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  1. Any p any pictures of your cutter on its own for us to see ?
  2. Where did you get your cutter from ? I take it your table saw is made to handle dado blades?
  3. I find at 120 degrees or less you get a lot more wax on the surfaces of the boxes, if you go 130 degrees or higher when you pull the boxes out you see a much better result by seeing the wax being absorbed into the wood as soon as they come out not just drying hard on the surface. You could do 10mins if you really wanted to but if your doing a large amount if boxes you'll be wanting a lot of spare time on your hands
  4. I give mine 4-5mins in the waxer seems to do the trick, at 140 degrees the wax will penetrate pretty well into the boxes in that time.
  5. Know your hive boxes/supers are true and square by setting them in a jig while you use your preferred method of fastening them together
  6. GM hives

    Box jig

    [USER=4019]@baron8[/USER] thanks. Yes I have it sitting on a 175x175 swivel plate that works like a dream have a look at this [URL="http://www.comac.co.nz/modules/SP_webshop/products.php?cat=300"]Comac[/URL] I got the clamps off trademe but you can also find a better range here [URL="http://www.comac.co.nz/modules/SP_webshop/shop.php?waym=21"]Comac[/URL] I'm in the process of uploading a video that shows you it working
  7. GM hives

    Box jig

    Took advantage of the rubbish weather today and got my box clamp jig made
  8. GM hives

    Box jig

    Took advantage of the wet weather today and got my box clamp jig made
  9. Will the kill rate be any better doing it this way or just making the process easy with the OA treatment ?
  10. I guess that's what all the corporates think about the rest of us smaller guys as well.....
  11. Not sure about the blood and bone part but I wouldn't be adding sugar to it, I would think bees would still take a liking to it if they smell the sugar regardless of it having blood and bone mixed in !!!
  12. We have currently been doing a lot of travel around the place so everywhere I go the first thing I look for is a honey shop of some sort. January/ February we did a road trip all around the north island and now we have just finished up Tasmania and one thing that Iv noticed about most the honey shops we go to is there unique collection of honey pots they all have on display. ( I may have purchased a few on the way ) but it made me wonder if it's just these shops that collect them mostly to add more character to there displays or are there a lot of beekeepers out there with a collection of some
  13. Guess it's who you deal with and the understanding you have with them, it was only only 12months ago I was paying $120 for a 5 frame Nuc and $200 for 10 frames
  14. Is it really ripping yourself off selling them that "cheaply" though?!? I'd say it's still good money but maybe not as much as you could get. That's where the greed all starts people think they are getting ripped off because someone else got more but $210+ GST is still a good price when you factor in how much it really takes to make a Nuc !!
  15. D how many wires do you put on your frames for the comb honey ?
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