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  1. Yes you've got to be worried about the people in a place like India.
  2. Here is another perspective from Tony Alexander: http://tonyalexander.nz/resources/TV 26 March 2020.pdf "1. Virus Eradication This economic decline will be just temporary. The virus will eventually be brought under control one way or the other, with the worst time-frame being 16 months from now allowing for the 18-month vaccine-development timeframe cited by the scientists and the fact they’ve been working on it for at least two months now."
  3. You may be better to take a strong hive through Winter and with it a better chance of staying healthy / surviving and if you want to split do it in early Spring when all is in your favour. Many of the commercial cell producers have wound right down now, many commercial operators have stopped putting out cells. The other thing is a walk a way is also going to be subject to robbing...
  4. biddy /ˈbɪdi/ Learn to pronounce noun INFORMAL a woman, especially an elderly one, regarded as annoying or interfering. "the old biddies were muttering in his direction" Bighands I never found @kaihoka annoying or interfering. If she is as tough as you make out, you'd better be careful !!
  5. I know of a very large multi-national company (annual profits over $100m) that has told its staff, even permanent full time employees, that they require employees to take leave without pay until the first Government wage subsidy payment is made. It is in contravention of their standard employment contract. Most of the employees are low income... need the money now of all times......but aren't savvy enough to push back....the person from the company I know asked for some help/advice, did then push back, hard and has now received a "confidential" "just for you" payment to cover the time he/she should have been paid for anyway.
  6. I think Alistair was testing what level of low dosage he could get away with, the dose he used probably too low, I don't think the recovery plan was as important as giving the testing a chance...
  7. Thanks. What grown out NPA / grades are you getting? The prices seem well up there..
  8. I'm debating with someone manuka stocking rates and site payments, I thought I'd just throw it out there as to what the consensus is for (solid) manuka stocking rates per ha or acre, and if others are seeing any changes in payment rates for manuka sites?
  9. Good one thanks. Will investigate this lot tomorrow. Righto, checked the baskets and a bottom Spring had come off one of the baskets, that and some more tinkering and its humming along. I'm heading North within the next month to drop some honey off so may drop some cold ones in for you, much frustration and time saved 🙂
  10. Ha ha, I like that, yes I should. Then I wouldn't be walking around at the moment like a bear with a sore head...
  11. I have a Lega Tangential Bottom Drive Extractor that I'm testing before use. It is bolted down through rubber pads into the floor of a reefer, the base is solid. Unloaded it hums along nicely at different speeds in a clockwise direction. However in an anticlockwise direction at a lower speed (30%) it starts to wobble around and at 60% it's wobbling around so much its getting out of control and hard to hit the "Stop" button. Any idea's on what the problem may be?
  12. Buffett also says to the effect: "When everyone is greedy be fearful, when everyone is fearful be greedy". Given everyone is fearful expect him to be buying up. A trillion is a thousand billion, so that's 24 thousand billion, no small change even for us beekeepers.
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