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  1. beehive price tracking

    It is a terrible time of the year to sell bees. A buyer is going to have to take them through Autumn and Winter before getting any upside. Even worse you run the risk of buying a hive that has come out of Summer with high varroa loads, and it may just dwindle away due to the viruses etc. The other thing is you make a capital outlay now, and there is no prospect of income for at least eight months if you split a nuc off or longer for honey. That's why prices are what they are. I had a query in Spring from an existing customer for 300 nucs. I couldn't do it for them then on next to no notice, but referred them onto someone I knew who could. They paid good prices for those nucs. When buying larger quantities there are often higher prices involved as the buyer only has to deal with one seller.
  2. February 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    Robbing has been rabid recently, we've had to visit a 20 hive site three times to get the escape boards on.
  3. Organic beekeepers required

    When I saw this pic I thought they looked like your hives colours :-) What a cheek using the photo of your hives to promote themselves. I have to say I'm very impressed by the rather Germanic and organised apiary configuration, puts my often squeezed in hives to shame.
  4. NZBF Angry Bees

    I think the bees have been pretty nasty generally up here since the flow stopped. You have a situation where you have big hives with lots of mature foraging bees not having a lot to do. They're sitting on a load of honey (usually) they're pretty keen on protecting and then we go digging around in there. The other factor is robbing - it may be that that other bees (and now wasps) have been having a go at getting into the hive and while we see nothing obvious they're on edge....
  5. Apivar strips

    If I have an opened packet with any strips left in it I try and seal it as best as I can, and then use them in the next day or two, which is OK for me, but may not be as easy to do with staff. As for used strips, more often than not they end up in the recycling bin, whether they can be re-cycled I'm not entirely sure, but if not they should be. I've started treating in the last couple of weeks with OA/Gly strips but when I've gone back to monitor a few hives after a week mite levels were about the same. I'll give it another week but if nothing changes then I'm going to have to consider whether taking the risk of OA/Gly working through Autumn is worth it (especially given a few people I know had problems with using it last Autumn) versus just getting a synthetic in there.
  6. Organic beekeepers required

    Farmer: So what did it look like? Farm Boy: Well it was kinda fluffy looking and well, arhhh, yeah kinda pinkish
  7. Organic beekeepers required

    raided a few hen coops in your time have you?
  8. Oxalic and glycerine

    I got to my two furtherest away sites today, each separated by several km's. As they are further away I get there less and so they also had no Ox/Gly treatment. I pulled Bayverol strips out of them all on November 1st, and they were clean as clean when it came to mites. On the first hive at the first site I pulled off a couple of disappointing honey boxes and got into the brood box. Looking at the first frame I see a mite on a bee, never a good sign. I did a sugar shake and the hive was 22 . They needed formic acid but didn't have any with me so Ox/Gly went into this hive and all the others. This first site has a corporate bk in a valley out the back.....mite bomb? On the second site, same thing, first hive mite on a bee, didn't test just treated them all. Not sure of other bk's by this site there won't be corporates around though. On the several other sites I've sugar shaked so far which have all had Ox/Gly treatment intermittently through Summer the highest mite count was 7 . Most of these sites had Bayverol out from mid October to early November. I think some pretty positive interferences about the effectiveness of Ox/Gly can be drawn from this info.
  9. @alastair was there anything in particular that made you think Varroa? I think Varroa, maybe, but perhaps the Queen is just laying poorly hence the patchiness and supercedure and there are a couple of sacbrood looking larvae (also varroa symptom type too). Would be interested in your thoughts.
  10. Organic beekeepers required

    @BlakeyJ you are wrong. And I know this for a fact. Stick to the facts, stop speculating, or front up with some evidence to support your claim. Can you imagine the blow-back if one of the main poultry processing companies was found to be knowingly feeding antibiotics and hormones to the chickens their growers raise? It would possibly destroy their brand and their extremely valuable businesses. It would almost be one of the worst things they could ever do from a business risk perspective.
  11. Organic beekeepers required

    I know speaking for myself at the moment all the focus is on harvesting, the mating nucs I've barely looked at it in six weeks, they do take a lot of time to manage them properly normally given their size (and vulnerability), need to be fed syrup etc. Little wonder it is a full time job for some bk's.
  12. Organic beekeepers required

    I agree with you @markypoo. I know for a fact that chickens in NZ do not get fed antibiotics and hormones. Chickens are raised from selected genetics, in a controlled environment, with food optimised to get them out the door in 42 days. They are then jammed into crates, crates loaded onto a conveyor at the plant, hung on the line and have their throats slit (and a prayer to mecca if they are lucky), eviscerated and further diced up. No hormones. No antibiotics.
  13. Honey prices

    The per frame extraction rate is OK, the offered rate low. Maybe get it in a drum and sell to someone else...
  14. Organic beekeepers required

    There is actually a web site where the company you are talking about sell their product, and on that web site it states that they are "Certified Organic." As an aside, I may have a manuka site this coming season out where they are, or do I mean "Organic Manuka"