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  1. Tell that to Parker next time he eyes up Fury
  2. Really ? The character around here must be a really slack buzzard.
  3. So what what ? I'm not complaining. I think it was good value too.
  4. It was on special. Assembly ok, but ply floor detailing needed thought to provide support as well as water tightness. And had to silicon seal a number of holes in the bottom wall channel , and drill some drainage holes in it. perfectly dry in all directions of rain. @tommy dave You seem to get around the country quite a bit. Work or pleasure ?
  5. Ah yes, it's "Marty T " there are quite a few videos. very capable chap.
  6. Well you have a vocally dead ringer by name of "Marty" on youtube.
  7. I recognise that bloke. he lives in the Sounds & collects & fixes old machines
  8. From where I look, the entire debacle was brought on by participants in the industry . And MPI have a near impossible job.
  9. There's no way I'd ever have had a tin outhouse. I'm a carpenter......wood.
  10. I bet mine's the SMALLEST ! ..$40.00 from Bunnings
  11. Well there's this for a start ......or is it too basic , took all of 15 seconds to google.... https://www.beeculture.com/processing-propolis-part-1/
  12. And another one is the no-hopers abandoning any pretence of AFB spotting.
  13. You must be referring to the Bedford ? The other one would have had Morrisness from the word go.
  14. Propolis plant closing... https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/119676088/comvita-closes-nelson-plant-citing-need-for-considerable-investment-to-keep-going
  15. GB Boxboard, 100% recycled......... https://www.bjball.co.nz/product-range/entire-range/gb-box-board/2186 and a heavy-ish guillotine... https://www.trademe.co.nz/business-farming-industry/office-equipment-supplies/stationery-supplies/paper-cutters/listing-2538389683.htm?rsqid=1c40a818d5db4d778561d5b35d70fcf3-001
  16. It's not necessarily logical that overheatedOA will be less effective because Formic replaces Oxalic....Formic is also a varroacide. Although thinking some more, formic is very volatile, so maybe it doesn't hang around long enough ..
  17. Just out of interest here are the OA mixing instructions from Beequip.... https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0892/4696/files/Instructions_for_use_of_Paper_Tape_Laminates._5-02-2020.pdf?504
  18. You've got some reading to catch up on. Banned.
  19. Have they built you a new bridge across the Selwyn yet ?
  20. You couldn't dip it in mine, it all went really solid within a week. Spoon bending stuff. I'm positive it's kanuka, it was very thixo.
  21. https://www.beequip.nz/collections/varroa-control
  22. I think it a shame Phil is blacklisted. Certainly sometimes I didn't understand his logic or particularly always agree with his take on things or world view. Of course I'm not privy to whatever went on between him and @Grant but stuff can often go on that is later regretted, and I don't think Phil is entirely to blame for the way the thread went, as I've said I think he sometimes has a different take on things that is not always immediately obvious.
  23. Just as well you're 6'4 and two axe handles across the shoulders, lumping that chair around..
  24. I deleted my post because I hadn't realised you'd answered the post I was going to refer to.
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