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  1. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    Last year we had lots of showers through Spring, but little wind, it is the reverse this year. I've even got one site that is so exposed to the Westerlies I'm going to change its name to "kaihoka" in my spreadsheet :-)
  2. Watson & Son - Bad News - NBR

    I wonder if @grant and crew know more than they are letting on having labelled this topic / company "Risk of Closure" ?
  3. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    It's windy here too, windy windy windy and has been for three or four weeks. And the 10 forecast is for more!
  4. You've got some of the heavy hitters / expert bk's in this thread giving you advice so lap it up. The strips were applied on August 6th, they were due out in the week before pick-up. All the best.
  5. To the West of Albany :-) Treated with Bayverol strips pulled on pick-up five frames of bees, Autumn Queen.....got my fingerprints all over it. Just cant remember if I my bk number was branded on the top of the frames.....handsome yellow bees as per @frazzledfozzle specifications.
  6. Hmmm, that looks very similar to a nuc I sold recently, "wait, what" as my 11 year old would say (@robstockley will appreciate this) , it is that nuc!!
  7. New Zealand swarm dates for season 2017/18

    I've had 12 or 13 go now from about nine or ten sites. The most recent ones have all been one boxers with very little to distinguish them from the neighbouring hives which stayed. One I came across today was a bit irritating, maybe six weeks or two months ago I boxed up some nucs with Autumn Queens. The site has been very slow to get started and so maybe three weeks ago I raided another site and removed three boxes of brood and bees, and proceeded to re-distribute them into the boxed up nucs. One of the hives must have thought it was the bees knees and scarpered probably a week or so ago. Meanwhile in the other fifteen or so hives very little sign of any intent to swarm, a bit of moisture in one swarm cup was about it. Go figure.
  8. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    Ecrotek has much better frames than Ceracell imo and a really nice consistent 30 gram wax coating. I ordered a whole heap today @$2.60 each (3/4's) Tunnicliffe's for supers, Commercial Thermowood type, not sure if they do a pallet of 50. Thermowood is great, don't have to muck around with dipping the boxes.
  9. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    This season has been a cracking one so far up here, the bees are going really well, which is a bit of a relief after a poor Spring and crop last season. How are others around the country finding it?
  10. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    Last season up here through Spring then was rain shower after shower after shower. This year not too bad with the rain but it has been very windy.
  11. What are bees foraging on 2017/18 season

    That pink cultivar is called Panther.
  12. salt

    I've got a spot on a lifestyle block and their pool is salt treated. Last week the Owner told me the pool guy had turned up to clean the pool but refused to - too many bees. This is despite there also being a couple of large ponds within 100m and hardly a bee in sight..
  13. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    It started down here in the tropics :-) around Sept 22/23rd I think and has been pretty relentless so far. Some of the two box splits I did the parent colony has swarmed...hives got too strong again too quickly and then the others are a bit of a mixture. I'm down as of today nine swarms off eight separate sites, two swarms re-boxed.
  14. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    How is the swarming going up your way @tristan? I re-homed swarms yesterday and today when I got to sites...... I've learned one important bk lesson in the last few days. When you squash a Queen don't put her in your tracksuit pants (or any pants) pocket, as even if you get rid of the Q out of the pocket at the end of the day, her pheremones still linger in that pocket and while it is fine working the hives I had bees from these swarms all over me today, in and out of the pockets and hundreds all over the front of my pants. I copped quite a few extra stings for my mistake :-)
  15. AFB outbreak

    And also: If a coffee coloured cell(s) liquify but don't rope out is there anything else that could have caused that?