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  1. Yeah that's her abdomen she's very dark. Not the best pic
  2. Found this toady, not one of mine but they must have heard good things about me ? they were hanging under another hive base egg laying and pollen collecting.. boxless beekeeping? 'Twas one of those swarmy black devils that lead them astray ?
  3. I would leave them for another couple weeks yet till the box is spewing bees when you crack the lid. Lift up a frame of brood when you add 2nd box and give them a feed 1:1 if needed and they'll have that 2nd box drawn in no time
  4. Not just your back yard, I think this is an issue that needs a lot more attention than it is getting.
  5. I'd say it cost about $7.50 .............a word
  6. Received this letter in the electronic mailbox the other day and initial thought it might be addressing the 3pla issue but appears not. Seems to contain little useful info at all. Subject: Clarification on interpretation of test results for mānuka honey Dear stakeholder, MPI has become aware of a couple of issues regarding laboratory test results for mānuka honey under the Animal Products Notice: General Export Requirements for Bee Products (the GREX). You are receiving this notification as these issues may potentially affect you. The information i
  7. Has anyone asked MPI as to why the 400 limit on the 3pla for multi? I would have thought it would have been relatively easy for them to explain the reasoning?
  8. Do you have any photos of the cardboard honey containers? Quite interesting
  9. I did a trap out last year. It takes a long time and makes the bees quite expensive. I did it because I was keen probably wouldn't again as tommy Dave said if they need to go poision and block the hole. Cutting them out is a good option if they want the tree gone aswell. I used a short bit of vac hose (250mm)and sealed it to hive entrance in the tree with plywood and s/s mesh. Drilled 3x 10mm holes close together in side of nuc box and put 3 of those small plastic button bee escapes on the inside and attatched vac hose on outside of nuc covering the holes. You have to make su
  10. I haven't had to cut any cells from this hive and surprisingly there was hardly any cell cups. But I have since taken a box off and balanced a few other hives just in case as we would still be a couple months away from anything substantial coming in
  11. Without giving you only half the info. That hive got treated with 4 per box on the 12th and the 3rd box went on at the same time that's why there is some of those strips left in the top box and the other 8 are gone. Tommorow is 3 week wash. All hives were 0 or one on the 12th. By the end of the week I'll know how they are going
  12. I could always send you a qcage and prepayed courier box... but then I geuss the caging fee will be quite high
  13. Nah one of those boxes has now gone to help the "less fortunate" Top secret... much the same as what you are doing. Have got it in a few hives and was going to post info (prep, procedure,mite counts ect) in your Randy towel thread once I've done my next wash which is soon.
  14. Definitely replace that queen.. in fact just send her to me and I'll get rid of her for you
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