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  1. Awww...you spoiled my vision of your bush- with wild blueberries and possibly a passing foraging bear......now its just a tangle of prickly blackberries (just like we have in uncared for areas) Blackberry is a pest plant here. One of my daughters fond memories of time in Northern Italy was foraging for wild blueberries.
  2. this is exactly the comment made by a job seeker I know of. He was searching for employment but not available for 8-5 because of child care and there was no flexibility.
  3. let us know when you manage to breed blue dot Queens. Keep in mind that to get a well mannered queen its best to start with a well mannered Mother and hope the father is polite too.
  4. It is wonderful to see a bee population build up. Its' my favourite part @Philip Allen. There are several possibilities here, and likely to be several other opinions. First question to consider is where the swarm came from. Is it from your hives, or is it from another one which may have different genetics ? As to your specific question- swarms can come with all sorts of queens- old, new, virgin. I have learned (and there's no guarantee this is the whole truth) that the prime swarm will leave with the old queen. There may be after-swarms that will leave with virgins or youn
  5. in the garden section of most hardware stores you can buy gloves made of knitted cotton, the palm side of which is coated in rubber.
  6. straight line....no. I have some that turn 90 degrees upon leaving the hive. But 20-50 meters .....about right.
  7. Ours miss the clothes line but are bulls-eye on the ute parked out the front (ours fortunately). In a town situation their flight path can impact neighbours- and the prevailing wind can change the result from falling on the lawn to splattering the windows. Hive population is another factor. Getting the locals onboard may save a lot of grief, and gives an opportunity to prevent poisoning issues if they know it can impact your bees.
  8. Should a swarm be fed? The swarm heads off with full bellies and expects to fend for itself. Some feel a swarm should be housed on foundation so they use up their stores making wax rather than feeding brood, as a means of reducing the risk of AFB. In better weather conditions the swarm would have established house and foraged. One of several opinions- this is beekeeping after all. sure could have. would an excluder stop a swarm leaving?
  9. Empty as in formed but with no grub, or ripped open, or hatched ? I'm thinking there was a virgin in the swarm? and those 2 weeks of cruddy weather was enough to send us all grumpy. Unless you fed it- they were probably hungry. Thays my tuppence. Now to wait for the Clever ones answers.....
  10. Go on. Tell us. How many did it take? I'm betting on 2 and envious of the blue sky.
  11. Is the employer resistant to an epipen- or to having an adrenalin kit available? the two are vastly different on both function and cost. IMO if the employer provides an adrenalin kit, then if the employee prefers to have an epipen, it isn't unreasonable for that to be at the employees cost. I think any beekeeping operation would be found negligent by worksafe if an event happened and it was found there was no access to Adrenalin.
  12. how does it cope with the Kiwi accent @john berry? ie steak and eggs(what the kiwi said) vs stack and eggs( what the American heard) (this thread is way off topic anyway- have been debating splitting it)
  13. 5 ton x 10 = 49ish 700 hives x 10 = only a little bit less than the PuddyCats 8669- and he was only factoring 5.5kg per hive- so some pretty solid calculations there.
  14. When you say they haven't attempted to draw out the honey box- are you talking foundation? It is swarm season- its a natural process. The skill in beekeeping is to recognise when the queen is running out of laying space and to take appropriate action. A honey box will only provide hang-out space- the queens laying space may still be restricted. Splitting the hive sounds like the correct action. Its what I had to do last weekend when I found a hive about to swarm. Maybe try to get a new queen and do a proper job on "Grumpy" What Maggie was trying to say is the correct
  15. When Scotty took Crumpy for a spin thru Wellington was a great contra but not often played. It was equally un PC in regard to road safety. Ahh....those were the days...
  16. @Stoney Before Manuka there was honey.....(usually clover) Then came Manuka and its magical properties. Then the marketing started. This business has chosen to make mead....not Manuka Honey Mead.
  17. A New business selling mead......and not hanging on Manukas coat-tail. I wish her success Wanaka entrepreneur Chanelle O'Sullivan launches mead drinks business despite Covid-19 | Stuff.co.nz WWW.STUFF.CO.NZ Wanaka entrepreneur aims to be the first to sell her new sparking mead in supermarkes.
  18. You can put an excluder between the two brood boxes. Then after a few days, the box with eggs will be the one with the queen.
  19. could be time for a Queen change !
  20. would that be such a hard thing to do? Im doing a level 4 beekeeping paper and it takes a zoom call twice a month in the evening and a weekend once a month. They can still work
  21. Swarming....? or replacing the queen you had removed?
  22. There's a good writeup on Randy Olivers site that describes what room to a bee is compared to space...which is what a honey box is. Its to do with the cells available for the Q to lay in - and where it is in the hive. They seem to prefer to work in the upper box which is warmer- so that space in the lower box wasn't considered. The swarm prevention advice of swapping the upper and lower boxes around may have provided room in this case.
  23. will you keep records on how good the matings are?
  24. I hope your alarm clock texts stop soon and they find the problem. Good luck and keep up the good management
  25. Mummzie

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    which would be a good addition to the photo contest
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