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  1. Check of the hives today, the home hive has been fed with syrup and some pollen sub for the past month as it was struggling, but is looking like its bounced back and the queen is laying up nicely. Other hive is in the process of re queening itself. Guessing the old one ran out of steam, found 4 open q cells, sighted a queen, she's relatively small, but not sure if she's a virgin or freshly mated. No eggs or larvae in the hive so theres been no laying for a least a week I reckon. Good stores, Decided to close them back up an leave them to it. Will check on them next week
  2. Sorry I did use the search function and couldnt see anything relevant. But will have anot her look
  3. Hi, We extracted just on 40kg of honey yesterday. So I finally got around to reading the chapter on extraction in the practical bee keeping book. It talks about creaming honey so that it doesn't crystallize. We would prefer to have liquid honey but will cream it over having it chrystallize. Just wondering what do other people do, Never really heard of others bothering to cream it?
  4. Also had a helping hand from my 4yo nephew, (even though they were tied in knots?)
  5. Just on 40kg extracted from 3 hives today. This year is Our first real harvest of honey since starting 3 years ago so pretty happy with our girls, already took 30 ross rounds off in mid December
  6. Cracked the lids on ours today, finally some progress! Looking good for Xmas presents☺☺
  7. That's not cool. We caught and boxed a swarm on the Shore this time last year, and same thing, had left the nuc box strapped in the tree to collect when it was dark. Came back and it was gone. The box had my cell number on it, so they could've at least sent a thanks message!
  8. We took a split on the 29th of October, and she's only just laying today /yesterday. I'm glad we've kept an apiary diary because I must admit that I was starting to fret that she had failed. But the diary helps put the time line and reminds me to be a little patient haha. I definitely was going to write her off and intended to add another frame off eggs this weekend
  9. Only took me 3 days to figure out how to resize, but here it is
  10. Well yesterday I was playing tour guide to a couple of friends and happened to run into a lovely local gentleman with the biggest swarm I’ve ever caught, 4.3kg of bees. Also our first of the season. (Sorry no photo, I can’t figure out how to compress my file size down to meet 2mb limit)
  11. An after work check today, citrus trees are absolutely teaming with bees but the weather is turning again, and supposed to be very wet for at least a week. H1is rapidly catching up with a newly mated queen, heaps of eggs, heaps of pollen, but theyve eaten all their stores so begrudgingly feed. Grumpy hive is still being swarmy, found a couple of cups that were layed in so took a 4 frame split off them,(yay, quite happy to get to take some bees home) They are happily working a 3rd box, will chuck an excluder and some ross rounds on when they stop being swarmy. Top bar has filled out 14 bars,
  12. Check of the ladies today. Grumpy hive had 2 qcells uncapped, switched the boxes around, traded a couple of frames with the requeened hive and gave grumpy another super. Hopefully that will do the trick. Definitely learning how much of an asset a few spare drawn frames are. The re queened hive is going well, probably 2 or 3 weeks behind the other 2, but back on track. Top bar is massive but no stores, smal amounts of nectar. Decided not to feed them for the first time in weeks as weather forecast is good for the next while, and they are out in droves. Slightly regretting my decision tbh. Cabb
  13. Bees going crazy on the orange and lime trees here. Also have a Japanese maple they love
  14. I think it depends on the size of the swarm, but 14 seems like a lot to get them started. Ours is just coming up to 1 year old and they only just have 14 bars now, they were a caught swarm and starting building on 7 bars within their first week. The rest of this time they have just been filling them in. You should be able to see how big the cluster is through the window? Ps, not recommended to feed a swarm, they gorge themselves on honey before they leave the parent hive so that they have energy to produce wax and make new comb. Id remove the syrup and leave them to it. Its amazing
  15. We collect a lot of seaweed, mainly for the garden and the bees go nuts for it. Some commercial guys I know put seaweed in to their sugar syrup, not really sure of their reasons though
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