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  1. Please...if you want to talk about apples, start a new thread or chatter in the monthly diary. These posts should be split off so @jamesc topic can remain about getting honey sold.... but then the complaints start......
  2. Study? Historic documentation? A generalist comment of opinion....nothing more.
  3. Sounds like you need a Camellia hedge somewhere
  4. The subscription details have been updated to include the produce finder. Bronze & above to make a listing.
  5. lets value the contribution made here by Dennis, and a public forum is not the place to make accusations- especially incorrect ones
  6. was this additional to @TammyW study or did her work feed into it?
  7. but seasonal isn't a choice.....
  8. The dilemma.....gorse to build the bees up on.....or to make a brew. @jamesc.....don't you have a supply of gorse?
  9. as requested @ChrisM @Ted
  10. you only had to ask fellas.....
  11. the brewing supply shop should be able to supply a recipe...they did for me. Great expectations website is an online start for research....lots of toys to buy..
  12. @Wildflower Can you describe what 'cramped' looks like to you? Are there bees covering both sides of all 10 frames?
  13. Really? I thought beer was a short brew time.... The commercial stuff doesn't have an overly long shelf life- or is that just a non beer drinkers misconception?
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