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  1. 3 hours ago, Gino de Graaf said:

    Can't agree with a twice yearly treatment policy. 

    What's the practical difference between needing to treat, and being required to treat ? Do you only treat once a year ?

    1 hour ago, Alastair said:

    First, if a person is an AP2, they are not allowed to say so on social media.

    What's the rationale for this ?

  2. 6 minutes ago, tommy dave said:

    good intel, i hadn't looked into the twins sidle, just over the top. Might need to do more digging!

    as for the patriarch section, i'd heard some interesting things over Mts Sodom and Gomorrah - again, more digging, and probably sidle options


    I've never had any drama along there, but I'm very ready to sidle whereever there's risk of  adrenaline If one insists on sticking to the crest.....

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  3. 1 hour ago, tommy dave said:

    i'm planning a little walk at the moment. From the west coast (south island) over to mt patriarch, then backtrack and down the karamea for a bit, up a hill for a look at the ridge along to mt arthur - a little nervous about cruising over the twins solo - then up and across into golden bay. Obviously needing some perspective this october

    edit to tag @yesbut cos i think he likes walking as well as riding motorbikes?

    I used to like wandering around. Now I get bored walking uphill then down again. No need to be nervous about twins, they're an easy sidle on the Ellis side. South Twin is easy enough to top, but I've never had the nerve to cling along to the North. I dunno why you'd backtrack from Patriarch, it's a nice trip along the Arthur range.


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  4. I've just been reading about HMF in honey. Apparently it's formed when honey is heated above 30c. So honey adjacent to the broodnest which is 32-35c is likely to contain HMF....

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  5. I wonder about the relationship of brood , to the total bee population spreading the stuff around.  Eg which treatment is going to more effective, 2 strips to  4 frames of brood and 5000 bees or 2 strips to 2 frames of brood and 15,000 bees ?


    (Don't bother pointing out 5,000 bees won't cover 4 frames....it's the principle I'm trying to illustrate)

  6. 10 minutes ago, ChrisM said:



    Maybe multi-choice would help:


    A. Four Bayvarol strips in each FD Box (8 strips).

    B. Four Bayvarol in one box and two Apivar in the other box. (6 strips)

    C. Two Bayvarol and one Apivar in each box. (6 strips)

    D. Two Apivar in each box (4 strips).

    E. Something else?


    Other questions have been raised about 3/4 boxes and unpopulated boxes ready for expansion, but one thing at a time..



    I think the sooner you get back to designing yacht rigging the sooner the great cloud of wonderment will settle.

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  7. 3 hours ago, ChrisM said:

    I could put in 4 tapes of Bayvarol, 2 tapes of apivar and 4 tapes of OAG gib tape. That is a full treatment for each of 3 brood boxes (?). yes/no?

    And a blast of vapour as well why not ? Just to be sure..

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  8. Nothing hard about mixing up small quantities....pyrex bowl & microwave. I have 4 month old wetted strips in an icecream container, they look & feel fine. & OA mix in a jar, I haven't tasted it but it looks fine.

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