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  1. CraBee

    Oxalic and glycerine

    I guess there is a bit of a balance to be struck between being open and transparent about the product, and encouraging its use and testing and acceptance, and then protecting your intellectual property on the other hand.
  2. CraBee

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Yes Phil staples in each box, and I put a Queen excluder over the bottom box and second box, should make for an easy couple of splits Thurs/Fri. I'm interested in your v2 staples, I think anything that can add length to the treatment time is a good option. Also, interested in your thoughts, but I think the staples should be OK to keep in the hive when the supers are on over Summer?
  3. CraBee

    Oxalic and glycerine

    STAPLES in, to be split by the end of the week or may end up with bees in trees.
  4. CraBee

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Yes definitely. The lid is puffed up because of whatever chemical interaction is going on between the oxalic and glycerine. I was very wary at first when removing the lid but so far (guess I've been doing this for 12 months+ now) it has been harmless enough. Good idea re the vent. I've got three or four hundred strips in but have not got back to check on them, give it a couple of weeks and I can report back. This is a big splitting week for me this week, cells ready to go, gear all ready to go, new sites all ready and waiting for the new arrivals.....will get staples into them too.
  5. CraBee

    Oxalic and glycerine

    I pack them into the bins like you do, but instead of 100 on each layer I cut it back to 70-80 so the mix goes through them a bit better ie there are no dry patches of tape. The mix quantity is what it should be to get 30 gram staples plus about 20%. I up-end the bin, and leave it, probably overnight and then roll it on its side etc. I then tip the bin with the staples in it on top of another bin and slide the lid back a bit and leave it to drain into the bin below. Finally I then pull the staples out and break them apart and toss them into that large bin you can see. That does take a bit of time but at that stage I can see if they are fully wetted, weigh a few here and there to check them, (most are 30ish, 28 absolute minimum) and really only a few have excess solution on them, usually just those staples that were right at the top of the upside down bin.
  6. CraBee

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Those are not staples sourced from the Taupo conglomerate I should add, although it is likely the next order will be...only fair that way. My wife has a friend from her country who is in NZ finishing his phD, and he's on the bones of his arse, so we've taken him him. He still wants to earn a bit of cash so I got him on minimum wage and gave him the job of constructing 1,600 strips (5 lots of rolls @ 3 rolls a time). His phD is in geo-physics and he attempted to apply it to the production process a number of times, resulting in the pioneering horizontal staple distribution system. The coup de tat was the placing of a handful of toilet rolls at different points to hold the three lines together as they threaded into the sewing machine. If only we had a guillotine 🙂
  7. CraBee

    Oxalic and glycerine

    I humbly apologise good Sir, I mis-spoke, STAPLES 🙂
  8. CraBee

    Oxalic and glycerine

    I was cleaning out the back of a vehicle I don't use particularly much today and found a half bucket of cardboard Ox/Gly strips. It was like uncovering an old fossil......so 2017. I later retreated to the shed to endure all was still good with the strips motherlode.
  9. CraBee

    Bavarol, is it still working?

    Last Spring I used Bayverol on about 30 sites and it was outstanding. I just didn't have any mites through that period.
  10. CraBee

    Oxalic and glycerine

    I think the preparation of the Ox/Gly solution is important and how well the strips are soaked and drained is important. All the OA needs to be properly dissolved into the Gly or the strips end up with oxalic crystals on the surface of the strips, and I suspect that if a crystal attaches to the bee it could harm the bee. Likewise if there is too much solution left on the strips and they are not drained properly then a bee could get a large dose of the solution - possibly too large. Even in my case where I'm dishing out strips into hives and I get the solution under my fingernails it can starts to sting - imagine the effect on a bee. Otherwise sick bees being killed is a good thing.
  11. CraBee

    September 2018 Apiary Diary

    When a Virgin first emerges she looks for food first and then starts wandering. I've also found Virgin's - not recently emerged so at least several hours old, on a frame with cells. It seems to me then it can take the Virgin's a bit of time to locate the other cells and deal to them. Other people may say to scrub most cells out and just leave one cell, I just tend to leave them, rightly or wrongly. I don't recall ever going back to a hive afterwards and finding it Queenless...
  12. CraBee

    September 2018 Apiary Diary

    Hi @kaihoka 🙂 Given how the Queen is laying- poorly, the time of year (still a bit early here at least for swarming), that there was a capped cell but they hadn't swarmed, I think this is almost certainly a supercedure. I'd just leave them to it...
  13. CraBee

    September 2018 Apiary Diary

    Start date is a bit tricky as it does vary by site but if you've got bee numbers high by early Nov you're usually good. This past season it was done and dusted everywhere by about Dec 20th, and the year before perhaps a week into January at most.
  14. CraBee

    September 2018 Apiary Diary

    The newest ones are made more to go on pallets. What I don't like about them is if you carry a hive it is hard to get under them and the underside of the base has sharp edges / cuts into your hands.
  15. We did cross paths at about 4 o'clock, and his thumb(s) appeared fine. Can't say the same for one of my fingers, oxalic/glycerine keeps going up under the nail, stings like mad.