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  1. We are finding that our hives are now not responding to Bavarol, even with following packet guidelines.. We did a Bavarol treatment in Autumn, correct strip no. per hive, correct duration. When I removed the strips I had a look through and some hives still had significant mite numbers, and I have seen whilst doing a brief late-winter check that hive health appears to be lower (There are highly likely other factors contributing to this), and that DWV is apparent in an amount of newborn bees.
  2. Here's a bit of fun to get everyone's brains ticking this morning... Was having a look through my brothers hive and much to my luck the wooden frame broke. Anyway, we let the honey drip through and this is a sample of what we were left with...very, very dark honey. Came from urban area (Hawke's Bay); was in the second box in a frame I put in no later than 4 weeks ago; hard to see with the jar but is very deep red in colour; and has a tart taste with an almost 'burnt' after taste...my tastebuds think it tastes like burnt golden syrup. Being the time of the year it is, our household are al
  3. Ahh is there? I must find it and read the research paper to see a bit more of the science behind it.
  4. This showed up on my facebook wall last night, had a browse. Looks promising at the moment, would be interesting to see what happens with further research. http://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/chance-discovery-could-tackle-the-honeybees-worst-enemy/?utm_source=Editorial&utm_medium=Static&utm_campaign=TH
  5. Far from a beginner mate was just genuinely interested to hear other ideas on things such as the timing of putting the strips in.
  6. Well....Just thought I'd ask other people's opinions, see what their thoughts are, see if there were any ideas that we could mould to our situation going a head into the autumn...I thought that's what the beekeeping community was about, sharing thoughts, ideas, helping..obviously I wasn't correct there in this respect..
  7. Hey Folks, With Autumn on the rapid approach, I would like to discuss peoples thoughts on Varroa treatment. Early? Late? Have heard a few people's thoughts and just want to get a gauge for when people think the best time is.
  8. Hi Everyone, I had an interesting experience today with a swarm and I am wondering if anyone has experienced it before and has any theories as to what happened. I went to the location of the swarm, which was hanging in a lemon tree. It has been there since last night and I arrived around 11 am. I put the box down under the swarm and moved it into the box (with the inner cover on. The swarm then moved back up into the tree and settled. Thinking about queen pheromones I decided to chop the branch of the tree they were sitting on. Shook them into the box, closed it up (inner cover + lid) t
  9. Got the email and text. Went onto Apiweb and my apiary page has lit up like a Christmas tree. In Havelock North and out around the Puketapu area.
  10. Hive boxes aren't always just for the bees. They also come in very handy as a bookcase for a very busy university student
  11. We had wasps bad at one of our farms and used the treatment about 2 weeks ago. When I went back to dispose of the bait trays I couldn't see as many wasps around and tomorrow will tell me if I've gotten any way toward smoking the pests.
  12. Hi Nikki, We have moved from the old style of feeder to ManLake feeders. These feeders have plastic ladders which sit in the feeder so the bees can climb in and out easily without drowning. We have found since moving to ManLake feeders that drowning numbers have reduced.
  13. Hi John, Like you, we are in the desert called Hakwe's Bay and are having to feed our girls approximately 8 Litres of syrup a week. With this they are still drawing out comb and the queens are laying well with large frames of eggs and brood. Would appreciate your comments on the volume that we are feeding. Regards.
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