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  1. "Blue Borage" honey is all from Viper's Bugloss. I don't think there'd be enough Borage anywhere to produce a flow ?
  2. Couldn't agree more. I find myself constantly checking that the sky is still blue. Are you referring to the government's unexpectedly high surplus and the consequent likelihood of NZTA digging up your road ? Sounds a bit like you are talking about my current account.
  3. Borage.....perpetuating the myth.......
  4. I might be more ignorant than I think, but how do your staples get wet ? Is this rain/humidity between making the staples and placing them ?
  5. Ok then, you've determined Waipa DC's trajectory with this issue is not a very straight one, how would a meeting YOU chair progress any beekeeping rule update ? It's very easy chucking rocks from the outside....
  6. Err, faster than the beeks can create them ?
  7. Not much. Kanuka's finished within range here/ I do the plonk the wets in an a box on top of an empty box above a lid with a hole in it thing...
  8. Spoken like a true old fuddy duddy. It's the way things are done now, no ad hoc -ness , there's a system !
  9. I've done my harvesting, squashed them down to three boxes, treatment coming up soon when they've sorted the wets & cappings .
  10. A photo of a frame with brood would help greatly . Three frames of bees at this time of year doesn't sound terribly good. Welcome to the forum btw.
  11. People are inclined to make too much of a "tax write off ". The darn money still has to be earned before you can spend it....
  12. Oh for he good ole days when you tossed that in with Kanuka & call it Manuka !!
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