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  1. Another one is less stimulatory feeding, or feeding only hives that will later collect a saleable crop. And lessening the number of site visits. On my urban/bush/multi-floral sites those hives will get no more than five visits this season.
  2. Cut back. No. More is better. Alastair if you want to sell more bees have someone who wants bees. Contact me if any interest and I'll pass on details.
  3. Hah that reminds me of the time I was with another bk and he turned to me and said: "did you ever think you'd be talking to another grown man for hours about flowers" and we had a bit of a laugh and continued the discussion.
  4. I had thought the purpose of the sewing was to attach three or four layers of the carrier together, a stitch will probably add some strength to the cardboard, but I'm not sure it s necessary?
  5. Alastair, I heat the glycerine to about 60C then tip in about half the OA and stir it around a bit, then when temp gets to about 60C again tip in the balance of the OA. Is that acceptable practice based on your research?
  6. Not the smartest move I've made Maggie, drums of honey stacked to the ceiling, and a container of popcorn parked outside, robbing b****** bees everywhere, and can't flush the loo for lack of water. Doin it tough up here 🙂
  7. OK well Phil has got the chop and in the middle of the skirmish I, perhaps unwisely, ordered a whole container of popcorn in from China via Alibaba. I don't have a whole lot of use for it now, the entertainment has stopped and I'm left holding the baby (as such). So yeah anyone wanting popcorn at cost price, give me a yell, details on the profile. Ta . (Will throw in some non edge protected staples).
  8. I worked out at one stage three per brood box would deliver 18grams OA which was the optimal dose per Randy Oliver.
  9. @jamesc for RMP storage you only need drums covered, put a tarpulin over the drums then strap the tarp down. Will save you a lot of hassle.
  10. In my simple mind anything to do with gib staples is Phil's IP, anything else is a free for all.
  11. I'm not sure that is the right way to go into any employment situation. And I can't help but think did you take that approach / attitude into your work, then it is little wonder they didn't get you back. Still, you must be paid for the work you did. Seriously? You record all your phone calls? Legally it is fine if you are involved in the conversation but it seems like you are just waiting to make trouble...
  12. @jamesc I dropped some stuff I had planned and got out to some sites today that have had issues this time of the year. Fortunately all sites and hives were clean as and healthy.
  13. I think I woke at the exact time you did with the same thought.
  14. Oh, I thought that was the fate of the Black Queen!
  15. Was it kanuka Alastair? Long day today unloading the harvest after dark. A few photo's from the day below
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