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  1. pl4

    Argentine Ants

    Ive had Argentine ants around my hives for four years, But keep them under control when i see them around a hive. as they don,t eat ordinary ant bait i mix my own recipe and baiting procedure .
  2. I use gib joint tape from bunnings, $7 .38 for 250 feet and it seem's to be working good
  3. I use 20mm kauri for hives and lid's, but do get a bit of shrinking in the lid joint but run a seal along them
  4. pl4

    Hive Thefts

    they were in transit by boat has been reported .
  5. pl4

    Hive Thefts

    I'm sure that i saw about 24 of watson's beehives in transport on thursday
  6. i have had a plague of Argentine ants last summer and tried everything and finally got rid of them by using 3 drops of frontline in a small tin of catfood with fish in it
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