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  1. @Maggie James Did you try to post in the new Commercial to commercial forum? Because access to post there is restricted by your status....ie have you set your profile as commercial? You did post in the existing commercial forum, and then again this post. @Grant must be trying to set up a section for commercials to be able to discuss their stuff.
  2. That one is on guard duty. The one on the roof has to be a drone, all the girls are out working
  3. Bees may have a different view of black comb than us Lovely yellow comb looks nice to us but often the queen prefers to lay in used brood comb. A rule of thumb is that if you hold the frame up to the light and cant see through it, the frame should be cycled out. Depending what is on/in the 'manky, comb, move the frame to a position near the side of the box and insert either drawn comb (for a newbee, not always available) or foundation towards the centre of the box. If your mentor is going to take frames of brood, that will be a good time to set up a method of cycling out what nee
  4. Hmm ...No I'm not sure, good point- so if anyone else could confirm they have it or not, we will all know, and then blame @Grant
  5. Welcome to the forum @backyardbees. Welcome to the steepest learning curve, but well done being aware there are very many styles of beekeeping. In your other post you mentioned your tutor was going to come and look at your monster. As long as there is no risk of swarming, I think it would be good to get his/her advice before you make any changes, as from your description you have the opportunity to get two productive hives this season, especially if you could obtain a queen or cell. Others will be along to offer further advice / opinions, meanwhile are you confident to lo
  6. I removed a capped swarm cell on the weekend.....so its certainly swarm season
  7. Aww, C'mon @john berry...you cant let logic get in the way of a good marketing story
  8. @Dennis Crowley PMs are available if both parties have a subscription.
  9. its an interesting question tho.....we interpret the dance from above and in the light, but the bees they are communicating with are in the dark hive, and are looking at the dancer from the same level- so do not see what we do. There must be something more to the dance than just visual clues.
  10. But welcome to the forum @Ebbie. The thread resolved the issue at the time, but there's no harm in a refresher on the similarities of the plants.
  11. When I used Quickstrips, it was very harsh on the tin lid. Frequent use would shorten the life considerably.
  12. its good to see the message is more that bees can be helped by plantings...rather than by getting a hive.
  13. I would appreciate a report of how well this works. Its been suggested to me recently and reported to work well. I think theres a limit to how much moisture should be running down the walls . The polystyrene on top makes a difference, but not enough.
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