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  1. A swarm at one of my sites today. The hive it came from still had a large population. Dannevirke, Manawatu.
  2. looks good, the best of luck to you!
  3. Yeah it does look like that thanks Mr Yesbut!
  4. Hi, does anyone know what this critter is? Thank you!
  5. I drove back to Palmy from Whareroa this morning. Every second ute and truck was a bee vehicle. How many beekeepers are in Taranaki???!!
  6. Is there no end to some people’s greed?
  7. I was wet the other day, one site of 8 in the creek, 3/4 way up the jumbo boxes. Checked them today and all are alive and still have large numbers.
  8. I have noticed quite a few “large hobby” and small commercial set ups going on sale on Trade Me. Most of them say that they are moving. They are not going for a lot either, considering how much work has been put in building them up and expensive gear bought over the last 2 or 3 seasons.
  9. I'm just a small fish, but if I knew that the future of pasture honey was going to be at least 7.00 a kg, I would be happy and have no doubts about continuing. I have low costs, and I don't know how on earth bigger companies with staff and equipment galore manage with the low price. I would think around 14.00 a kg on the shelf to the consumer would be a fair price, allowing for the packers and supermarkets etc to make their bit.
  10. I have about 600m to cut through today, all FD and I overhauled the table saw last month, new bearings, brushes and a clean out so the saw will be in fine form.
  11. Hey guys. I employ all home made frames with wax, but with the price of wax and the extraction lads not too happy with the odd frame breaking, I'm going to start introducing plastic and eventually have all the honey frames plastic. I still want to keep wood and wax in the broods. How are the pre waxed frames from Ecrotek? I have read previous posts on here from 2 or 3 years ago and people were not happy with bees avoiding or not drawing them properly. Have they changed since then? I'm not floating in money and don't want to buy a thousand or so and have issues with them. Many t
  12. Has anyone seen Shaun...the fellow from Kapiti with the jumbo brood boxes? I enjoyed reading his posts and recently realised I hadn't seen him on here. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for all your replies and helping me to understand a bit better!
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