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  1. I don't think it is citric acid you've been lapping up from your saucer....
  2. Pulled a Queen Excluder off today and saw my first play cup of the season..... And in the second photo was rearranging the bottom boxes, and discovered now into the third season the remains of oxalic strips, including my original cardboard versions and through @Philbee's various versions. Was like an oxalic acid / glycerine time capsule 🙂 If I recall it correctly Randy Oliver said the optimal dose was 20g per FD box of bees, so that would be three staples at 40% (six legs) per box of bees.
  3. @M4tt I read before you are just adding a staple as the brood and bees expand. Do you think there is a risk though that eg your first two staples are used up after a month, and then by adding an extra staple that it may not be enough OA for the amount of brood/bees. You'll know if it works...just curious really. I've also always put them through the middle, or the middle to edge of the brood, but am going to give @Stoney method a go. Seems the Ox/Gly staples continue to do the job for 99% of us, if they don't work I think it is likely due to very high mite levels at treatment (and so the hive is doomed) or user error.
  4. The Spring weather forecast is making for chilly reading: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12261051
  5. Arhh, I thought you'd produced them as a way of dealing with the Queen not crossing over ..... Oh well looks like I'm going to be running and extended trial given the recent order 🙂
  6. With the narrows you produce is it correct that the Q crosses over it?
  7. I've got the same rain on my roof... I've given up going out when it is like this. No sooner do you get underway and into the hives than you have to close up and scuttle back to the vehicle, wet and uncomfortable, then the sun comes streaming in and you get through another couple of hives, then back to the wagon and so it repeats, so frustrating. I'm spending my time fixing things so I can break them again.
  8. The rain records show we've had rain every day this month and that we're almost at double the historical August monthly average. A great swarm prevention tool.
  9. Went out and fetched the selected starter hive today, three boxes of bees, and when I cracked it open I broke apart a good amount of drone brood - no mites in there. The Queen will go into a nuc in the next few days and will be one of the breeders to be grafted from - first graft scheduled for August 26th.
  10. I heard a story once of a bk going around and doing his late Winter round and being rapt to find all these empty boxes with no bees in them, as he needed more empty boxes....is about the only way to look at it..... It also amazes me how down there in the South how quickly you can bounce back from that level of losses, up here it would take years.
  11. I’ve had a hive loss here and there but major loss was stock damage on one site. I’ve lost a number of nucs but that’s expected. Hive losses would be less 5% Only thing i can can add is that late Winter / early Spring for last couple of seasons I’ve fed pollen patties with a honey bee healthy mix in it, and this season I’m feeding bought made up patties and a squirt of honey bee healthy in syrup onto the bees. I have no evidence this has helped......but is about the only thing I can think of that may be a bit different from other bk’s
  12. I think there have been quite a few on here, from up North to down South and in between, even out in the Hauraki Gulf, all with similar stories and Nosema like symptoms.
  13. In one of your earlier posts you mentioned neighbours having 50% losses, did they mention a cause? There does seem to be a lot of bk's on here reporting Nosema like symptoms....
  14. Until two or three weeks ago we'd had a very mild Winter, but the last few weeks have made up for it with a lot of rain and wind and cold. I've eased right off stimulatory feeding as hives weren't taking the cold syrup down. The forecast looks poor for the next few weeks too.
  15. Possibly nosema? http://scientificbeekeeping.com/the-enigma-of-nosema/
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