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  1. If the swarm is still there I could come and collect it later this morning.
  2. CHCHPaul would it be possible to message me your school so our Board of Trustees could contact yours if they have any questions or concerns that they would like to ask a school that’s successfully working with a hive. I would be hoping to get it set up in spring. I will do my splits and put two at school. That way have failure insurance and depending how often they want to open it we can alternate opening them. I would think initially lots of kids will want to take a look. I play with queens so can sort that side of things and have a small extraction set up. Always have a few strip
  3. I had thought one epipen but I do see the need for two. Hives would be in a fenced off area where the sewage disposal system is so no kids access that area. Hopefully thief wise it should be ok as anywhere as it’s a country school and not visible from the road. CHCHPaul - How many kids do you have around a hive at once, how many bee suits does your school have and how did you fund the set up. This is a primary school and enviro school also so have support but the more kids that can be involved the greater support and acceptance we will have.
  4. My son is very keen and his primary school is keen to put several hives at his school. He needs to prepare a presentation to the board of trustees. I’m sure others have had succes doing this so any advise, info, Heath and safety requirementsetc or ideas for sponsorship please. I will be looking after the hives put hoping the seniors will take turns to open hive, build hiveware etc. Thanks
  5. Sounds more likely to be wasps. Are they bright yellow and black or more a mustard and tan colour?
  6. I use Technoset 3/4 boxes. They are 10 frames but you can buy the dividing boards that spilt the 10 frames into 3x3 frames or 2x5 frames. The bases allow for separate entrances and there are either 5 frame or 3 frame feeders that go on top. A great system for splits.
  7. I am hoping over winter to set up a very small honey processing house. Just for my honey and hobbyist with a few boxes that want it processed with the correct certifications. I started down the council route but got told they do not do it any longer. Any advise on 1. Getting the correct advise on requirements and 2. Who to contact or where to find an example of a food plan etc.
  8. I use both wooden boxes and Technoset ones. I have about 20 hives in Technoset boxes. I find them great. The ventilation seems wonderful over winter with no condensation as opposed to the wood ones. I was never told that they had foam in between, but just that they were two walls of plastic. I did a bit of an experiment over winter and set up Technoset boxes and wooden boxes side by side. All the Technoset hives overwintered far better. Just my observation of the few sites I tried this at. What I like is the way all boxes can be divided up. I start nucs off as 3 frames with the rest of the bo
  9. I ran the technoset queen excluders with the top entry. Watching them today I'd say there was equal numbers of bees using both the top and bottom entrances. No idea if it makes any difference to honey volume but they certainly do use them.
  10. Would this be suitable to transport and robust enough to take into preschools and schools? Is it glass or perspects windows?
  11. What are masterpiece. Would you sell one?
  12. Great stencils from Trev's wife. I highly reccommend the stencils and very accommodating to special requests. I've even ordered the numbers 0-9 and several letters so I can keep track of my hives better.
  13. From the two big swarms I saw a queen in each one. One kept flying out of the box and crawling around on the lid and the other looked old. Hope I ended up getting both and they are ok. I've got a bit better prepared with a queen cage if I ever get a call for a swarm again and see the queen running around!
  14. The first and last were small the two others very big. I'm just leaving them alone for a few days and will check in then to see what's in there. I can't believe all will have queens so will merge them if need be.
  15. Should have left my ladder there as just been back today for number four. Just a very small swarm this time.
  16. It's not my place, just a lady that doesn't like bees and the black buzzing whirlpool of a settling swarm! I would think it was an impressive sight. I looked over all the surrounding fences but could not see anything. She is worried about more and has two small dogs that live in the garden. Any suggestions on if to put a swarm trap there to encourage them to settle more quickly or if to smoke or wash the tree down to try discourage any more that head that way.
  17. There was no comb formed from the first swarm last week but I was told it had been there for several days. The last two had just settled a few hours before I got there. I just thought it was strange to have three swarms settle in the same tree when there were other similar trees within the property and over the fences that I looked over. I could not see any hives but there must be one or more rather close I suspect.
  18. Last Wednesday I got a call to remove a swarm from a tree in my husbands workmates apple tree. It was a decent swarm and I removed it to my place 10km away. Yesterday I was called again and this time there was two even bigger swarms in the exact same apple tree. Is it common for swarms to end up in the same place as previous swarms? Do they leave some scent to attract other swarms to the same place? Both these last two swarms had queens and were about 1m apart.
  19. Great stencils and thank you for for customising them to fit the Technoset boxes. Also very nice to meet your wife when she personally delivered her handy work. Thank you
  20. I have used the Technoset top feeder and lid on wooden hives. Works well. Several that got the wind I drilled holes on the top of the wooden boxes and used the Technoset plastic dowels to locate and keep in place. Place on top and fill up. The bees crawl up and over the top down to the level of the liquid but can not drown. The centre plug can come out if feeding pollen patties or I scrap all the hive burr comb into it and place back on top for them to clean up. Next visit I remove the cleaned wax.
  21. I have used a fogger for several years. Simple and easy to use every time I check the hives. Well it's actually my 9 year old sons job mostly. We still use stripes spring and autumn but touch wood have never had a major varroa problem. Thanks for the video.
  22. After naming this company I have just had a text asking for my bank account to repay my money. Well done to them for realising they can not conduct business this way and I hope they supply queen cells within a 'normal' size range in future. Thank you for naming a reliable source. I will follow up on this and I know of several others that will be doing the same.
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