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  1. Nenad Maksic

    6 queens 3/4 mating nuc

    I used to have average 75% mated queens but we'll see how it goes here. Stoney could live in the spa pool forever 😂 Bases for mini nucs are painted... and couple more bases for 2/3/5 fd frame nucs (last pic) 😎
  2. Nenad Maksic

    6 queens 3/4 mating nuc

    Ready to be drawn
  3. Nenad Maksic

    Double-decker tool box

    I'v made this today while I was waithing dipper to reach temperature 😎 Just a simple box for everyday beekeeping (smoker, hive tool...) and one smaller box for grafting tools, cell cups, light... Also could be used as a grafting frame stand, small grafting station, indeed.
  4. Nenad Maksic

    6 queens 3/4 mating nuc

    I used 8 queens, also 3/4, in Serbia (Europe) with success. These are for next season, for the first time here in New Zealand.
  5. Nenad Maksic

    6 queens 3/4 mating nuc

  6. Nenad Maksic

    Any good pics of your bee sites?

    N Canterbury and W Coast
  7. Nenad Maksic


  8. Nenad Maksic

    OH stand

  9. Nenad Maksic

    New toy

  10. Nenad Maksic


    [USER=1891]@Stoney[/USER] I'm glad if it is so. He was our guest for a few days but we had really good time spent together
  11. Nenad Maksic


    Not the newest models but doing just fine and cover every situation. BTC x10-20 and prahistoric Carl Zeiss Jena x400-1000.
  12. Nenad Maksic


    Dr. S Dolasevic, J Malcolm and me in the sunflower field...somewhere in Serbia.
  13. Nenad Maksic

    Queen rearing books

    Even I, here in Serbia, got this one and read it again and again.
  14. Nenad Maksic


    We have that kind of strips too. More returns, yes, and could be health demaging but results are much better.