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  1. but @Trevor Gillbanks- your cell Phone is also listed in your contact detail on this site which is public- and I suspect I have your address easily from White pages. The Deca list is probably only one of several ways your number is public. The list being used for purposes it wasn't intended for is a downside to the goodwill of being a COI . To keep your info private takes considerable effort- we all let little bits of information about ourselves slip into these posts and would likely be shocked how much a hacker could obtain from just this site.
  2. you are far from the first or only person to loose a hive. The most important thing is what you learn from it- although sometimes it would be nice if the lessons weren't quite so harsh.
  3. Good initiative and I wish you well with it and hope you get support. I hope you have insisted on the right to approve the text of the editorial and/or where in the publication your Ad appears. You don't need it to be placed in an edition that is also endorsing the anti-sugar sentiment.
  4. I harvested a frame of honey from a rural hive on Friday and now have honey envy. It was a golden colour, very thick, but not jellylike, toffee flavour with an aftertaste of lemon. Does anyone have an idea what it could have come from?
  5. I wonder what unsustainable beekeeping looks like?
  6. isn't that taking tracability to the extreme? What benefit is it to know where the trees were grown? By the time they are harvested, trucked to port or processing plant there have been multiple occasions to introduce potential contamination...most of it worse than the droppings of the previously resident birds
  7. It must be disappointing to find that @Timw. Was this the one with the cross comb? I hope the other one is doing better.
  8. Went to Westport on the weekend and those parched golden grass paddocks were endless (but with less feed on) until you came out of the gorge into green. I have never seen the top of the south looking so sad and dry, or so many skinny sheep and when I saw the lush growth and ample flowers in the town gardens realised what is absent.
  9. surely on this forum Frazz qualifies as Queen bee for multiple reasons. A long overdue recognition!
  10. @jamesc This is from the Kings seeds site. If wildflower seeds are planted in a weedy area, there will be a large bank of weeds that will germinate and compete.Weed control is achieved in two stages - initial clearing of the site and ongoing maintenance:Prepare the soil for sowing by removing unwanted vegetation. Lightly till, or rough up the surface of soil. Do not dig deep as this encourages weed seeds. Allow new weed seeds to come away after cultivating, then remove again before sowing by burning, steaming or spraying.Choose appropriate seed for your site. Wildflowers are not gross feeders and don’t require large amounts of fertilizer. However, a dusting of lime at a rate of ½ to 1 kg per square metre is helpful to unlock soil nutrients and make them more readily available to plants.Mix seed with an inert carrier like damp sand, sawdust or pumice (1 part seed to 15-20 parts carrier) and hand broadcast in a systematic fashion. Gently rake in but do not cover the seed too deeply (1cm max).Wildflower seeds require water to germinate but once established can survive with very low rainfall. Keep lightly moist for 4-6 weeks. Best times to sow are spring and autumn.A regular program of weed control is essential to establish the wildflowers as the dominant species. Weeds should be eliminated as soon as they can be recognised either by pulling out, spot spraying with a general herbicide or selective cutting with a line trimmer.Irrigate when possible through spring and summer.Mow or cut in autumn to tidy site and scatter seeds. Consider over sowing to introduce new varieties at this stage.
  11. what about the advice to not exceed 20g Oa per box?
  12. They should do. It does look like there is a considerable amount of grass in there tho, which will compete. Did you start with a weed free area? Does your mix have a range of annuals and perennial plants?
  13. Nope. Only $45 according to the adverts posted last night.
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