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  1. Everyone pays lab tests for themselfes. Serbian agricultural agency pays anual fee per every registrated hive, they also refund full price for every burned afb hive... and they have a few more stimulus for beekeepers but they don't want to pay for your lab tests. That's fine but cutting 50 000 tiny plywood bars was painfull job ?
  2. Here is one very interesting and informative movie about commercial beekeeping/ queen breeding in Serbia. Made by young but experienced and highly educated people that I had the honor to work with. Enjoy...
  3. Hi people My branding iron has arrived yesterday and I've tested it today. Very simple design, two bars and three bolts, easy to atach on the gas torch. I used it on new paraffin dipped boxes, old boxes, painted bottom boards, plywood, untreated pine, treated pine and it works great. Ooo boy so happy and it is not expensive at all. For all interested here is the link. I do not make these. Cheers ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/BRANDING-IRON-FOR-BEE-HIVES-AND-FRAMES-YOUR-TEXT-AND-LOGO-ON-BRASS/223448264925?hash=item34068df0dd:g:nx8AAOSw-YBXGdhZ
  4. I used to have average 75% mated queens but we'll see how it goes here. Stoney could live in the spa pool forever ? Bases for mini nucs are painted... and couple more bases for 2/3/5 fd frame nucs (last pic) ?
  5. I'v made this today while I was waithing dipper to reach temperature ? Just a simple box for everyday beekeeping (smoker, hive tool...) and one smaller box for grafting tools, cell cups, light... Also could be used as a grafting frame stand, small grafting station, indeed.
  6. I used 8 queens, also 3/4, in Serbia (Europe) with success. These are for next season, for the first time here in New Zealand.
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    [USER=1891]@Stoney[/USER] I'm glad if it is so. He was our guest for a few days but we had really good time spent together
  8. Not the newest models but doing just fine and cover every situation. BTC x10-20 and prahistoric Carl Zeiss Jena x400-1000.
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    Dr. S Dolasevic, J Malcolm and me in the sunflower field...somewhere in Serbia.
  10. Even I, here in Serbia, got this one and read it again and again.
  11. We have that kind of strips too. More returns, yes, and could be health demaging but results are much better.
  12. Yes, 3-4 drops on every strip (slow burning paper) and let it dry 30 minutes. 5 treatments, every fourth day in the and of summer and oxalic asid im winter.
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    [USER=2597]@Rob Stockley[/USER] To be registrated beekeeper in Serbia have to pay ~ 22 NZ$ per year. For every registrated hive fee is ~ 0.5 NZ$ per year. Every registrated beekeeper get ~ 10 NZ per hive every year. We have 1 200 000 registrated hives in Serbia :)
  14. Started with treatment
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    According to Serbian law, must be reported to veterinary inspector and burned in his presence. The state refunds it with ~ 150 NZ$ per hive which will be enough for a new hive and five frame split in the spring. I found it in two of two neighbors (begginer) hive so she is disappointed but has some money for start next year.
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    [USER=5577]@Scutellator[/USER] Oh, artificial insemination device, it was less than 4000 € :)
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    [USER=5577]@Scutellator[/USER] What is AI device? Cost of cage in Serbia is 0.2 €. These are old queens and were used for some practice in the lab. Cages aren't esencial.
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