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  1. I think you are right. Especially when moving sideways I found that one extra shift would cause considerable searching for the hive rather than the "woo- must have misjudged the approach" behaviour. A day or two static and then start the move again. Lets face it- if the weather is that bad, you didnt want to go out and move it anyway.
  2. if the wailing of despair on this forum are anything to go by- one would wonder at the need for such a large venue in a year or so.............?
  3. Its a petrie dish victory so far. The research was not carried out on humans but on lung tissue from pigs, in which bacterial infections were grown.
  4. It always amuses me when I give a sample of hand cream I have made, the first reaction is to smell it and comment. Maybe afterwards they will try a little. Are the recipes focused on pure & natural, or do they require a chemists degree?
  5. An understandable and brave decision....led by the heart, not the wallet. The confidence from this experience will be considerable and I'm betting you will succeed in getting them through to spring. I wonder if they will beat you to replacing the queen.
  6. Then stay with the NZ beeswax product. There's nothing wrong with commercial foundation- except that your own wax is sitting unused. DIY might be locally produced rubbish- but the DIY was the more important part.
  7. @John T the moulds made by Matthew B look very similar to the ones available from Thornes as mentioned by @milkandhoney. Great info about cooling slowly to retain some flexibility. Its a delicate balance to have the wax warm enough to pour and not harden before you get the lid down and having it too hot that the foundation is like filigreee lace.
  8. Many thanks @John T. Dave Cushmans site has good info on wax and mostly what you have described, but you added a few good tips. I pour the clarified wax into silicone cup cake containers as they cool quickly, peel off easily and they are smaller block to re-melt when using. For the first melt (solar melter), I have some nylon mesh bags designed to be put over fruit to protect them from birds and insects. Its pretty good at separating the rubbish and bodies, and the gunk peels off easily into the compost. Not much wax remains on the bags.
  9. @kevin moore Enough to maintain 6 hives. There's a few failures which get remelted. Its much slower without the air compressor. I've only set up for production twice last year. With the air compressor its reasonable to expect 20-30 sheets in an hour. I am taking a relatively clean frame approach- if the comb is black and cant show light thru- its out. I have no use for the volume of honey I get, so am happy for lower honey volumes in return for fresh frames. @Bighands- would you care to share your wax clarification process?
  10. Cheaper will never apply- unless there is a secondary driver like your wax being organic and when you send it for processing you cant be guaranteed to get your own wax back. Anyone who needs more than hobbiest amounts of foundation will have enough wax to send for processing. Home processed wax is not as purified as commercial wax- I would love to know the process it undergoes, but that will be commercially sensitive. At the very least it will go thru finer filters than chux cloths. Other than that- its been a fun challenge to work out- even if in reality it is back engineering already vastly superior processes. I get adequate foundation which the girls seem to respond positively to. Besides-what else do you do on wet winter weekends? The girls don't want to play.
  11. @milkandhoney by flexible, do you mean the silicone mats? Mine is solid. the website quoted in my first post contains a video of it and its use. Which did you get?
  12. @ctm @cBank Starting a new topic so to not hijack the broodless conversation Have you considered a foundation press? There are quite a few on Alibaba- quality unknown If you want to search European sites- foundation is called middle-wall (Mittelwand in German) www.alfranseder.com- not remotely cost effective but fun to play with over winter. (could be cheaper to bring your wax down here and play with mine!)
  13. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/112272040/the-vets-thought-it-was-a-joke-ladybirds-infesting-dogs-mouth
  14. I think that calls for the word used in the Toyota Adverts. Did you relocate her?
  15. a bit more info might help please. How many years have you kept well behaved bees, and for how much of the past 2 years were the bees aggressive? This will help to identify if its seasonal. Is it possible they are under attack from wasps? Are you sure the Varoa treatment has worked- could they still have a high load? Is it the same Queen as last year? - or even the same genetics? If yes, a new queen from gentle stock should put you back to enjoying town bees.
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