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  1. We have gone to harvest or summer bounty, and have found that there are next to no fully capped frames. 3/4 capped but not totally. Out of the 3 boxes we would like to retrieve, only 4 frames are 100% capped. Do we leave them for another week or 2? Does a small amount of uncapped honey matter? If we leave them will it even get capped this late? We live in the BOP and flow by us looks like it is finished.
  2. Not having been before, how valuable is the conference? We live in Tauranga so easy travel distance, but is it worth going to? What are the benefits?
  3. What makes me laugh is that this was the first time in years he put on boxers. They are now in the throw out pile.
  4. So today I witnessed my lovely hubby get stung in a most unfortunate place. He was in a half suit with stubbies on (he desided it was to hot for pants), and a curious wee girl decided to crawl up his shorts and boxers. He them moved suddenly realising where this little lady was now situated and was promptly stung. Not having any of this anatomy myself I can only imagine the pain, but I have never seen such an endowed man, all be it very lopsided and from all accounts cripplingly painful.
  5. Finding fresh eggs in a hive I was sure was queenless. And breathing a sigh of relief that I dont need to try and work some magic.
  6. We found that the queen just skipped over these frames entirely and went for the newer comb so thought it best to start fresh. Nice to know a bit of why it is what it is. Ok so won't do that with these one then! Though most have been binned as they where warped already.
  7. Will have to try a steamer for the next lot.
  8. That was by far the best of the frames. Thanks for the insight. Was wondering if we had something nasty in the hive.
  9. We Havee a few hives that where given to us by a friend, and their hive ware was probably older than my grandad so we are replacing out some of the frames slowly. The employ ones we have replaced out, we took home today to strip back and try to meant the wax for later use. The wax is very dark in colour with a gummy texture. Not the normal texture I've seen of new wax. When we scrapes it off it almost had a scaly look. We tried melting it back but ended up with a mass of black gunk that wouldn't melt. In saying that some of it did melt and we drained of about 1/4 of a cup from 10 frames! Is
  10. We are in the bay of plenty and happy to join in. How far a field do you want to go?
  11. We have caught a number of swarms now and the sting has lessened a tad. There are some great ideas on here! some a little out of my price range or ability but lots to help stop this happening again. It makes me really sad to think that this seems to happen quite regularly in some areas. But live and learn.
  12. Just showed this to hubby and he is getting his gun as we speak. :what: At least it's rural around here. Will let you know how it goes. Personally I think they will just take off but we shall see.
  13. Yep tried that one, there are so many branches in the way by the time we get it down it's almost empty.
  14. Does anyone have any quick tips on how to get a swarm that has very inconveniently landed at the top of a very high tree? We can safely get about half way up before the branches get to small. We have also tried to pull the branch down but that failed as well. We unintentionally broke the branch trying to pull it down and much to my disgust the swarm just settled the next branch over and a tad bit higher, I'm sure they did it on purpose to get at us :confused:. And now we are stuck with a huge mass of bees just out of reach!
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