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  1. I think it's a jolly good scheme, and I think your blood's worth bottling for doing it !
  2. yesbut

    February 2019 diary

    And I'm too stingey to buy it. Petrol is my drug of choice.
  3. If I didn't have an interest in Comvita and planned on producing a tonne of my own honey next year I'd vote yes.
  4. yesbut

    Beekeeping in Xanadu

    And I open it to the frontispiece and what do I see ? "To Ian Berry from Julie Ryan " ...
  5. yesbut

    Beekeeping in Xanadu

    Mine arrived in the post today...
  6. yesbut

    Tasman Fires

    I think it's being run by a bunch of H & S brainwashed committee types who are feeding off each other at their round table. There's talk now of dangerous fire damaged trees needing to be felled. By explosives !!! No chainsaws though, far too risky. If I was an evacuee I'd have been spitting tacks a week ago let alone now.
  7. yesbut

    Tasman Fires

    As far as I know
  8. Oh I don't know, there're lots of examples all over the south where foreign owned pine trees shed their seed left right & centre and start whole new plantations where they're not wanted..
  9. yesbut

    Tasman Fires

    Fortunately Mrs yesbut & I still have lots of private land to recreate over..
  10. yesbut

    afb bonfire

    So gazillions of spores end up out in the yard with the washdown ? Doesn't sound legal to me
  11. yesbut

    Tasman Fires

    Correct. All forests closed, all council reserves closed, some DoC huts closed. No logging, MDF plant closed. Molesworth & Rainbow closed.
  12. yesbut

    More by-kill

    More careless use of something or other.... https://www.stuff.co.nz/environment/110596758/thousands-of-bees-mysteriously-dying-in-christchurch
  13. yesbut

    Question Re-queening

    That's easy, leave them alone.
  14. How much you wanna bet the vote goes affirmative ?