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  1. I've not lost one yet this season, stopped two today each hive with capped cells and very lazy bees, I got lucky.
  2. Prior to least season's harvesting I asked our extractor if they could put frames back into the same box they came from. "No" was the answer, but it would have been easy enough to do, all they'd need to do is stack the frames in order in the extractor, mark the first frame, and then frames back into boxes 1, 2 and 3. This was one of a bunch of reasons why we've ended up deciding to extract and process it ourselves this coming season. More control over the process.
  3. Some areas within the Auckland region have been flowering since August, and have probably peaked now and starting to wane. Whereas in other area's manuka is just starting to bud up, so it is very dependent on microclimates in each area, manuka type, location and weather.
  4. Do you work in a government or related role?
  5. Or just look at the $2,700 per pot sale as a redistribution of wealth from the gentry to us the plebeian beekeepers.
  6. I agree. Not so long ago on here there were complaints about honey companies going in and undercutting their competitors, and now when we have a honey company seeking to maximise their return, more complaints. Also the same issue with Comvita buying in propolis from overseas, not so long ago on here there was a discussion about buying refractometers from China, and how low the cost was, and people jumped at it..
  7. Welcome to my world 😞 Its enough to make me want to move to the Mainland.
  8. I think we are having a shocking Spring weather wise. It has been cold and the wind has been steady and strong, hail yesterday. How do you see it @Alastair ?
  9. Yes I'm with you on that. The first splits I made this year I checked in on a week or so ago and there were a nice bunch of VQ's......who wont get out the front door in this weather.
  10. Yes we sure do get the Westerly and like you the next ten days look like more of the same, which is more than frustrating as I've got hives into some spots where the manuka is due to start flowering but the bees will be getting hammered.
  11. "Manuka" name being protected from the scoundrels from the big burn way out West. https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/farming/116033802/new-zealand-hopes-to-beat-australia-in-mnuka-honey-battle If I have read that correctly the Aus manuka industry is worth $1.2b while our manuka industry is worth only $300m ish?
  12. I know some people have had success with Oa/Gly over Winter, but I'm not so confident it is the best treatment for that time of year. To me at least Ox/Gly seems to work best when bee numbers are strong, and when it is applied outside the wet/damp Winter period. So anytime from Sept to April. I think Apivar is quite a good option over Winter given it is slow acting and lasts the longest out of all the treatments....and the hives get a break from the acid and more acid building up in the wax. Through this Spring I've been running OA/Gly staples and Bayverol (in separate hives not together) and both are doing a good job. I like Bayverol it has a quick knock-down and has always worked really well for me, but for my next couple of treatments and through Autumn I'll use Ox/Gly staples almost exclusively. It is hard to go past them for effectiveness and at about 1/3 of the cost of the other treatments...
  13. I don't think it will be laying workers though because there is a Queen in the hive...maybe if quite a few Queens from one site are failing you could put it down to poor matings / poor weather when they mated. Like you I have some good sites and some not so good sites and for the most part I put it down to poor nutrition be it pollen or nectar over Winter.
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