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  1. Yes, Compulsory conscription was before my time, I guess I missed out. I hope there were petitions between each cubicle.
  2. Ive never seen a double seat outhouse, I would preferably wait my turn.
  3. Looks more like Dirk Diggler 1970s Porn star.
  4. Just remind yourself "East is Least and West is Best".
  5. Thanks, that was a very informative post, Thought about it afterwards, and yes came up with the idea of inserting an undrawn frame as a diversion, keeping the girls busy from burying my precious new queens
  6. Does anyone else have trouble with there queen raising hive constantly burying capped cells in drawn comb and honey stores ?
  7. Did you get the one finger salute ?
  8. Thats good to know, hadnt noticed any leaching at a 40% mix, I may still be using they old brew though, purchased mine 12 months ago. It may be why its the cheapest out there.
  9. No, Stephen figures are correct 160 + 240 = 400 400 x 40%= 160 so 40% OA according to calcalator
  10. Could someone clarify the maths, on this, as I'm hopeless, but isn't this ratio more like 60- 70% OA
  11. Genuine manuka would just be to thick to squeeze out of those little kiddie squeazy bottles. You'd need a vice like grip to get i out.
  12. Ha! you dont need to be sherlock holmes to work it out, he said it belonged to his neighbor. Jeesh
  13. its your call katrin, sounds like treatment is best from your observations. my policy is mites are like possums/rabbits, for everyone you see, theirs a whole lot more you don't see. If you treat, just don't take the honey for human consumption. Leave it with the bees for their winter stores, they earned it. cheers
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