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  1. Nice, quiet, productive, hybrid bees.
  2. Hi @Snap I always put some of my honey in the freezer straight after I put it into the jars. Some types honey will be liquid when you get it out of the freezer but some honey very very slowly crystalizes. The good thing about the freezing honey I have discovered recently is, because the whole aging process is slowed down so much by freezing when it does crystalize it does so with a fine grain and not large sharp crystals. This is what you are trying to achieve with the creaming process. That’s the up side, the down side is you might fill up the freezer if you don’t have a large one.
  3. My understanding for the edge protection in the first place was because the girls can't get their nashers in a start removing the tape that holds the oa and glycerine in the hive. Apparently they have trouble destroying the staple from the flat surface and will start on the edge. Pinking shears might give them easier access in to remove the strip more quickly.
  4. I didn’t word my post very well it should have said. “ALL natural honey is good for sore throats so that would include the corona virus” better get some as back up in your cupboard now.
  5. Someone just has to show Manuka honey is good for the throat if you get the corona virus and everyone will want some in the cupboard!
  6. Helps to be a weakling I figured out this method of getting boxes apart ages ago. The only change in my method is I wack the hive tool in with one of the wedges and use two wedges along the edge of the box parallel with the frames rather than along the (front or back) as it’s easier to prise the frames down.
  7. How exciting it could be. There are often 4 honey sellers in our tiny market but mine is the only one fully labeled with a Turangi address. The others come from Whanganui, Taumaranui, and one is unlabelled and sold without verification by an 80yr old timer who has always sold it like this and isn’t about to change any time soon.
  8. Had a gentleman come up to me in the market today and ask what had caused the honey he had sent to him from Switzerland to granulate with very course crystals. Needless to say I questioned him further and told him it was illegal for honey to come into nz. He said it had been posted to him and customs had not stopped it and was happy to have got it in without detection. 🥺 Is it not detected as food by the mail screening process or are our border controls only interested in drugs? He said he consumed all the honey but it wasn’t very nice, and disposed of the container by burning it, then had to buy some Manuka honey at great expense to send back in return!
  9. You are right Kaihoka, and a few more things to add to that list of 50yrs ago, washing out plastic bags and drying them out in the sunshine so that they could be used over and over again, replacing that big scoop in the phosphate loaded soap powders with a spoon to cut down on recommended over use, or using sunlight soap instead, over population was a biggie and very often discussed when figures of the “boomers” and the population explosion projected forward. Large families that had been the norm were frowned upon, I’m sure that’s why the contraceptive industry was born. And if your religion or elders and betters, were against contraception you were left with a quandary. Trying to protect our natural resources from think big projects being steam rolled ahead. I could go on but I should turn off the lights and get some shut eye.
  10. Just shelled whole nuts? Probably roasted first? Have you ever tried to do the with your hazels @Goran Sounds delicious!
  11. Thanks @Kate R the sample is still sitting next to the computer waiting till I have tutu samples to send. Would it help if I sent in a couple of Phacelia flowers?
  12. Do we have any Honey Awards here in NZ like the Wine Awards? The industry could maybe raise awareness of our non Manuka honey with some recognition of all the unique honeys we produce here. I know there is a competition for various Honeys at the annual beekeeping conference but that’s the only one I am aware of. What are the criteria that judges look for? it would be interesting to have it spelled out along with ways to achieve excellence for the product we put in the jar. Some of the basic things are often mentioned like not harvesting honey from brood comb, not using Varroa treatments during the flow, not feeding sugar at a time when it could end up in the honey, getting bee debris out of the harvested honey asap, tutin tests if required. Would love to hear of the finer points forum members know about. And a great selling point if you can put “5 Gold Stars” on your honey
  13. And then exported? as the Manuka standards don’t apply to the domestic market?
  14. I have lots of questions and should research it for myself but how do you get alcohol to stay on a hot vapouriser? Vaporising oxalic acid for me ended up a treatment that requires chasing your tail and never getting rid of Varroa in sufficient numbers to make it something you could rely on. In my experience the duration of the treatment is to short to be effective and the addition of alcohol is likely to make it shorter still, there are safer methods that use oxalic and very effective. Lots of information here on the forum look up the Oxalic Acid thread
  15. Thanks for your responses will try Analytica. Would be interesting to see what is being collected around here. I don’t have volume of just one thing but have planted a few plots of Phacelia and thyme and would love to know if they have influenced the flavour of my honey.
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