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  1. It will be free for one. Atm I'm working on providing well formatted printable A4 sheets for hive inspection, disease & treatments, and harvests. And simple forms to enter the information on web browsers on computer and mobile. So a free and easier to use solution to record keeping.
  2. So would you be interested if you could take your written notes and quickly enter them into an online form, where it all gets sorted and organized automatically? Then totals, reports and graphs could be made so you could look over your records. Cheers.
  3. To Aquila and Daley: Do you like the idea (for small hobbyist keepers) to print off a simple sheet to tick boxes and add small notes, then bring that home at the end of the day to quickly enter into a website. (or on mobile if preferred). Thanks Is this app private or available on android? Thanks.
  4. I'm looking to create an website NZ beekeepers could use to easily enter and record information about their hives to help them keep track of everything. So I'd like to know - What do you record about your hives? (specifically or general categories) - What would you like to keep track of if you could? *optionally - how do you record this information at the moment? Any insight into your own or others operations will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Hi there I'm Alex, part of a group project where we're interested in how beekeepers store information. It would be very helpful to hear everyone's answers to these few questions. How many beehives do you look after? How many years of beekeeping experience do you have? How do you store your beekeeping records/information? Is there any formal system to use for storing beekeeping information? Thank you.
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