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  1. Haven't had honey pollen counted before but this is so dark and thick I would like to identify the nectar source, will send a sample off. The honey came off a half box that was above an excluder and has beautiful white wax that was not stained by the honey incidentally. Thanks for the best wishes, my fit healthy 70yr young husband went over the handle bars of his mountain bike after clipping a tree by 20mm. Take care out there everyone but don't stop living each day to the full.
  2. Ooo! Now that sounds like a great diversion. I get to go to beekeeping gatherings very rarely. Will look it up, thanks
  3. I sort of wondered what Tutu honey tastes like?? I’ve had a quick lick but need to send a bunch of pottles away for a composite test before I’m game to put it on my toast. Havent been around my usual haunts along the river track so don’t know what’s been flowering of late, there was a definite licorice flavour. Spending too much time at the spinal unit.
  4. Extracted a couple of boxes today. The very dark honey in one box I’ve not seen here before it’s like treacle though it went thru the sieve no trouble. Doesn’t taste amazing a bit of anise seed flavour in the back ground. Wondered if it’s come from my Gervina trees that have been flowering for the last month? No idea what it could be otherwise.
  5. Yes those staples causing a rethink on how to manage hives. I’m used to Varroa, nosema, PMS, ........ now all I’ve got is pumping hives full of bees and I’ve got to figure a way to slow them down. Leaving lots and lots of food on will mean either making splits in the spring or swarms ++ help!!!! I’m trying to down size.
  6. I have very fertile soil and was worried that it might go rampant after reading about the trouble it can cause in gardens in the states. The clump I have has remained very controlled but I have yet to try and divide a piece off. I have promised some to @kaihoka so will have a go after it dies down in a month or so.
  7. Goldenrod holding the bees attention at the moment. Need to multiply my plants out to increase the chance of tasting the honey.
  8. My other half doesn’t know what to do with an iron! I tell him waxing is what irons are for. I’ve thrown away all our clothing that needs ironing years ago so now if its a fabric that needs ironing I don’t buy it.
  9. Looking at the size of the seeds in the heads I’d say finishing
  10. Hi @Lyn de Graaf I skip the grated wax and the baking paper stage, I run the block of wax directly over the base of the iron and spread the wax by using the hot iron. Everything cleans up with rubbing the hot wax surfaces with tissue. The last remnants of wax aren’t a problem on my oven tray or iron they are natural after all. Such fun.
  11. Like you @Bron I use two small plastic tree felling wedges from the local Stil shop. I hammer the hive tool in with the wedge when there’s space shove the wedges in then work each frame down back into the lower box. Have found two issues you need a decent tool or it will bend, and placement of the tool between the supers is critical so you don’t damage the corners.
  12. Good question will email a friend in DOC and find out.
  13. I heard the chopper going hard out a couple of days ago just over the paddock. It’s a huge area they need to cover there at the bottom end of the lake, I doubt they will cover it all in one season? There should be plenty of GWA dew 😖 around for the wasps. Glad I’ve left heaps of honey on my hives and there won’t be to much room left to collect the nasty stuff.
  14. Here is something to add to your project @Dammy an up coming very important industry wide issue that needs addressing. Could you incorporate it into your product?
  15. Where do the bees get their water from in your neck of the woods? Do all those paddocks have a water trough? Mine are going through water that needs replacing on a daily basis.
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