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  1. Hmmmmmmnnnn , dark colours stand out to bees more than light ones....you don't see many black beesuits
  2. My biology teacher constantly came out with "Adapt, change, migrate, or disappear."
  3. Cripes, you had me googling TAWIRI, the Tanzanian Wildlife Research Institute ! It's Tawari. It's no wonder there are so many wars.
  4. I've just sent you a heap of mine, I've got plenty. 😁
  5. Is anyone here slightly happier about the upcoming season's market prospect yet ? Or is the backlog still filling the back of the shed ?
  6. Yes. After Varroa and until a few years ago, a govt. research varroa free apiary existed on Great Mercury Island. I understand the operation was sold /taken over by private enterprise, moved, and now gone.
  7. Douglas F will never be an alternative to poison pine for any use in or close to the ground. There's certainly an awful lot of heavy metals spread around the place. The issue of wilding trees is really difficult. On one hand we're screaming out for more tree cover, on the other hand the various potentially problematic pine/fir species can spread like fury in open country like the Mckenzie or Canterbury High Country or Marlborough , and without doubt they suffocate everything else and take up a lot of water. I find it very depressing wandering around such places as the Leathem or Branch valleys where for years NZFS pottered around with re-afforestation trials and which by and large have resulted in rampant exotic growth at the expense of everything native. Personally I possibly wouldn't mind Molesworth for example entirely left alone to self convert to exotics but I'd have to get my head around the multitude of native species endemic to and unique to the area being wiped out. It's all just another straw or two on the back of the groaning planetary camel. I don't have any answers, or at least any answers the rest of the population would find acceptable. For example, I will stop using electricity and fossil fuel if you will.
  8. Plus 1 on that, I've spent a lot of time yanking out Dfir.
  9. You need to get with 2 Degrees and their free built in Wifi Calling...it's great.
  10. What's Auckland City's monthly population increase I wonder I've looked it up. Pop. 1.6 million, average increase 1.9% = monthly increase of +/- 2,500 . This sort of growth has to be contributing greatly to shrinking water resource I would have thought. Scary.
  11. I don't see anyone here lately with a leg of a staple between every frame as has been promoted earlier. This business of chasing the cluster with possibly a lesser number of staples seems a bit fraught to me.
  12. NIWA's soil moisture maps don't seem to reflect this https://www.niwa.co.nz/static/climate/smd_map.png?1234
  13. This is why I don't bother with the things. I stick to the towels in various forms. Laid flat across the top of frames, rolled up flattened between frames, or shoved in the front door. The goo is really simple to make & utilize. just a pyrex bowl, set of digital scales, and a microwave. If Ovaboard was available in less than house size rolls I'd use that instead of towels. I have tried re-purposing toilet roll centres, but they're just not big enough.
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