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  1. Thank you everyone, yes lots of brood so I'll put a feeder on tonight :-)
  2. Probably a stupid question but my hives have used up all their stores I'm currently feeding them feedbee patties, do I need to also feed them sugar syrup? I'd assumed not because I made the patties with sugar syrup but they don't seem to be storing any?
  3. I'll rephrase my question, yes I know that it is for safety reasons that it is removed, I just wondered whether given that we have a significant wasp problem whether anyone leaves it in for anything different to the recommendation. I'll follow the recommendations and put some cat food out following this just to check
  4. I've seen a few in the past week, trying to pick the bees out that are in the grass below the hive. I have put vespex out this weekend as I lost hives to the wasps last autumn. How long do you leave it out for ? I know the recommendation is that you throw it away after 8 days, just wondering if this is sufficient time.
  5. They have lots of space I'd left a honey box on for them through winter which has all gone so the brood is mainly up there now with a half empty super below. I had wondered whether I should swap the supers around
  6. I'm in Auckland and have plenty of drones already
  7. Hi everyone, Checking through the hives today and one of them have a few odd looking cells, they don't look like queen cells but are they the start of them, or the start of swarm cells ? there were two on this frame a couple on other frames all at the bottom. There was one in the middle of a frame. There is plenty of brood in the hive saw the queen who looks healthy should I be thinking about doing a split ? They swarmed last year want to prevent it if I can this year Thank you
  8. He said she was mated last autumn I will ring him. Thank you
  9. No she's not marked but easily identifiable. She's a lot smaller than my other queen was and very golden coloured. Im not sure he was reputable he seemed a very friendly knowledgeable guy that's all I can say
  10. No there's no eggs or brood the guy I bought her from said to leave her two weeks before opening up the hive. No it wasn't a split, when checking the hive at the end of winter I realised id lost the Queen as there were no drones around thought no point in putting in a frame of eggs. After several checks I started looking for a mated Queen and thought I'd found one. I'm now wondering if she is a Virgin queen.
  11. She was a new mated Queen that I put in 2 weeks ago.
  12. Mystery solved, decided to open up the hive and take a look inside. Nothing looked amiss other than couldn't find the queen. Decided to knock the bees from the front into a separate box and take a look, and hey presto there was the queen. This queen has only been in the hive two weeks, hoping that she isn't deciding she wants to leave ! Queen is safely back inside the hive along with most of the other bees that were on the front. There's still a few straggelers that I'm guessing can still smell her pheromone on the front.
  13. Hello everyone, Came home from work yesterday evening to bees bunched up outside the hive it was 11 degrees so not too warm. This morning there were still bees there but less in numbers and quite a few dead on the floor. Arrived back home at lunch time to find even more joining this bundle of bees. Should I put them back into the hive? Do you think the Queen might be under them? MOV_0036.mp4
  14. This is a hive that was robbed out, (they were weak to start with due to high wasp numbers) when checking in autumn all the honey stores that had been left were gone. This is why I thought I needed to feed them to ensure they make it through winter.
  15. Hi everyone, I've seen posts stating people feed using dry raw sugar. I wondered when you would use dry compared to using syrup? I've been giving mine 2:1 syrup but they aren't taking it the same as they were a few weeks ago, so wondered whether I should change?
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