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  1. Don’t loose hope, I lost my first hive over winter due to thinking all summer about it. With no other hive to borrow brood from it’s hard to recover. Get a mentor/Join a club. And when you restart this spring get two hives. Watch all @Trevor Gillbanks videos. There’s a good British one too (?kent). And learn learn learn learn. Register and also also do the AFB course, even if you don’t want to get DECA the course is good. Good luck, everyone on here is very helpful too & tolerant of us beginners
  2. PVC isn’t exactly a smart choice. Barely recyclable, degrades over decades to smaller and smaller particles for ingestion. And releases nasty toxins when burnt. Im sure there is a lot of “hype and false news” online, but we should be steering away from these products. IMHO.
  3. Also, don’t forget the AFB “pregnancy” test. Relatively inexpensive and easy to leave in your kit. I would like to see it assessed/endorsed by the AFB agency teaching though, or it it’s actually no good then they should say so and get it off the market.
  4. And the additional heartbreak if you got AFB
  5. Seriously impressive commitment to detail, very nice
  6. That’s impressive work. Is there any grinding? Or do you just pick a whole bunch of stones with 90deg corners?
  7. Although it, not surprisingly, struggles with natives
  8. I’m amazed a Vitara got that far
  9. Good to hear, reported 3 on my lunch break (sad little hobby of mine) and only one was acknowled (fee dodging). But it clearly there is hope
  10. I report all listings with no rego or deadouts. TradeMe only responds if they are also trying to dodge listing fees (eg a listing at per hive price for multiple hives). Trademe doesn’t care about biosecurity
  11. But roaches? Wow! I guess they’re seeking shelter and will be dispatched once spring buildup starts
  12. So in anticipation when I packed them down for winter, every box (2 x 3/4) got 4 staples. Between work & weather I really struggle to get meaningful access from April onwards. But wherever the cluster goes, there will be staples
  13. Wow, very interesting. Can’t wait for my recap course. Be an interesting academic exercise to test a frame. But could be very disappointing for @BRBtoo, so might not be worth the anxiety.
  14. Glad to hear those kits work. Did my AFB course, went straight out & got one... AFB is a sly dog, I want all the tricks
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