15. Bee Good

    November 2018 Apiary Diary

    I would say that was an understatement. Good vid to put newbies off. I,m always suspicious of beeks with clean white suits.