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  1. Thing is, its not really "manuka" . 🙂
  2. That's it @nuc_man, that is the model for the small to medium sized beekeeper.
  3. I was referring to this post. An extraction and packing facility is actually not that costly, but it can be if you have deep pockets and want all the bells and whistles. Once you've got together the 50+ documents MPI want as part of your RMP, it is pretty simple. The twice annual audits are the costly part. SQF - No, not the market Halal and Kosher - please.... Holding finished stock - warehouse space. Delivery - well, come on, that is not hard. Here is my question again: If having a brand is so terrible, why did Midlands create one?
  4. But you are only describing the approach to the market you take at your scale. There are other smaller, less costly, more profitable approaches.
  5. The ones selling may be the only ones being realistic. I have mentioned this before but what I don't get are the bk's who are just going on like they always have, putting all their resources and effort into getting a large crop of bush/multi-floral, when there are drums of that in the shed unsold and unsaleable, and all their new crop is going to do is add to the over-supply.
  6. I think what is being said is that under the existing market structure individual beekeepers have little leverage and are price takers. By creating a brand beekeepers have another potential means to dispose of their honey and have potential to add and create value. And after all that is no different to what you have done. And it doesn't require a budget of millions, just a smaller sale more targeted approach eg for some it may mean selling at a market, or to a local retail shop, not Chinese influencers and world domination.
  7. It can't be where these were being stacked, I have no bees there myself. The wets are actually wets from last season too, not this season.
  8. It is tricky sometimes making sure wets are beeproof. Today I was stacking wets on pallets, propolis mat on top of the pallet, making sure all the boxes lined up, and then getting a bee proof lid on. Even though I was careful I later went around and spotted where they were getting in. I can safely say they were not my bees, they looked distinctly carniolan.
  9. Ha ha, I can never forget my Nana chasing me around with the wooden spoon..
  10. I think they're like "you're a stirrer".
  11. America's biggest milk producer, Dean Foods, has filed for bankruptcy and is planning to sell assets. https://www.ruralnewsgroup.co.nz/rural-news/rural-world-news/us-milk-giant-goes-bung The Dallas listed processor is blaming declining milk sales triggered by increased competition from dairy alternatives such as oat and almond milk. Yes Ms Frazzled maybe not great for milk producers, maybe OK though for almond pollinators 🙂
  12. When I was first told by their workers I expressed my concern. I'm sure that will have been ignored. I also mentioned it in passing to the local AFB guy.
  13. We have a large local operator who are well known for their AFB issues (60+ per year) who put their wets out in the local area to be robbed. I think that if boxes are sealed and well stacked they should be fine to be stored outside.
  14. Gorse is well known as a nursery crop for native regeneration...
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