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  1. I don't think it will be laying workers though because there is a Queen in the hive...maybe if quite a few Queens from one site are failing you could put it down to poor matings / poor weather when they mated. Like you I have some good sites and some not so good sites and for the most part I put it down to poor nutrition be it pollen or nectar over Winter.
  2. Thats's not an OA/Gly treatment problem. There are multiple eggs in some cells and what looks like sacbrood in the top left of the pic. Queen problem.
  3. I'm incredibly jealous of your orange coloured boxes.
  4. When NZ Beekeeping Inc put a day on in Ak they had a guy present about his use of oxalic acid / glycerine. He used a cardboard like product. Perhaps it has come from him..... When the hives are busy I find that the solution from the staples is gone in about a month. No idea about the bees feet.
  5. That's interesting, was in contact with a local guy last week and he was up in Canada drumming up business....
  6. Are you squashing cells or splitting @Alastair ?
  7. I ask myself the same questions - is it worth doing something beekeeping related, or would I be more productive doing something related to the business as a whole. So what could come across as PPBK may have actually resulted in me doing something 10 X more valuable. I'm sure you are the same as it relates to your time spent bk , v time spent on the staples.
  8. Hope it wasn't mine... We were supposed to have a really poor weather week this week but it has mostly rained at night, including now, with the odd shower during the day, so not too bad. With these hives at that site I think I will just split a brood box off with the Queen and place a cell in the brood box in the original position. Not all my sites are like this.....the first site I got to today I found two hives that had recently starved with a carpet of bees on the floor...
  9. This hive was 2FD brood boxes, excluder, then 3/4. I have the first round of 10 day old cells out soon so will split them in the next three or four days, they're just about to get into a strong willow flow so if I don't they'll end up hanging in the trees.
  10. I got to a site of very strong hives today and found in one of them that the Q had absconded in last week. Lots of Queen cells including plenty near the bottom of the frame. I've never had a hive swarm this early before, normally it is from in and around Sept 23rd and onwards. I've not needed to or been winding these hives up either, they got a pollen pattie and a couple of litres of syrup on July 22nd, that's all. The hive is still plenty strong so I don't think it will end up making much of a difference to it..
  11. The time to feed it is when there is no natural source available and it is then shown to provide a benefit (via Randy Oliver).
  12. Manuka has been flowering locally here through August. Yesterday I took a truck load of hives out to the promised land, which is still in the region, but it is yet to start flowering there. I've just got today back from a local site which sits alongside a large patch of gorse and a decent gully of flowering manuka. The bees were hungry though and not a sign of manuka nectar in a cell.
  13. Hmmm, I use my hands no gloves to dish out staples and the only problem I've had is cuts stinging and some aggravation under the nails. However...I'm a bit different....I don't wear any protective gear and just use a smoker. That's how we do it up North 🙂
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