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  1. Manuka standards

    I've received an email announcing the release of the definition. "The final scientific definition for mānuka honey is made up of a combination of four chemical markers from nectar and one DNA marker from mānuka pollen. The combination of markers separates mānuka honey from other types of honey and identifies monofloral mānuka honey and multifloral mānuka honey. From 5 February 2018, all mānuka honey for export will have to be tested and meet MPI’s scientific definition before it can be sold overseas. Information on the specific markers in the final definition can be found on MPI’s website: www.mpi.govt.nz/manuka-honey."
  2. Clover season

    Am down in Lincoln at the moment, can confirm, yes, it is looking very dry.
  3. Hippo Head - Diagnosis

    Interesting thank you, must have had a few in the stored comb. Also pleased it is not something else.
  4. Clover season

    @dansar @philbee @m4tt just wondering which month the clover flowers to down in your area's and given the weather we are having whether you think it will last until then this year?
  5. Hippo Head - Diagnosis

    In a hive today and another yesterday I saw in the brood cells what I call Hippo (Hippopotamus) Head where a white pupae is sitting in an uncapped cell. I've previously always though of this as being one of the symptoms of varroa, but mite levels are fine. Also, one of the pupae had been chewed down. Just wonder what others may make of this? It just occurred to me that these may have been frames I'd lifted into the supers - and perhaps the brood has not been kept at the right temps, but again not sure.
  6. What is this disease? Video linked

    I also have some hives that have the dark, shiny bees. The bees also seem slighter smaller and tend to group together near the bottom of the frames. The hives had a very high mite load coming out of Winter and this affliction has followed on from that that. I'd always just thought they were CBPV bees but after seeing the video and reading some more it seems like my bees have a milder version.
  7. Yes very clever at Waikato they've put in a boom box in some apiaries, on the boom box they play a continuous recording promoting "Hamilton - the River City", playing the Chief's Super Rugby final wins, and also the Farming Show highlighting dairy's contribution to the economy. The mites have no defence to this, boredom sets in and in time they fall from the bees and die. Ingenuous. Disclaimer: Having lived there for a reasonable amount of time I feel qualified to make these comments, if you object, good luck getting through the fog to find me
  8. December 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    Was out and about at the crack of dawn today for the first harvest of the year - twenty boxes of Pohutukawa Honey. Running short on boxes and frames so good motivation to get it done with wets to go on again in a few days.
  9. NZBF Honey extraction time

    @tristan (or anyone else who knows) would rule of thumb do you normally work to for extracted honey in the drum versus whats in the box. ie How much honey in the drum would you expect from a 3/4 super weighing 26kg with eight or nine plastic frames mostly capped? Ta
  10. Mated queens disappearing

    Hah yes I think that was a result of me marking them and seeing them get balled. Sometimes I just couldn't help myself once I saw they were mated....but am now showing patience young grasshopper.
  11. Mated queens disappearing

    The other thing is whether the Queens are just being pulled out of mating nucs and sold once mated or whether the supplier is waiting until brood is capped. In that time the Queens pheremone levels seem to increase, if at lower levels with a younger Queen the bees may give an introduced Queen the boot.
  12. NZBF 2 Queens, 1 Hive

    Having a two Queen hive through the flow will generally result in lower honey production than a one Queen hive as the additional larvae will need to be fed etc. But given the Beginner status just leaving it as is seems a simpler, safer option at this stage and will result in higher bee numbers and split possibilities. If you get to the start of the flow, and honey production is the goal, you are probably best to merge two weak hives together then remove one Queen and any young brood, nurse bees and put them into a nuc. The honey production hive benefits from the bees and capped brood. People with honey production hives have also been known to squash or remove their Queen and this time so no new young bees are being created particularly if there is a short sharp flow, but that comes with some risk. Much of this is about what you own objectives are, which could be very different to someone else, then finding a solution.
  13. Virgin laying time

    Checked some mating nucs yesterday. Some of them received a ten day old cell on 17 Nov and had mated laying Queens yesterday. I make that around 12 days from emergence to laying, could be less if I'd checked earlier.
  14. Virgin laying time

    We sent a couple of Queens off by Courier last Monday for next day delivery. When they finally arrived on Thursday one was dead and the other he said was really lethargic. She could be a bit stuffed after that stress. Will be sending him a couple more tomorrow, frustrating though. Re including instructions that does seem like a good idea.
  15. The end of swarming urge.

    Dec 1 is usually regarded as the end of the swarm season here. If you don't see any of the usual swarming signs then you should be good. There has been plenty of swarming going on in other places....beware leaving the excluders off too much longer as finding the Queen or doing the manipulations to narrow down where she is will only get more and more time consuming. I have this exact same problem on a couple of sites I have including this one below I was at today - they each got a new box on today but I will be taking a box (either FD or 3/4) of honey off each hive on Tuesday and we'll probably have to juggle frames a bit to keep brood out of the harvest.