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  1. Hi Trevor. Do you have a picture. Thanks. Sorry I just seen your link.
  2. Thanks Ronny. Du weist mehr was hier in NZ laueft als ich.
  3. That crane gets my heard beat up. What's the price on it. any second hand one around.
  4. Hi Philbee. Would you have a picture of it. Sorry I just saw it. Thanks.
  5. What size staples are used for putting FD boxes together. And are stainless steel staples recommended?
  6. I know.. That’s exactly sometimes the problem when you have been brought up so strictly. Trying to loosen up and just go with the flow. Still NZ one of the best places to live, enjoying it.(y)
  7. So, so einer vom grossen Kanton wie wir in der Schweiz sagen.:rolleyes: Sorry mate. You are on the wrong track; there is a quantum leap of difference. For instance the dialect is different from one Valley to the other. Don’t forget Switzerland was founded in the year of 1291. (y)
  8. Hi Pbee. Nooooo not at all. To be honest I havent Hi Pbee. Noooo not at all. I haven’t come across many sloppy Swiss. We get thought the other way, as you know the trains and buses are leafing on time etc. Which part of Switzerland is your family from?
  9. Du Mainsch Chaibe schluffy. That means slopy, not very acurate:rolleyes:
  10. Ja das isch e richtige Baerner Oberlaender gsie mit eme stumpe. E Brissago tueds ai. Yes the old beekeeper was from a valley up in the Bernice mountain. No Bee vail just a Havanna(y).
  11. I hope they get cought. Bring back the old rules, and keep them in a stock.:mad:
  12. How far away from your own hives would you place the swarm boxes. And is that swarm lure effective?
  13. Well I have started with four hives. And we will see where it takes me. I have 8 ha. land and all around me eider native bush or Pine trees. So no problem bothering the neighbours with bees .
  14. Thanks for all your advice. Much appreciated. I just enrolled myself for the Taratahi Apiculture course for 34 weeks. So I hope to learn it step by step. Of course nothing beats experience of somebody who had bees for years.
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