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  1. In that case I've had covid at least three years
  2. I have spent a few days in the Mount, killing time while bikes getting looked at. It's completely unfathomable to me the attraction of a place where you have to fight for a cafe table.
  3. Isn't that getting perilously close to the Auckland suburb of Tauranga ?
  4. The only downside is all the muck in the shed after !
  5. Trev seems to have slept in or something. Never mind. Cooler today.
  6. He can't be PM'd but he can be tagged like this @Goran
  7. There must be something in the water up there
  8. Too much picking your nose with unwashed hands John
  9. It wouldn't cost you anything to try....maybe you don't want to deal in kitchen pantry size market..
  10. @jamesc the question was was why are you not making use of the forum's produce finder ?
  11. You might be able to get the ok to buy a forktruck that'll fit down a garden path....low ground pressure tyres for the lawn, and 1.0m clearance for the roses !
  12. You really want your business spread in ones or twos all over northland ?
  13. Check out James's location on his profile on the left !
  14. @Alastair Is the water shortage I keep reading about affecting you much ?
  15. I think we knocked about 10kmhr off for you @kaihoka
  16. How far south ...who ?
  17. I would hope it's done more than pay for itself. If it isn't turning a profit......
  18. So what are the contractors pollensmart refer to ? What device do they use ?
  19. And my pension !
  20. Hopefully they'll advise the manufacturer
  21. It's not totally clear.....the tongue with the towball parted company with the ute ?
  22. But they may still have to be designed & built/supervised by licensed people.
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