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  1. Spomenko...I really appreciate your input to this forum ! BUT I have great trouble working out what you are saying...do you know anybody who could help with your translation ?
  2. One thing I have found with long hive is that 30 or so frames seem to take forever to shuffle along to progressively lift out & replace. And a bit of propolis x 30 soon adds up. I can imagine that 10 frames at a time might feel more manageable....
  3. Yet our resident expert Dr MG recommends min 50mm drop ??
  4. The tree in the photo is most definitely NOT a NZ sophora/kowhai. Leaves are completely wrong.
  5. I've put up with a stroppy bunch all year, bees that is. I've just re-queened with a supposedly more gentle natured job. My question is will all the stroppy old girls have to work themselves to death before I notice less defensiveness, or will the new Q's pheromones spread the message in advance of her genes ?
  6. I've got the elevated platform deal. It works well until you stagger backwards carrying the super & fall over the smoker
  7. Wellington Student Fighting To Nip Smartphone Addiction... | Stuff.co.nz Andrew Burns becomes so engrossed in his smartphone that he switches off to people around him. The 19-year-old got his iPhone 4S in February, but he is already trying to wean himself off it for fear it is taking over his life. He is one of the 31 per cent of Kiwis who are now using smartphones - that's a rise of 99 per cent, or 374,000 more people, in the past year, according to research company Roy Morgan. But the survey of 12,000 people found that 42 per cent are still "technophobes" who are late to switch in
  8. Is it available at Whitcoulls ?
  9. Inspected long hive for new queen laying, found & despatched old Q & reunited split. Got stung through red rubberised fabric gloves, had to rush inside & slam door after stripping gear. Hoepfully new Q progeny will be a tad friendlier. From the gossip department a local commercial beek hasn't been impressed with the temperament of his new VH Qs, and going with old stock.
  10. It's all a bit hush hush.....the D-Max Ute Hunt ....
  11. Isn't "Pams" the one from Australia or am I thinking of "Homebrand" ? As long as we import milk powder there'll always be wallies (polite term) wanting to bring in honey. If the dairy lobby has failed what chance have we got ?
  12. If it was my colony I'd remove & freeze the frames keeping bees within hive , and giving them the Mortein treatment, then wash out the box/s. Start again. It's early in the year still.
  13. My last swarm capture was in windy weather, I mucked about scooping up handfuls of bees from their pile on the ground on the local cricket pitch into a nuc box. My mentor tells me I should simply have tossed a handful into the box and come back in half an hour when they all would have hived themselves.
  14. There's lots of things you cannot do or have to do or be if you plan on selling honey.
  15. i suggest you google it....tons of stuff there...
  16. I made myself dizzy twice last autumn taste testing tutin honey, Nelson.
  17. How many times do we have to be told about tapatalk & your phone ?
  18. Acquire your bees, & register them, & quietly ring around for a DECA holder. There'll be plenty.
  19. From the Stuff website Bid Called For Share of $60 million in Science Research... | Stuff.co.nz admin edit - please add link to source with posts
  20. I've had tagasaste since first week of July, still going. Now Kowhai & pittos.
  21. Why Glynn ? Hort Research couldn't detect any difference in varroa with small cell (Control of Varroa pg 96 ) ?
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