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  1. The ground here is wet but its relatively dry for this time of year, I got into sites today I wouldn't have been getting into in April last year, no chance. It's hard to know quite what the conditions will turn out like in Spring.
  2. I've not gone near a hive or nuc for seven weeks, but thought it time to do some random site and hive checks. The bees were in Winter mode although still active bringing in pollen. Most of the hives are configured with a brood box on the bottom, excluder and honey box above. I seem to have more bees than I usually have in the hives at this time of the year. No sign of mites and in some cases almost full frames of capped brood. The nuc sites are due to be checked this week too, if low on stores they'll get a feed. I suspect the hives will explode in Spring if the forage and weather are favourable.
  3. A few sources but principally a contributor to this forum who is a honey marketer and made those comments on this forum and who I believe is on the UMF Board. Softening could be interpreted as having reached a ceiling.
  4. The market for bush/multi-floral crashed when MPI introduced new standards. Those honey types could no longer be blended into "Manuka". It is a supply and demand issue. Honey marketers are telling us that the international manuka market has softened as a result of the problematic introduction of the MPI rules, and a general softening as manuka is not in vogue as much and its product life cycle has matured. Those changes are a fact of a life and a company, partnership, sole trader, galactic conglomerate, trust or any other business structure will need to operate in that market. It is commendable that you are trying to get a coop up and running and really positive PR for Cercacell but again there is nothing concrete there to suggest that it will go anywhere. If there is something concrete, I'd be happy to hear about it? As to use of the money you intend to raise, my recollection is that you were all go to go and see Shane Jones for $32m, then you met with advisers, and then the next thing you need 100K to go further. It is not my intention to be negative, but realistic, and nothing that I've seen has persuaded me otherwise...
  5. I agree. The situation seems to be that a bunch of consultants are now onboard and they've said you need some money to pay us to take this further, and hence the request for money. I don't have confidence in co-ops as a business model. I can't see how they can deliver anything more than the existing larger companies are. The 16 regional groups with $2m each as per the sales pitch interested me as that may have given the co-op a start at least, free money is always helpful, but how realistic is that? I don't really see this going anywhere. To get this off the ground you need principals with nous who don't need the input of advisers. IMO.
  6. Oh geez you can't be too careful with your password. Some geriatric builder bloke has hijacked the cats account and done away with the cats laconic, obtuse wit and replaced it with razor like logic.
  7. No worries fair enough 🙂 I'd actually been refraining from posting on the site as I kept on getting in trouble with the mods. My not often visited Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/craig.beecroft.94 Mum's been away at home for two months, back Thursday am. Not that the honey on toast has been bad....:-)
  8. Yup nice one tommy dave you've just publicly launched the site before it is finished, I was in touch with james via pm for a private look.....
  9. I think that there were earn out provisions in the agreement that meant he'd only be paid at certain levels based upon how the business did in the following few years. The following few years were poor and there were questions over them wanting him to be involved in the business in an ongoing basis, which resulted in Ngai Tahu taking the bk business and him the medical business. As it has been related to me he lost his shirt on the whole deal.
  10. You are going to need to take some care though if you want to use that honey pot design commercially, it was created by someone else and is likely owned by someone else. You don't want to get in a situation where you are building a brand and then have to withdraw it. That honey pot image is also used by others, including ourselves, on our own website.
  11. I had the same concern with baffle cost. So I bought a roll of drainage coil instead and cut it into lengths approx 1m long each and dropped them in the IBC. No surge works really well.
  12. Why would someone vape a hive with OA when there are OA staples in a hive already?
  13. Yes for sure. I am certain the earlier treatment worked, it did everywhere else, so put this down to re-invasion, which would be no surprise with all the hives in the general area.
  14. Wouldn't be that hard on yourself! It happens.
  15. As soon as the colder weather came in about three weeks ago they seemed to shut down, fortunately the robbing did too.
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