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  1. Look at all that traffic! And it’s in both directions.
  2. But I’m happy. Tidying up my gear on warm Canterbury afternoon in my shed. My one remaining hive is going well & I’ve met someone new in the ChCh bee community who’s helping me restore the blunders of 2019/2020. I’m looking forward to 2021
  3. Just remember how AFB, varoa and bovine TB illustrate the power of economics over common sense. How the desire(s) of an individual(s) can ruin the rights of many. Many households are suffering post covid, and many more are to come, while the world wafts along a pendulum of fortune between health & economics.
  4. You Could put hives there (empty with blocked entrances)
  5. How frustrating for you. I agree, rules regarding nuisance is much better than requirements/enforcement. BUT, the later generates income and protects the council from complaints (ie nobody can complain about the councils actions/inactions when the keeper is non-compliant) 3 of our 4 neighbours know I keep, others must be suspicious when I load up my car. The only time I’ve heard complaints it was a subdivision in the rural/urban fringe that had a high opinion on itself and they didn’t like the bee poo. A bit like those who build by a speedway... then complaining about t
  6. And the prize goes to @dansar and @Gerrit... Inspected today and found a healthy laying queen with 3 frames laid already (eggs and larva). So probably started laying after my panic last week. And big shout out to @BRB who is generating a nuc for me as well. Aiming to finish the season with 3 strong, treated and well fed hives... honey next year
  7. Absolutely. I’m a big believer that if you don’t make mistakes, you’re not learning either. I’m very much a beginner still. Problem is I got down to one hive & ... got taught a lesson ?
  8. I just want 3-4 hives. That’s all I need. And I was doing well for time & checks, but life & work got in the way. And I should have recognised the swarm tendencies that my hive was showing and been checking more
  9. what an outstanding offer, thanks! I don’t want to give up, I enjoy this hobby.
  10. i agree, no “good reason”. But this is a Beginner Beekeeper Thread... so probably lots of “typical reasons” at this stage.
  11. I’d never considered a virgin left behind... that’s a ray of hope. will check again in a couple of weeks. thanks for the thoughts I think it was Wednesday my mate called. I’ve been getting AFB warnings, and thought “no way I want to catch a random swarm in that neighbourhood”
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