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  1. I'm of the impression that it's fine to have a universal standard. HOWEVER - MPI is totally screwed this up. We had manuka honey, with pollen tested, but failed even multi floral...what the dickens!!? I think MPI and Assure are gold digging on the backs of beekeepers; but I'm not seeing enough upside!
  2. Harvest planned for late Feb, so anything they gather after or not fully converted to honey at that point. We're planning on splitting our hives, so I don't expect that the splits will actually have much when we start them off.
  3. How much sugar syrup should I plan on needing for the winter, per hive? Thanks.
  4. Looking for a beekeeping club in Kerikeri and someplace to extract honey this coming season. Does anyone know anything about Revolutionary Beekeeping? I'm not sure about the whole scraping idea...maybe a bit old school thought train. Thanks.
  5. Thanks! I'm very poor at work life balance anyway, mostly work 24/7 now. Just trying to decipher the best move into heavy FT BK. But with 2 teen kids do want to have the ability to see them at school breaks.
  6. Admin...if not the right forum please let me know & I'll delete or repost elsewhere. I'm contemplating working for a large company (Northland) like comvita, watson, manuka health, working bee etc for an opportunity to learn about scale and see different methods, BUT not sure about a large corporate structure - how well they treat employees, work/life balance, etc. Lots of vacancies at the moment. Or am I better off to work outside the apiculture world until i can convert to full time BK? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Anyone have advice or input on which feeder is best, or when we should use one over the other? If there is a thread already please let me know i couldn't find anything. Thanks. Jason
  8. My daughter got mites at school last year, we used tea tree on her with some good success. hmmm...makes sense. How to feed it though...in syrup, dump some in, or?? Would be great if it works, as there is getting to be some resistance out there to apistan already.
  9. We've had good luck with help from Whangarei District Council, and have removed them (hopefully permentantly) around the buildings, but less success in the field. Lost about 40 hives last season. Can't stand that again this season and they do seem to be popping up more & more. Anyone have any feedback about building a platform and putting the legs in water 'cups or buckets'? Thanks
  10. Anyone know or is anyone out there capable of making a larger quantity of FD supers? There was a guy in Whangarei last year, chippie by trade I think, that was making & selling supers to keep his guys employed over the winter - ring a bell with anyone? Would be nice to help the locals if possible. If not, anyone that could offer advice would be great. Thanks much, Jason.
  11. That's why I was asking...catch 22! I know EIM practice for Worksafe, but as said above so much depends on the person & situation & even how packed out the boxes are at harvest. We've tried lift gates - naw, not suitable; I the guys are too macho for team lift.
  12. So what is the actual letter of the law...are FDs illegal due to weight?! Thanks.
  13. We just got our letter from DOC, we've got a couple sites in the Northland at where I work, and the increase they just stuck us with is insane!!! They want more for DOC sites than any other site we're on, and the quality isn't near some other sites we have. Now we're contemplating jsut pulling out. Plenty of other ground & no hassle...disgusted!
  14. @Jumo...I'd be curious about your pricker. We've got the same decapper, and it totally outruns the pricker. The slowness of the pricker can't keep both spinners going. Is there a setting I don't know about to speed that up? That's my bottle neck this past season, previously it was a poorly designed heat exchanger set up. @Bron If I could redesign the layout, I'd have also gone with more "U" shaped flow for boxes, and just pulled the honey off the top end. It's interesting how things change and what's important today, wasn't even thought of 2-3 years ago. We run 170+ boxes day in,
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