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  1. It's not the right time of year for reproductive swarming, I'd think they were supersedure. Sometimes spare bees build these cells and don't do anything with them. Some beeks call them play cells. The bees probably know something about their Q that you don't. You mention a Q cell with grub in it. If it was my hive I'd leave them alone to do their thing, maybe have another look in a couple of weeks..see what happens.


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  2. 2 hours ago, tristan said:

    just unfortunate that we actually needed to.

    its ironic that our underfunded, under resourced and poorly managed early covid response actually resulted in the best course of action.

    absolutely brilliant piece of govt BS to call it "fast and early" when it was "slow and late" which forced us into lockdown.

    had we tried to do it like Australia has done, we would have ended up like everyone else. fortunately our systems where so crap that it completely failed and we had to resort to the lockdown, which was the best move.

    @tristanfor PM ! 

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  3. 2 hours ago, ChrisM said:

    it is a shame that Vegans would not have top bar hives, because then you could have all your least favourite things conveniently located in one place :) 

    I can see it now, an overloaded ute full of vegans towing a trailer with a bent drawbar loaded with top bar hives that are still wrapped with a "Sold" sign. Merry Xmas or Bah Humbug to you All. 

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  4. 5 hours ago, BRB said:

    Fresh air and sunshine. With a touch of comb, brood and some honey.

    I'm not sure what else you expected there to be in bee boxes?

    A hive that size is bigger than the pauperish things I manage to maintain. I was curious to know if you already had a couple of full boxes of honey, or if you had a heap of brood, but never mind.

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