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  1. If you want real beekeeping youtube , look at our very own Trevor Gillbanks series.
  2. No need to be, you're among friends here
  3. Bees can certainly chew on a variety of substances, witness the OA staples etc, and it seems they bite other insects which are too small to sting.. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0047432 So why shouldn't they puncture grapes ?
  4. As soon as the fruit is gone so will the insects. No Give them honey
  5. It's the one that died last month
  6. Excludes "most " kanuka......does this imply "some" kanuka isn't excluded ? Is quantity referred to or species ?
  7. You could always try a hessian mat with 10 or 15cm of wood shavings above it below the lid. ...like a Warre......
  8. So that's where my glasses are !
  9. As will your microclimate/winter floral sources.
  10. Running a risk here I know but AFAIC trophy hunting = sick.
  11. I have to say I totally completely 100% do not understand this manuka definition business. Thank all the powers it doesn't effect me.
  12. Quit the violins already will you !
  13. Is this burst of conversion an acknowledgement of your advancing years @M4tt ? Anticpating the downhill slide now that you're not thrashing your ring off milking ?
  14. Same here, my grape though ripens progressively, bunch by bunch over a two week period, it makes eating them in time much less stressful.
  15. Still don't see how this negates knocking off the worst ..if a chook doesn't lay.....
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