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  1. Thus the wise hobbiest's use of double 3/4 brood......good for the bees, easy on the back....
  2. I'd suggest the water bath wasn't hot enough or long enough. Dunno about Manuka, but my Kanuka once melted stays liquid about a fortnight.
  3. No I mean IMO protein will become a far more valuable commodity in future than any form of sugar. Hence no demand to require pushing a production envelope.
  4. Personally I think this to be far more likely if bees produced usable amounts of protein. Sugar/carbs are everywhere.
  5. Well I'll play the Grinch and claim that this publication merely complicates the simple message that if you see something you don't recognise, report it.
  6. If you buy stuff from overseas these days and you get a GST invoice from NZpost, you also cop a "Biosecurity Levy". So there's more money coming in than there was...
  7. It's not worth much of an effort let alone a struggle
  8. Hmmm, use the stuff and Bumblebee population increases, then not using it becomes detrimental to bumblebees....ayyaiyai..
  9. More of our valley's big Kanuka going courtesy of a 20 tonne digger....they're actually being quite careful, trying to pick the Hawthorns out, but it's not nice seeing 80 year full flowering K's going. Snifff.
  10. You can still buy the things at the corner dairy if you don't value your fillings.
  11. Given all the variables anyone producing a best practice paper for anything beekeeping is braver than I. I'm often told I'm not helping. Anyway, it wasn't an attempt to help, I wondered why you were disappointed is all. If you look in the download section of the forum I think you will find a precis of the OA thread if that would help.
  12. Disappointing ? Why ? Surely you knew when going down the OA path you were stepping into the realm of a relatively new and still developing form of treatment ?
  13. Well no, I've no idea if this is a price list or what...
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