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  1. yes the Te pari brander will brand painted boxes , it just leaves a darkened rectangle around the brand. Run it hot enough and you won't have to wire brush the branding head 

    I have been using this brander for over 10 years.


  2. Te pari products do a gas fired wood brand 25mm numbers will brand about 3-4mm deep about 5 minutes to heat up then about 10 seconds to burn your rego number in to boxes ,floors wood frames even plastic, but be quick 

  3. Hi tony, great day!


    Yes thats the one. I think if the legalities in NZ would allow the item to be shipped I think there would not be an problem. I do not know why they don't response, maybe got to busy with the orders because here in America a lot of guys wants to try that new vaporizer before the almond pollination comes and that's this coming February. We don't have the said vaporizer yet but based on the buzz generated locally, yes it does uses a generator and compressor.


    As of now we are still using the good old dribble method of applying oa, works great and fast too.




    Enquired about these 1 year ago I think it was about $3500 US plus freight

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  4. Just got an email via KVH regarding Harlequin Ladybirds being found in Auckland and wanting to know if they are in other areas... One of the things MPI say the ladybirds eat is giant willow aphids (that we all love so much...)

    So... Anybody know more?

    I have seen 2 of these in south waikato this past summer

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