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  1. I’ve been bee keeping for around 2 years now (DECA certified), started off with 1 hive and have slowly increased my hive numbers to around 30 hives through splitting and the purchase of the odd nuc here and there. We are a dairy farming family (sharemilking) who have shifted to a new farm on the West Coast that also happens to have quite large areas of Manuka and Kanuka. I have been following this message board for quite a while now and find it a valuable resource. I have a number of questions that I would like to put to the group. The property is quite large around 800 hectares (450 in pasture and the remaining in Manuka with some Kanuka in places), which is way more than I need for my 30 hives. There has been a history of beekeepers placing hives on the farm during the manuka season but no longstanding agreement between the farm owner and beeks. As I am now responsible for the management of the farm along with who can operate on the property (hunters, beeks etc), would it be reasonable to charge a per hive fee for beehives placed on the property? What rate per hive can one expect? We’re not expecting to get rich from it, just a fair rate for sole access (similar to our sharemilking agreement). Is it reasonable to ask for a percentage of the value of the honey produced from the hives as well, or is it easier/more sensible just to charge a per hive fee. I was thinking of approaching a few of the local honey companies that I know of and possibly negotiating a deal that would provide them with sole access to the property. Hopefully if the relationship went well I could also get my own hives extracted through their facilities as well. I haven’t had the chance to extract any honey yet as I’ve been concentrating on increasing my numbers, plus with the colder and wet weather that one can expect on the coast I chose to keep my honey for the girls to get them through the winter. I’d greatly appreciate any comments or feedback. Thanks
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