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  1. Is it just me or is it very odd for the Pohutakawa to be flowering late February when this same tree flowered in December. Its not a heavy flower but it is going red... now to see if any nectar comes out of it... the bees are on it...
  2. Put another super on it...
  3. Treat with apivar to knock varroa down... maybe don't burn the whole hive but burn the ugly brood frames by taking two out at a time and replacing them with good clean built out frames like ones just come from extraction... replace 2 frames every 3 weeks till all brood frames are new... also shrink the hive down as small as possible but make sure they have plenty of nectar and pollen... buy a good mated queen from a good queen breeder...
  4. My guess is there is still brood and maybe a queen in that honey box... have you checked it for brood and or queen?
  5. Cant you just use google earth and pin the spot...
  6. https://m.sunlive.co.nz/news/190757-doc-to-restrict-beehive-movement-on-pcl.html
  7. That frame is a write off as it was never waxed properly to start with... but would say that hive is a write off and the wax moth has just taken over...
  8. Sadly that's an unknown quantity as the year just gone I was feeding hives in right up till early November at some sites as they had an early flow on September built up numbers then the flow stopped and they ran out of food....best to feed in autumn to build up stores then early spring to bring on new bees... as feeding during winter tends to shorten winter bees lifespan as they are working to process the sugar...
  9. The plastic parts on the board should be facing down... if they are facing up the bees will get stuck in the honey boxes... you may need to add or return your honey boxes to the hive after extraction to give the bees space inside the hive.
  10. I would also recommend opening up the entrance so they can get in and out easier... looks like you have it on reduced mode that is for late autumn and winter time
  11. If they have no nectar stores then feed them sugar but only until the flow starts... so small amounts often
  12. Put them on the fence line with entrance facing north/east... you will miss out on some late afternoon sun but will be the best option... you may still have a little problem with bee poo on your washing but fences and trees will force bees to fly up over your neighbour's so shouldn't be to much of a problem
  13. Yep at the end of the day you can't make them take it up... side note it's hard work on the bees to process sugar... they will be trying to conservative their energy
  14. I brought 0.55 mm sprung lids when I started and they are ok but feel really light and can't really handle the weight of a full super on them (I put the lid upside down on the ground and put the super on it sometimes two) brought some 0.75mm and they are way better... as kiwifruiter said strap them as the wind will still pull them off... closed are ok but sometimes hard to get off
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