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  1. Were you privy to information that noone else had or is this hindsight ?
  2. Following on from a few off topic posts in another thread, it seems obvious the relatively recent Commodity Levy proposal was rejected because of mass suspicion and distrust of ApiNZ. If another levy proposal were to be put forward, how would the administering organisation have to differ from ApiNZ in order fort a levy to be acceptable to the masses ?
  3. So the take home from this is a levy could be a goer if the administrative organisation was not ApiNZ. Then the next question is how would such an organisation have to differ from ApiNZ to be acceptable to potential levy payers ?
  4. Probably exhaust heat coming up through the floor
  5. And in about three weeks they produce the mother of all swarms and I come along with my boxes going oh goody
  6. Look what I found.... https://www.researchgate.net/publication/330272487_The_Use_of_Airborne_Ultrasound_for_Varroa_Destructor_Mite_Control_in_Beehives
  7. Looks like normal result of inept amateurism to me 🤣
  8. None of the above you loofers. It's the wind. The Q can't manage the wind.
  9. I know what you mean. The legal requirements to enable gate sale of honey really stomp on my tail. There are probably less onerous ways of forgetting work.
  10. Which all points to hassle on the other side too which is why C imports the stuff.
  11. What we need is an ultrasonic machine a bit like one of the old plastic welders that can blast exactly the right frequency at a hive that'll disintegrate mites but leave bees and most of the brood intact...
  12. There will still be workaholics who see drummed honey sitting in storage as an asset...
  13. $220 for a crook swarm. Crikey. Mine go for $50 (no, I don't give them away, they do take some effort.) I have my doubts there'll be any this year, the willow's about three weeks late and my hives aren't building particularly fast, and the commercial neighbour's hives look pretty lacklustre from the outside..
  14. The paper refers to oxalic dribble which is a fundamentally different approach.
  15. Presumably the operation wasn't airborne ?
  16. That's not correct. The specific concerns that attracted attention have been well explained.
  17. Here's one outfit......http://www.thermaflo.co.nz/processing/integrated-solution/honey/thermalisation/
  18. As opposed to heating it to 70c then hitting it with a vacuum...
  19. yea, how long does it take to explain how to lever the brood apart and pop in a few empty frames...?
  20. Common commercial practice in Nth america for years I believe. Not so much "feed" as pour over the top.
  21. So wax contamination obviously wasn't regarded as an issue.
  22. Too big for any Maori gathering to ever agree on probably.
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