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  1. "Manuka" = NZ ?

    It seems trademarking "Manuka" is a step closer.... https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/farming/agribusiness/99779992/new-zealand-trademarks-mnuka-honey
  2. Clover season

    Let's have a brown lawn competition
  3. NZBF Should I be bottom supering?

    How do the bees fill the supers from the top down if they fill the bottom one first ?
  4. NZBF Should I be bottom supering?

    In the time it takes you jokers to drain & clean those extractors I'll have done my harvest, cleaned up, and be back in the garden !
  5. December 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    Just start with no gloves...with just a couple of hives propolis-y hands are not an issue. It teaches gentleness.
  6. Clover season

    So far I've given you the benefit of the doubt but now I've decided you really are a pessimist. Which seems to me an odd characteristic for a racing man.
  7. December 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    I took honey off my three hives today. I decided that given the warmth and the overall busy-ness the bees wouldn't take much notice of me so I stuck with my swarm gathering gear, shorts and a beach shirt. I was right .
  8. NZBF Should I be bottom supering?

    If you cannot shake the nectar out of the uncapped comb it's fine to steal.
  9. NZBF Should I be bottom supering?

    Who says ?
  10. Via "Catalyst Ltd " ??? Let's have a name please, otherwise you'll have as much credibility as my bathplug.
  11. December 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    Another warm day. Closeted in the kitchen with anti-avenging bee measures in place, scraping & jarring. Enough of a harvest this year to distribute a few jars around the neighbour. The oxalic towel regime has been my best varroa antidote yet. Had various towels in place for the last four months. Honey tastes just like honey.
  12. Exactly WHO please ? ( And for the avoidance of accusation of hypocrisy, I have identified myself as Tony Haddon, earlier on in the forum )
  13. December 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    In my professional opinion, the biggest threat to the viability of your business is that bridge across the river just down the road. Have you had a look underneath it lately ?
  14. Hastings and area AFB outbreak

    Jeepers . We're doomed. Again.
  15. Cheapest and best frames in nz

    I agree re the skinny metal cutting discs, they can go off big time. Diamond blades are very different, much much heavier. I use mine all the time on polycarbonate roofing, pvc mouldings, shower domes, plastic guttering..... I bet you haven't stopped using the roads on the back of the latest road toll stats.