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  1. Yep that’s fine. Whatever becomes available will be great. I would take bees and brood as well if you wanted to go that way.
  2. Happy to take them as they become available. What’s your thoughts on volume and timing?
  3. Plenty - want to fill a heap of mini mating nucs.
  4. I’d be interested in bulk bees @Gino de Graaf. I’m in Tauranga.
  5. Exactly!! That is the key and that is where any research funding should be directed. All the other projects are important but if we haven’t got a viable industry there is no point!
  6. Marketing spiel won’t cut it if there is no real point of difference - would be like flogging a dead horse. We need to find another native honey with genuine and unique scientifically proven properties that the marketers can then go to work on and get some traction with. Where are we at with Kanuka research??
  7. 1. The $64,000 question!! Unless we can identify a major point of difference for another native honey (think Kanuka, Rewarewa) that gains some traction in the market we will continue to be at the mercy of the historical low international honey prices. 2. Why would you want to go back to work?? The picture you paint of your West Coast holiday sounds so good I’m seriously thinking about selling up and retiring there myself!!
  8. Hi Nephew Jimmy boy @jamesc Glad you’ve got your bees nestled down for the winter. Sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth - lord knows none of us can afford to lose any more wisdom!! I was devastated to miss your wedding but you know what it’s like being incredibly busy moving kiwifruit hives, chasing Manuka and counting the enormous piles of cash that come with it all!! With regards to the $10 jar of clover your lovely wife saw - by the time Saint Cindy, Supermarket owner, packaging manufacturer, label printer and road transporter take their very large slic
  9. Thanks for that @Boot!! You may have noticed I have been having a regular healthy debate with my nephew @jamesc regarding honey prices and co-ops. Whilst I admire his passion and optimism that he will achieve $8 a kg in the drum for his White honey and that a co-op would be a pathway to achieving that I just can’t see it happening in the foreseeable future. Your thoughts?? Interested in your comments around points of difference and that NZ, GMO and Clean Green don’t cut it. I’m sure nephew James is relying on these as a marketing advantage. Are you able to expand on your reasons behind t
  10. Hoping you could provide some insight as to how hard it was marketing non Manuka honey at above international prices.
  11. How do you know?? Plenty of others are trying and failing @Boot Not this again??? Why would a co-op be any more successful than any of the other companies currently trying to achieve higher than international prices.
  12. Yeah fair enough but logic would tell you that at double the world market price something “magical” was happening to it to make it saleable.
  13. If this is correct I would also like to know. Are you sure it wasn’t being blended overseas?
  14. Make sure the recipe you settle on agrees with your taste buds!!
  15. I’m confused!! Are you saying you think your going to sell your crop for $8?? In that case I’ll be the one eating the now infamous humble pie. However if you are considering emptying your shed for world market prices - well bon apetite!!
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