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  1. Frazz says "When a hive swarms it's the old bees that leave with the queen"


    And in saying so disagrees (also) with Dave Black whose lecture #1 states :


    "Most of the young bees, some 70% of those less than 10 days old, will go with the swarm".


    My learning curve has hit a speed bump here.......who to believe ?????


  2. I started with a couple of top bars 3 years ago. They were nothing but a pain, sound lovely in the books and websites

    but you have to be prepared to spend your life straightening combs that have been built across adjoining bars, and the bees do join the comb to the sides. Never mind what the rules say, it's mess mess mess. And they do break off the bars when you least want them to. I transitioned to home built frames slightly smaller than langstroth which fitted my long hives. Mess gone, but ####### size frames are a pain for no gain, and I have started transitioning to langstroth frames in new long hives which are the equivalent of two lang boxes long. I will super them with one full depth box, but my harvesting will be done the crush way one frame at a time as ready. I'm using heavy manuka

    special foundation that will take the stresses and strains of me taking to the honey with a large spoon !

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  3. Say a new queen emerges Day 1, will mating flights be confined to a particular period/s prior to egg laying starting +/- Day 18, or will she take flight any time according to the state of the weather and sperm tank ?

  4. I'm just a newbie beek, got a couple of long lang hives, after converting from top bars. I looked fairly carefully at the plastic option, there was an obvious attraction for a small timer, they're much better for honey harvesting with a large spoon & spatula than wax foundation. BUT virtually everything we take by mouth is packed in plastic these days and I have yet to find any authoritative article which does not confirm the actual or potential leaching of harmful substances from this plastic into our bodies from pretty much any type of plastic under some circumstances. I'm not saying do away with plastic packaging that's clearly next to impossible, but I see no reason to add to the load with plastic frames when for my purpose anyway manuka special in wood does the trick.

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