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  1. You probably know more than half of them there, as much as another quarter, not quite as much as an eighth, and the rest are just after your money.
  2. But kudos for thinking good thoughts and asking. This time of year it's a very big ask doing a cut out/salvage with any hope of success, and the bigger the colony the more the mess. I passed through of Murupara a couple of weeks ago, noted a bit of work going on. And I even noticed work going on in Kaiangaroa Village !
  3. Or, is it so you know exactly how much water you can add before jarring ?
  4. So is this doofer all about sciencing up the shake the frame on it's side thing ?
  5. yesbut


    Have you had a look around for the wasp nest/s ? In the early morning or evening if you can strategically locate yourself with your head in the shade but wasp flightlines silhoueted against the low angle sunlight they can often be located surprisingly easily.
  6. yesbut


    I've changed my mind about moving my operation north. 😆
  7. No different to last year ? Winter isn't here yet.
  8. Don't do it. Trademe price is $45.00
  9. Honey/wax/propolis imports into NZ are prohibited.
  10. If you use your imagination........$222 incl gst non member single day. Just emphasizes the gulf between the haves and the have nots.
  11. Dunno. The place feels pretty wet.
  12. Could be bad news if it's a an early dry spell.
  13. Sounds like I better send you a carton of the Dr.
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