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  1. yesbut

    Cross comb in a Warre

    I was about to say much the same but then I thought that's really a bit nasty and not answering the question. I couldn't think of anything else though. What a mess.
  2. yesbut

    Flow Hive Harvest

    A recent youtube offering, a flow hive harvest...
  3. yesbut

    Oxalic and glycerine

    You need someone to plant up more Tii and Harakeke.
  4. yesbut

    Honey Price Collapse

    Did everyone see what was printed on the back of Joe Parker's trou ?
  5. yesbut

    Honey Price Collapse

    I suspect even flax is better than rata
  6. With quite a few of my swarms which are often in bushes at ground level the Q has been in one of the very last handfuls from amongst the debris. So no I don't think you can necessarily assume you haven't got her. If there aren't enough bees to cover about two fd frames they're not worth going to any trouble. If you have drawn frames to put them on they'll spread out a bit and you should be able to see a Q if there is one. On plain foundation they'll clump up and you'd be lucky to see a Q.
  7. yesbut

    Honey Price Collapse

    Can you enlarge on this please....is the implication that if it shares some of Manuka's markers then it's worth more ?
  8. yesbut

    What are bees foraging on at present

    Boiling hot ....into the river....
  9. yesbut

    AFB Proposed Levy Increase

    And the current market conundrum won't help will it. And personally I think there's another tiny psycho/image thing that isn't helping, that is the name of the outfit. "The Management Agency National American Foul Brood Pest Management Plan" A mouthful like that doesn't bode well and this is one case where a consultant should have been employed to come up with something better...
  10. yesbut

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    I wondered how you were going to wangle time off...
  11. yesbut

    Honey Price Collapse

    @jamesc I guess someone has pointed out "nector" should be "nectAr " ...
  12. yesbut

    Honey Price Collapse

    I think you have too much spare time sitting on your chuff waiting for the next tape machine hiccup.
  13. yesbut

    What are bees foraging on at present

    Some flax flowers. Individually they don't appear to vary much in colour but when in adjacent masses they're very different...
  14. yesbut

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Yes some are quite heavy, but overall I think it's a bit patchy
  15. I've very recently read right here a piece of what was presumably held to be spam as it's disapppeared that claimed a (named) southern beek has had an export consignment rejected for herbicide contamination. Anyone heard of this outside the forum ?