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  1. Hey, @M4tt if you spy mites in a hive with a honey super on what would you do?
  2. I saw the ones @Beefriendly had made, and it made me think folded straight in half is probably not the best.
  3. Yes, @yesbut you are on to it .
  4. Hey, @Philbee How important is the folding of the staple? I'm thinking if it was only folded in half, once the next super is put on it may make the ends of the staple splay out? or am I over thinking this?
  5. Hi @M4tt can I ask when and what was your last treatment?
  6. Will be interesting to see how the price for lambs go this season. Mum just sold 27 last seasons lambs at the sales yard and averaged $228!!!
  7. Hey @frazzledfozzle do you have problems with fermentation?
  8. Hey @john berry Does fermentation have an affect on the bee's? We are still waiting for our honey to be extracted and will have to store the supers wet. Any tips on trying to keep the frames good? Looking at about 70 supers. Thanks.
  9. Hey how moldy do the frames get if you just wrap them straight after extraction? Ours are sitting at the extraction plant waiting to be extracted we have been told they will be over two weeks before they are done.
  10. Jo Jo


    I was thinking for storage. Like are there parts of NZ that have more trouble than others?
  11. Jo Jo


    Hi, just wondering if waxmoth is a problem nation wide?
  12. Croftpak in Christchurch or Cromwell are pretty good. Not sure what freight to the North Island would be...
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