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  1. hello all, I've got a dubble fd brood hive with a honey super and a new single brood hive, would it be too late to split my dubble brood down to two singles then feed them up before winter?
  2. @frazzledfozzle I put the nuc into a full box on 13 of November and was feeding sugar syrup in a frame feeder. on the 3rd of December the bees had drawn all frames except one so i added the second brood box the way Trev explained in his video. the box was only foundation i stopped feeding because there was lots of clover around and they were bringing in allot of nectar. ill inspect the hive this weekend and give an update on how it is going.
  3. I think ill re queen that hive because she has come with the nuc i brought so i have no clue how old she is. when is a good time to re queen? ill also rearrange the frames into the right order soon. thanks @Rob Stockley for your help.
  4. "1 had been halve drawn out and had eggs on it so took it out and replaced with foundation". This is the frame i took out to give to the swarm, the bees had drawn out a circle in the middle of the sheet of foundation and in these cells was eggs. so i put a new frame in with new foundation where it the egg frame was. "a coupple have pollen on them but not in a cell. hope this makes sense." The bees have packed some pollen into the dimples in the foundation that has not been drawn out yet.
  5. checked the hive on Saturday it has two full depth boxes, 19 frames one empty frame feeder 5 are 3/4 because of nuc i bought. 7 brood with a bit of pollen about 5 capped 2 open but nectar where brood has emerged, 3 drawn with nectar . rest is foundation 1 had been halve drawn out and had eggs on it so took it out and replaced with foundation a coupple have pollen on them but not in a cell. hope this makes sense.
  6. Cheers @Rob Stockley for the replies, yea i did think about the strength of the other hive but they should be fine. the only thing that could be a problem is that the bees have been filling empty brood with nectar and they might use all of her space. i put on the second brood box Saturday 3rd and they had hardly drawn out any of the new foundation a week later so all nectar has been put in with the brood. should i be worried or will they shift it once they draw out more cells.:confused:
  7. well I have looked twice and could not find her, but i could have easily missed her. They were also very loud, allot louder than my other hive when i checked them. she might be in there but i gave them some eggs just encase she is not there. there were no eggs because they had not drawn out any cells yet.
  8. Two, one strong one and a swarm that is hopefully making a queen with the eggs i put in it on saturday.
  9. Hello again, I was thinking about raising some queens for practice this season now that I have some bees and i would like to start this thread again to help decide. Thanks, Harry
  10. and that's why i'm so glad you did thanks @Trevor Gillbanks (y).
  11. ... When your exams get called off because of an earthquake.(y)
  12. yes they definatley can. The aftershocks have not been as bad as i expected which is great. They just remind you how little you are compared to big old mothernature.
  13. Thanks Bron, yea we are all a little shaken up down here, so glad my family and i are out here in the country. feel bad for all those who are without sewage, running water or a house. i think it is going to be a while beefore most things are back to normal but well all ride it out.
  14. Yes I agree Now that I have got my first hive and having no power for a while my bees have been entertaining me all week long.
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