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  1. Josh

    More by-kill

    @jamesc quick question, off topic, what’s the reason for the half hive rim/box under the stack? Simply for my own education
  2. Josh

    More by-kill

    In the urban situation bees are still needed, don’t use baits that endanger them.
  3. Josh

    Agressive bees

    As a backyard keeper, this is my biggest worry.
  4. Josh

    SNI Beekeeping Group Inc

    That looks like a great schedule, hope it goes well.
  5. Josh

    February 2019 diary

    There are so many more advantages to having two hives, than the “problem” of too much honey. Especially for beginners. It’s amazing how many friends appear if you have too much honey
  6. Josh

    NZBF Honey gates

    $22.50 Lega from ecrotec has served me well slapped on a bucket.
  7. Josh

    afb bonfire

  8. Josh

    afb bonfire

    I do wonder, and I’m sure I’ve seen it here before, why there isn’t a requirement to have honey checked and if AFB present it’s not able to be sold/purchased. Not the solution, but it’s good to “incentivise best practice”
  9. Josh

    afb bonfire

    Can the mods add this emoji please 😡 or maybe 🤬
  10. Josh

    afb bonfire

    I’m certain there would be consumer protection, but obviously hard to sort out now that it, justifiably, all smoke & ashes
  11. Josh

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Starting from cold means you only need to warm it enough to get the OA dissolved and no more. Provided you stay vigilant, it introduces a degree of safety.
  12. Josh

    Hive Doctor Bottom Boards

    Global warming means I wouldn’t worry too soon up in Auckland. We we get cracking frosts in Canterbury, lots of mesh users
  13. Josh

    Oxalic and glycerine

    I put my mixture in warm, and invert the container regularly. They're soaked within a few hours and wring out excess. But I am only doing very small quantities. (7 last batch to treat merged swarm nucs etc). I suspect when I do my winter 50/50 staples I will need to leave them a lot longer.
  14. I would support, but not necessarily encourage, any of my children to get into beekeeping commercially
  15. Josh

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Brilliant, thanks @dansar @Philbee & @M4tt