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  1. 19 minutes ago, john berry said:

    A question for those that have used formic before. Can you smell it or is it undetectable until you fall over ?


    It has a really biting smell, but it doesn't seem to travel far....eg a Miteaway Quick you might smell held at arms length upwind. Any closer and it'll feel like it's taking a mouthful out of you.


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  2. 18 minutes ago, mischief said:

    Maybe its time to stop treating them like a commodity.


    At least they're not just "bugs' like so many other life forms. I sometimes worry that I'll turn up at the Pearly Gates and St Peter will give me a bucketfull of squashed sandflies, and tell me I can pass once I've reassembled them all.

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  3. Just out of interest, what do you commercial characters do with a hive you're opening for the first time since April/May...

    do you take the whole thing to bits, full brood check, scrape all frames clear of propolis/wax back to proper dimension, clean out brace comb & rebate in boxes,, tip all junk out of the floor ?  Or do you......

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  4. Interestingly enough I've had to go to great lengths to get Matagouri seeds to germinate at home...acid & months of refrigeration, and so far 20% germination. Had one out of about 20 germinate last year, but I discovered too late when the thing was about 15mm high it had gossamer fine  roots like a six inch umbrella, and of course they all disintegrated under manipulation...  go on, ask the obvious question someone..

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  5. 23 minutes ago, Alastair said:

    Also about an OA embargo, bad plan. Of recent times there has been excellent and more balanced info coming out about OA, with freedom of speech and no aggro. 


    The community contributions on the subject have been of great help to myself and no doubt others, why embargo it.

    I was meaning no discussion with Phil involvement. Academic anyway.

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  6. 1 hour ago, fieldbee said:

    However Phil provides a very good service,

    I sometimes wonder if Phil could return with the understanding that an OA embargo applied to all parties.

    Assuming he felt like it of course, There's always room for different opinions,  humour...

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  7. I don't believe it will become any more than damp. And I don't believe air movement through the top structure will be very significant. It'll act more like a permeable layer than chimney. What logic I can muster up tells me that it will have to be better than a solid waxed/propolised impervious roof dripping with water.

  8. Noted how wet on top mine were.  Stapled wire netting across bottom of empty super, laid sacking on top of that, filled box up with  shavings, stuck it on top of hive under ventilated lid....a Warre "quilt" in other words...should have done it in March.

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