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  1. Half hour (I think) north of Auckland
  2. You will get a reply ultimately from the whoever the new minister is. All pollies have gone home, and severed links with welly.
  3. It's called "tagging" someone, and is common throughout the digital world.
  4. Well Mrs Pot now do you know how the rest of us felt when you described your domicile as "Earth" ????
  5. I'd be careful about harvesting it for the table if it was gathered last autumn...you're within the Tutu zone....
  6. @Mummzieare you sure that's not just for admin ?
  7. You could ask about spring losses too if you want more gloom !
  8. Looks to me as though the Maestro has poured a package of surplus black bees in there !
  9. Nelson. And it's not your imagination. Grant seems to have more time on his hands to fiddle with things these days. This time it's something about speeding up scrolling....
  10. Doesn't your local Barberry flower ? Or are all the hedges history ?
  11. That'll be because all the middle/low managers who used to co-ordinate that stuff have all gone and their budget has gone into the director's pockets.
  12. I have found an opened Q cell in a broodless but very busy hive. All three hives suddenly went Q less.
  13. Sniff sniff I've been trespassed from my swarm gathering valley. Subdividers don't like stirrers. Need a swarm or two this year, my hives have gone downhill.
  14. All our native bees are similar to your solitary bees.
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