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  1. Can’t be sure of anything these days (could we ever) but when I see the price of Kanuka go from $24 kg to $4 it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why.
  2. Most big commercials re queen every Autumn with 10 day cells (much cheaper than mated Queen) pay back is huge. Young robust queens heading their colonies in the spring means less swarming, less failures, easier management and bigger crops. Mated queens generally only used in spring for patch ups and replacing winter losses.
  3. Ok fair enough - problem solved. The MPI standard has eliminated Manuka/Kanuka blends being passed off as Manuka.
  4. Didn’t you say you sell all yours as Manuka regardless of whether it’s Manuka or Kanuka? Where im heading with this is many people are saying the MPI standard is not an accurate indication of genuine Manuka but neither is pollen analysis if Manuka and Kanuka is all being lumped in together. If your pollen “guy” can distinguish Manuka pollen from Kanuka pollen surely you should be seperating your batches depending on pollen counts??
  5. So how does this sit with codex?? If Kanuka and Manuka pollen can be distinguished should they not be sold/labelled as such?
  6. Exactly. The discussion was around accuracy of labeling and if Manuka/Kanuka pollen counts are combined then it is not accurate.
  7. So your pollen guy included Manuka and Kanuka in the same count??
  8. So you think most Manuka honey sold in supermarkets would be mono Manuka?? Maybe, maybe not. The point is there is a whole lot of blends being sold as Manuka in nz.
  9. Yes I like that - we could do away with government completely and just make all budget decisions via public referendum.
  10. Really?? Pity the Manuka standard doesn’t apply to domestic sales then.
  11. Yes my point was the climate was changing even back then and with a total population of only 100,000 I don’t think Neanderthals could be blamed for causing it.
  12. Was watching a documentary on Neanderthals today and their eventual demise was put down to - wait for it - climate change!!
  13. Interesting you say that. I was thinking a lot of religious types will be prepared to accept and endorse scientific evidence of climate change but totally reject scientific evidence of evolution.
  14. Problem is 5kg @$45 is still better than 40kg @ $4.
  15. Yep agree, I for one would be really happy to live a much simpler - more self sufficient lifestyle (my teenage children may disagree) but any carbon emission reductions that we make as individuals by changing our lifestyle will soon be erased by the rampantly increasing population. As the population increases so will carbon emissions. Any bright ideas on how to reduce the population???
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