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  1. CraBee

    Rodney Dickens opinion piece

    He's generally not worth reading - even the headline has a typo in it. Someone like Tony Alexander from the BNZ for me.
  2. CraBee

    Re-using Queen cell cups when grafting

    I was too busy during Spring, so was buying cells. I am re-queening hives by site at the moment so am both doing my own and buying cells.
  3. CraBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    There may be more short term problems/decline, but in two years when they get rid of that disgrace in the White House, a more normal diplomacy will resume.
  4. CraBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    That's a dangerous question, as my (fiery) wife is from Venezuela. She has though advised me that my reply is to be "excellent, thanks to my wife." Life is great. A happy, healthy family. What else would you want to do then get up everyday and embrace nature as we as bk's do? Living life by the seasons and what is happening right in front of us in a hive is a great way to keep grounded. I wouldn't swap it for anything, and I have had other jobs/positions that most would think would be more enviable that dealing with small, stinging insects and getting grubby all day. More money is nice of course....but as long as there is enough to keep the family ticking along, then all is good. I think it is the Hindu's who say desire is the root of all evil. I can see where they are coming from.
  5. CraBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    Not the only thing that collapsed in 87. Donna sent me down the road for hitting on her twin Sister. My on again off again Rachel ran off with some German bloke. And Kim just got bored - there was no "going around with" her any more. A bad news year all round, millions wiped off my net worth (on paper of course) although KZ7 just about made up for all that. Clearly @emissary and I have been in the "honey" market for quite some time, although he has obviously had a bit more success than me, especially in 87. I think if I was looking to argue with @emissary about honey or the honey market retreat would probably be the best strategy, otherwise I might get the Boot.
  6. As I go around I collect used Queen cell cups, and they end up in a large jar. I've recently started grafting again... I have noticed that when I later put the used Queen cell cups into a cell builder to be cleaned up they seem to be better but still don't look ideal. I don't want to have to clean them myself.... Is it better just to forget them and use new cups every time?
  7. CraBee

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    https://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/109210210/what-is-the-mystery-substance-splattering-down-on-waitara-residents Mystery substance appears on houses etc in Waitara. Any guesses anyone?
  8. CraBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    Although the larger operations typically have their own brand and overseas sales channels, where the real profit is made.
  9. CraBee


    Yeah I read about that as well. Apparently the refractometer is calibrated to pick up UMF 20+ manuka nectar and it then transmits back via GPS the site location. Quite clever.
  10. CraBee

    Laying Worker

    I think I'd see laying worker colonies about as often as I'd see drone layer colonies. The laying workers pop up in mating nucs if cells don't take or if a VQ gets lost, and there is little or no brood left. With laying worker colonies I usually smoke them, destroy any capped brood, larvae and eggs on a frame, and then dish frames out to weaker colonies that may need the bees. The laying worker frame doesn't go into the same box the Queen is in and is always separated from the Queen by an excluder . I will spray air freshener on the frame faces and also into the recipient hive. This seems to work fine.
  11. CraBee

    NZBF Bees not using escape

    I've tried both. Burn the escape boards and get a leaf blower.
  12. CraBee

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Tree on the left got the party invite, is at the party, and is in fact the life of the party. Tree on the right got the invite, undecided, probably have a quiet New Years. Taken from the entrance to Ecrotek's Auckland office/warehouse.
  13. CraBee

    Cow farmers AFB moment

    When these animals are destroyed the farmer can then put in a claim to the Govn for compensation. When beehives are destroyed if they have AFB, beekeepers are not able to make a claim. I don't see much difference between the two scenarios - so why is this? Is it just historically how it has been, or a function of the importance of farming to NZ and the strength of their lobbying. Because if you follow this through, if farming is important to NZ, then surely beekeeping and bees are equally if not more important given the role of bees in pollinating those very same farmers crops and pasture.
  14. CraBee

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Got asked today how the flow was going, replied that about the only flow I could see was falling straight out of sky. Whoever has been doing the rain dance, you can stop now.
  15. CraBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    Or people are simply extracting, putting it in drums and intend to sell it. I'd rather have a shed of honey to sell than none at all.