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  1. Returned before 30th of November, so would be cutting it fine.
  2. Raw sugar do you put it in a feeder (frame or top) or supply it some other way? I know! I couldn't believe it, now they're listing lots of jarred up honey. Obviously decided to extract it after all.
  3. Hey, I'm happy to help with your DECA inspection. But I'm not very available except on weekends (and weather windows depending). The earliest I could hope for is November 9/10th. But, if you get stuck let me know
  4. Welcome! chch club is good if you can make Saturday mornings (family commitments meant I’ve stopped going) Definitely have two hives, my preference is ¾, it makes a massive difference to learning curves and strategies you can employ.
  5. When you see the AFB map heat map there is no way I’d trust a swarm, other than my own, in Canterbury.
  6. Anyone have hives on Banks Peninsula, particularly the Diamond Harbour area? Do you get an early honey yield from all the gums, ngaio, and succulents that are flowering? I ask because the bees have been working hard on all the plants in Church Bay where our bach is. If it wasn’t for the drive I’d have 2 hives over here.
  7. Nothing at all... but Glenlivet has something to do with poor typing
  8. Durey the drone DNA contribution needs to come from AFB & non-AFB capable lineage too. Otherwise it’s a genetic Lilly scramble making the whole project a lottery?
  9. One thing that could be done, would be for Assure Quality to use an app like “Snap Send Solve”. A concerned citizen can take a geotagged photo of an issue (knocked over hives, unmarked hives, suspected abandoned hives etc) and submit it with an wee discription of the issue. My experience with this system here in Christchurch has been fantastic
  10. Next time you walk the dog, wearing a veil and coincidentally carrying a lit smoker & tool. 🤥
  11. So frustrating. From what I read, an area South of me is going through a similar experience
  12. Absolutely, but registration infers some degree of traceability and notification. Unregistered means complete ignorance and hidden from all communications. If MPI/AFB/whoever tolerate and wilfully neglect registration, why should anyone bother. New Zealand cannot control or remove AFB while people like this continue
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