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  1. I'm sure even Grails lose their specs sometimes.
  2. Did you have your glasses on ?
  3. Never mind all that where's a photo ?
  4. You only put strips in the brood anyway regardless of how many other boxes are on top.
  5. Thanks to John's post I've been reading about Amitraz. Seems like it's not very good at all for us people in sufficient dose, we have the same bio chemical bits that the stuff targets in the mite...
  6. Hey @Maru Hoani where's a pic of yr new hiab truck ?
  7. I can't really help re thymovar but do be careful re tutin content of your very late harvested honey.
  8. About this time last year one of my hives emptied out to do a couple of fly bys of the neighbour over the road and then came back. They never told me why.
  9. If it was my hive I'd forget about it & leave them alone.
  10. You won't see tutu "dew " without the sucking hoppers....they're just like beech scale insect, they suck the tutu sap out of the plant and excrete dew with the nasty tutin in it.
  11. Tutu just loves pumicey ashy riverbed/banks
  12. Hey @Maru Hoani how about a piccie of the whole thing ? On the show your truck thread of course..
  13. I wonder what the powder is ? By the look of the surroundings, the bees might even be keen on cement ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XpcwIkdsZw
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