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  1. All our native bees are similar to your solitary bees.
  2. Maybe there's something here ? https://www.comvita.co.nz/store/articles
  3. Only have to watch out for brodifacoum and 970 then....
  4. A lot of the ant families are pretty sophisticated.....farming aphids.....
  5. A characteristic of Baltic pine is the closeness and straightness of the grain...the stuff is a sitter for computer/optical controlled machining...
  6. The sooner council yank all our willows out the better. Turns out the box of honey I left on my hives was willow dew. Two nearly starved out.
  7. Three years later...!! definitely not Tutu. I'm surrounded by acres of this Himalayan Honeysuckle.
  8. So if I sent them $30.00 things would come right ?
  9. I haven't used them in years 'cos of the expense
  10. Hopefully they're made out of locally sourced whatever, unlike the baltic pine wooden frames. Which admittedly are superb, but I always feel guilty..
  11. It has a really biting smell, but it doesn't seem to travel far....eg a Miteaway Quick you might smell held at arms length upwind. Any closer and it'll feel like it's taking a mouthful out of you.
  12. I find it quite believable that a lot of folk would be fine with that. The $100k pa club in this country is large and growing....
  13. I'd like to know what they're made from. Palm kernel comes into the country by the cubic kilometre...I'd hate to think NZ beeks were contributing to Orangutan habitat destruction alongside the dairy crowd...
  14. You pay no more than the transients now ....the per apiary fee has gone.
  15. A bioforme frame has 7% more cells = another 3.5kg weight of honey frame...
  16. Far too early. Wait until you're brimming with brood.
  17. At least they're not just "bugs' like so many other life forms. I sometimes worry that I'll turn up at the Pearly Gates and St Peter will give me a bucketfull of squashed sandflies, and tell me I can pass once I've reassembled them all.
  18. Channel one , Ravi Shankar & sitar ?
  19. Just out of interest, what do you commercial characters do with a hive you're opening for the first time since April/May... do you take the whole thing to bits, full brood check, scrape all frames clear of propolis/wax back to proper dimension, clean out brace comb & rebate in boxes,, tip all junk out of the floor ? Or do you......
  20. TV1 to John Berry View File What a carry on to post this !!! Submitter yesbut Submitted 25/08/20 Category Bees in the Media  
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