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  1. Yes but that was when no one wanted it anyway nor did they have the ability to identify varieties by pollen content. My point is they are promoting grading monofloral honey by pollen content yet obviously don’t take the same approach with Kanuka.
  2. I guess my point was they talk about integrity and honesty but then go and pay $18 kg for 100% Kanuka (a couple of years ago) so at that price it is definitely being sold as Manuka.
  3. I’ve never seen them selling Kanuka as a mono floral honey but I know for a fact they have bought plenty. Gone into Manuka perhaps??
  4. Yes very intensively farmed. Broiler farms generally have multiple sheds and the ones I’ve seen rear 30,000 birds per shed and do around 7 batches per year per shed. They are all reared on the floor on wood shavings. Birds are slaughtered at 5 - 6 weeks old so grow incredibly fast. Very automated systems to so not much labour required. The farm I’ve seen was run by a husband and wife team and produced almost 1 million chickens a year.
  5. All meat chickens are barn reared - ie no cages. Perfect example of how it should be. Personal choices without trying to influence each other.
  6. “How can you tell if a person is a Vegan?? Don’t worry - they’ll tell you!!” And this is the reason people get a bit tetchy with them - constantly trying to convert people to their way of thinking by harassment. A bit like certain door knocking religions. When being confronted by a vocal vegan I like to quote one of my favourite verses - “Life is nature’s way of keeping meat fresh.”
  7. Each to their own I guess. On the odd occasions I’ve got any I thought it was rank.
  8. And tastes like 💩
  9. Great news for you!!!!
  10. Again I reiterate I have not used Phil’s staples or physically seen the results of the treatments. I am purely looking in from the outside and what I see are a number of beekeepers who have been prepared to give Phil’s staples a go and paid for the privilege - knowing full well it was a trial system. Those that have had bad results are asking for help/advice as to what went wrong and it would appear from their growing frustration that no help or advice is forthcoming. As far as I’m concerned Phil owes a bit of after sales customer service and support to these guys.
  11. As I mentioned I haven’t used staples myself nor have I viewed any hives that have been treated with them but I have certainly been told anecdotally by 3 very experienced individual beekeepers that they used them for their Autumn treatment and have had similar issues as described by @jamesc and @Alistair.
  12. Yes I agree and I’m sure that most of those concerned with their results accept that - however I think Phil should be far more proactive in trying to support these guys in trying to discover the reasons for their failures. Not only for their sakes but for his as well because there is certainly a lot of “noise” around the traps that there has been some considerable issues with the treatment and anyone sitting on the fence - me included - will be very reluctant to give it ago without some resolutions. If nothing else it would be a good customer relations exercise.
  13. All the more reason for Phil to go on a road trip to observe first hand what is going on in other people’s hives rather than focusing solely on his own.
  14. I noticed Comvita were trying to sell some hives on trade me a few weeks ago. Flying under the radar by using a private seller but from the photos it was obvious who’s they were. Double brood box plus 2 3/4 honey supers for $325. They didn’t sell - although there was some interest so may have sold after the listing closed??
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