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  1. Common sense tells me that in order for a co-op to arise it's going to have to compete in the marketplace. The only way to do that without gigantic marketing effort which no-one will have the money to support will be by undercutting everyone else, on medium to longer term contract. The throngs of beeks hanging out to sell their several season's worth of stock will all be in like Flynn. Then a few years down the track when these longer term sale contracts start looking less appealing, are the rank and file kiwi beek members of the co-op going to buckle down and honour their co-op contracts or will they chase the higher dollars outside ? Just like last time. Someone will tell me how wrong I am.
  2. From STUFF......bee attack !! https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/112217309/five-people-treated-in-auckland-after-being-swarmed-by-bees
  3. If there was a nasty found you would be told. I get these inspections every year. Zillions of I think Harlequin Ladybirds descended upon the house this afternoon....hopefully that equals bad news for the Willow aphid !
  4. The wet beesuit look huh ? No wonder the scouts were hanging around.....
  5. Seeing as how you ask, I haven't done a wash for years and don't intend to. OA stuff in all the time, in varying stages of decrepidness.
  6. So it would be ok if it was out of sight out of mind ?
  7. I couldn't do that to my bees and still sleep at night.
  8. You must be very influential if your presence alone would have had an effect...or is it that you couldn't trust yourself to have kept quiet ?
  9. I bought some fd plastic last year in swarm season when the local had run out of wood. I've cut them down to 3/4 and while I have to admit they're quite good for my spoon harvesting regime I'll be doing my best to sell them with next year's swarms. I'm a carpenter, I like wood.
  10. Wood has a capacity to absorb water that plastic doesn't.
  11. Merit ! I don't know why anyone would even consider doing this to bees. Some places are just not right for hives.
  12. "Fewer " bees please. I shouldn't have to point that out to a staffer.
  13. A shadecloth screen might be more aesthetic and has as much chance of working
  14. This doesn't do anything for my "we are one" outlook I'm afraid.
  15. If you want real beekeeping youtube , look at our very own Trevor Gillbanks series.
  16. Bees can certainly chew on a variety of substances, witness the OA staples etc, and it seems they bite other insects which are too small to sting.. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0047432 So why shouldn't they puncture grapes ?
  17. As soon as the fruit is gone so will the insects. No Give them honey
  18. It's the one that died last month
  19. Excludes "most " kanuka......does this imply "some" kanuka isn't excluded ? Is quantity referred to or species ?
  20. You could always try a hessian mat with 10 or 15cm of wood shavings above it below the lid. ...like a Warre......
  21. So that's where my glasses are !
  22. As will your microclimate/winter floral sources.
  23. Running a risk here I know but AFAIC trophy hunting = sick.
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