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  1. +2 years here, what's the total up to?
  2. Painting 30 this afternoon. And that's going to take long enough with a compressed air spray gun and some left over half spanish white (which does look quite good btw)
  3. Hopefully you're using a nice purple or blue to bring out her compound eyes... unless it's by year. What colour is it this year? Good work on pinning her for the marking, been practicing on the drones (good tip from youtube) until I need to mark the new seasons queens. Probably worth it's own thread, but I don't work with gloves in spring/summer. I've never been strung, can work faster and with less banging and crashing. There is the odd hive that gets upset, due to being queenless or under stress. Then I grab the gloves.
  4. Got them on the just slightly less sunny hives. Really annoying as the bees seem to ignore them. Salt them out and setup a beer trap?
  5. What time of day did you check them? I've noticed that they always get annoyed in the afternoon more than the mid morning to early afternoon.
  6. News - Total Fire Ban for Tinder-Dry Wellington Region - Wellington City Council So there is a total fire ban in the Wellington region. I am wondering if that extends to our smokers or if anyone has had an issue before. This may be an odd question but I'd hate to have an overly concerned neighbor or passerby send fire trucks in my direction!
  7. hmmm, could be related to hive strength? Or those couple of degrees warmer it always seems on the coast?
  8. This is an interesting question, I'm in a similar position with HD base and inspection tray. I was always given the impression that the dreaded mite is there anyway and should always be treated for. Is there an official position on this from MAF, etc? Much like ruatuki, I'd like to only treat when I have too. And other issues come up like treating all the time may improve the varroa mites resistance to the treatments available?
  9. Perfect, just the kind of document I was looking for. And local too!
  10. Does anyone have a picture or PDF of a Top Bar hive? Even better would be a recommendation of a website... Or do I need to get to the library to find some books on this?
  11. a campaign to ban pesticides seems like a worthy cause. Action in Europe should spread international to the benefit of all. edit: duplicate thread merged
  12. Never had to do it but if I did I thought this youtube video showed a really clever way of safely doing it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CywkOB-pe0 Practical BK in NZ suggests enamel model paints that are thin or nail polish. Enamel will be more difficult for the workers to clean off and should dry really quickly.
  13. Oh dear... that must be impressive. Photos? I guess the good thing about this forum is advice and learning from all our mistakes. I'm about to wax some plastic frames. What are peoples suggested methods for melting wax? I thought of using a double boiler and I heard that the wax should be abouy 75°C?
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