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  1. Before OA were there unexpected colony losses? Were there treatment failures for unknown reasons? Were there seasonal variations in buildup, harvest volumes & colony strength despite consistent treatments? I thought this post from The Apiarist was timely. https://theapiarist.org/strong-hives-live-hives/ @jamesc & the rest of us can’t hope to have our questions answered while no evidence (as apposed abundant opinion) on offer. Without a sufficiently powered controlled randomised, and hopefully observer blinded, study there will always be room for opinion, conjecture & doubt. Having said that, as a hobbyist with little to loose, I’m happy to continue with OA.
  2. How many hives TaiTap? I probably won’t have time before the end of November sorry, but who ever is available will want to know
  3. Drove back from Westport yesterday, having driven over in the snow the night before. The Buller District was looking SPECTACULAR, we truely live in paradise.
  4. don’t we have an AFB dog somewhere in Canterbury? Maybe it would be worthwhile to get them in, and hopefully relieve any anxiety of further bonfires.
  5. Love the fact it’s raining and need an umbrella, but swarm can wait for photo
  6. not something I’ve read before. Only the first step. Presumably this keeps decongesting the main cluster of brood and encourages rapid comb development?
  7. I thought you had to wear undies on the outside to be a vigilante...
  8. Returned before 30th of November, so would be cutting it fine.
  9. Raw sugar do you put it in a feeder (frame or top) or supply it some other way? I know! I couldn't believe it, now they're listing lots of jarred up honey. Obviously decided to extract it after all.
  10. Hey, I'm happy to help with your DECA inspection. But I'm not very available except on weekends (and weather windows depending). The earliest I could hope for is November 9/10th. But, if you get stuck let me know
  11. Welcome! chch club is good if you can make Saturday mornings (family commitments meant I’ve stopped going) Definitely have two hives, my preference is ¾, it makes a massive difference to learning curves and strategies you can employ.
  12. When you see the AFB map heat map there is no way I’d trust a swarm, other than my own, in Canterbury.
  13. Anyone have hives on Banks Peninsula, particularly the Diamond Harbour area? Do you get an early honey yield from all the gums, ngaio, and succulents that are flowering? I ask because the bees have been working hard on all the plants in Church Bay where our bach is. If it wasn’t for the drive I’d have 2 hives over here.
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