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  1. Can we post a packet of milk powder ?
  2. Have any members raised this with Apinz ?
  3. Yes, but what price a hive at the moment ?
  4. Picture a commercial operation of several hundred hives......several tonnes of unsold honey.....owner operator struck down with terminal health condition, treatment only just gone in courtesy of volunteers....wife run ragged caring.....what to do.....
  5. Just back from a week in Molesworth...manuka very prolific in the Awatere..
  6. Ooh, hang on, I shouldn't be posting here, I'm not a commercial...sorry. I'll try not to let it happen again.
  7. Must be something in your honey that's bitter ! Kawakawa tea is not bitter.
  8. I'm surprised that such a thoughtful chap would support an Ocker business when there are viable alternatives at home !
  9. None of my captured swarms have ever left again.
  10. Never heard of any requirement.
  11. You've found them a warm dry home. If it were mine I'd let them do their thing.
  12. And also I wouldn't think it out of the question for OSH to look down on young fellas working on their own. IE safety first = teams of two + adrenaline kit.
  13. I've got treated ply with a couple of coats of paint. If the bees have no reason to chew on them there's no issue.
  14. @jamesc is probably building a secret pad in the bush not far from you as we write !
  15. That scene would be reflected in my invoice.
  16. We don't know of course that @Wildflower doesn't wear a lava lava which could confuse things.
  17. A lot would depend on the friction co-efficient eh.
  18. Well if we assume a bee can pull .1 gram, there's 55,000 bees in a hive that's 5.5 kg per hive, so that 181 hives per tonne = 8,869 hives.
  19. I don't split at swarming, I scatter empty wired frames all through the brood nest. They get so annoyed with this they just carry on building instead of leaving.
  20. Easy to pass judgement but it looks awfully like a case of P.P. decision making.
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