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  1. yesbut

    June 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    How "old" are your oldest staples that feel greasy ?
  2. yesbut

    June 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    You should be able to re-size it and keep the original dimensions
  3. yesbut

    Honey Nutritional labelling

    Make sure it has a "no antibiotics " somewhere. Even if not for export. It's the only way to get things to happen.
  4. Ted can do this because of his geographical proximity to the cloud of hot air emanating from Auckland and the throng of Auckland refugees flocking to Tauranga. His climate as a result is winterless.
  5. Is it unreasonable to expect that if genetic vigour and hygiene is a factor , after a century of burning AFB victims there would be signs of AFB diminishing ?
  6. It's illegal isn't it. Any sign of AFB, up in flames it goes. The two philosophies are incompatible.
  7. yesbut

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    I'll have you know I don't do rough floors.
  8. yesbut

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    The poor ###### who has to sweep it everyday that's who
  9. yesbut

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    Get rid of the wasps first
  10. yesbut

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    That a second treatment is required between Feb and May. That's my take on all the forum discussions anyway.
  11. Actually I thought it a waste of 18 minutes of my life.
  12. yesbut

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    You've got how many hives ? And get given honey ? What do you do with it all ? Nearly Tree Dahlia cutting down time btw
  13. yesbut

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    He should've taken notice of the forum. It's well known that Feb to autumn is too long eh.
  14. yesbut


    1.5 million Auckulofans won't all be patronising the farmer's market