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  1. Just take note of all the good suggestions that have been offered and your move will go sweet. Knock them down too 2 boxes high strap each hive firmly ( cheaper Ratchets from mitre 10 or bunnings will do the job for a one off shift) lock the bees in either the night before or very early the morning of the shift Use a decent barrow, and I suggest if you have a spare hive mat or a piece of ply of similar dimensions place this on the base of barrow, then pick up your strapped hive by the lid and place on the barrow, the hive mat or ply will give you a better base for the floor boar
  2. If you read through the proposed levy information you will see that apinz will apply a minimum levy fee of $86 to cover the cost of of apinz membership benefits, so will this mean that I am going to become a member of apinz by virtue of paying this levy? I do not want to become a member of apinz , I do not like the way apinz is set up , it is no longer an organisation that truly represents the traditional beekeeping entities out there. Apinz appears more interested in representing the new corporate style entities as well landowners, ex fed farmers exec members and all of the ne
  3. We should all write to Damien O'Çonner He is the person who will sign off the recommendations of the pmp board, Mind you I doubt we will have any joy with him because we are all a bunch of cowboys anyway, that is unless you are one of apinz's pet corperates.
  4. Yes John, and when they found nosema ceranae they tried to hide it from the industry.
  5. Aluan cap is an oxalic acid based strip ,I think developed in spain or argentina
  6. I agree with @CraBee although with the caveat that for the last 20 odd years we have only used new equipment in our operation , we have bought 2nd hand gear in the past both from commercials and hobbiest beekeepers , we kept all second hand gear in selected sites for a couple ofseasons before incorperating fully into the rest of the business , the only times we picked up AFB was from the hobby gear after about the third time was when we decided to close shop and only use new gear
  7. Coming to an industry near and dear to you --- more costs and expenses courtesy of MPI
  8. I would do as Phillbee suggests ,but would also give them a dose with oxalic acid vapouriser , this will not only knock off phoretic mites but will also help with the bees gut health ,then follow up with some 1 to 1 sugar syrup with 50ml per litre of a seaweed product (agrisea, Kobee etc) put this in a spray bottle and lightly mist the frames of bees with this every 5-7 days for a few weeks, at this time of year I would warm this solution to around 35c before using .
  9. Just go to the link info@nzbeekeeping.co.nz and ask for a copy of the survey to be emailed to you . I am sure they will oblige. It is just another tick a box survey but there is a box for comments at the end of the survey
  10. I can give you three things I am "struggling " with at the moment (1) getting a decent income at this time , (2) Apinz wanting to slap a new levy on the industry, (3) MPI as they will most likely be the govt dept that will give Apinz the right to impose there new levy.
  11. Sounds as if farmers living with M Bovis will be the same as beekeepers living with MPI and all there prohibitive management practices
  12. our tree Dahlias have been flowering for about a week in the south waikato, best flowering for years, they usually get frosted about 3 days after starting to flower here. And the bees just love them.
  13. one of the small chest freezers will make a very good hot box, just fit a cupboard heater in the bottom with a good quality adjustable thermostat and it will heat to 50c no trouble. as long as there is no honey in the frames they won't collapse at that temp , I leave them in for 24hrs, that way it also takes care of any wax moth eggs , larvae and adults. Also good for melting buckets of honey.
  14. no, you don''t want the solution to leach out of the strips, the glycerine is the carrier that allows the oxalic to be dissolved so the cardboard can then absorb it , then to be released slowly as the bees chew the strips thereby giving a long term treatment . that is what potentially makes this treatment so much better than the other oxalic methods.
  15. Philbee is right , oxalic towels will work very well between the brood boxes of a double, but using oxalic strips the same way as you use synthetic strips is best, particularly if you run a single brood nest. There have been reports from some overseas beekeepers of some bee deaths when humidity is high , I think that was with the towel method , may also happen in NZ with cardboard strips The original recipe out of South America did not have any water added to the mix, Randy added that because he wanted the bees to remove the towels fairly quickly to lessen the chance of mites devel
  16. I was forewarded a copy of an email from nz beekeepers today , after reading it I have decided to fill out a subscription form to join them , Maybe someone out there with a whole lot more computer smarts than me who has that email could post it to this thread so everyone on the list could read it and then make comments on whether these guys might be better to represent the real beekeepers
  17. Anyone like to hazard a guess as to how much failed 5+ there is out there in beekeepers sheds just looking for a new home? 200 ton?, 300 ton? more? Have heard that there is a potential buyer out there who is prepared to pay market rates (whatever that means! $$$$) for 200t of 5+.
  18. You are bang on the money John, I believe the reason more beeks did not respond to the survey was because it was not possible to have a real say. And as for eradicating small hive beetle when it arrives , by the time someone spots it in a hive it will have been moved a half dozen times from one end of the north island to the other.
  19. I was one who attempted the survey, but if my old semi-retired brain remembers correctly it was one of those tick -a-box thingys that did not enable the respondant to give the answer that they may have wanted to give. I left several of the questions unanswerd because the box I would have liked to tick was not available I am currently not a member of any industry organisation, but I beleive NZ beekeeping may have more actual beekeeper members than Apinz, so may they should represent us in GIA talks
  20. 569 industry respondents to the survey , 82% of those respondents agree that apinz should represent the industry in GIA talks, 8826 registered beekeepers in NZ , Who is this industry ? 569 apinz members or the other 8200 or so other beekeepers
  21. If you have the right facility , stack your wax moth infected boxes on a pallet and heat to 50c for twenty four hours, that will sort the b$$$$$$. Most of the wax moth larvae will vacate the boxes and die on the floor.
  22. I have a coastal site where nearly every hive would fill propolis mats about 2 thirds full of very black propolis , would happen within approx 3 weeks around October, About 150 meters away on an old house site there was a large flax like plant that would send up a massive flower spike between 5 and 8 meters high depending on the season , when this flower spike was growing was when the black propolis was collected, I have not seen the flower spike nor any black propolis for the last three years,I think maybe the plant has died.
  23. My grandkids used to like the wax paper packages I would wrap there lunch in , but the last couple of months I have been unable to find the mono waxed paper in any of the three supermarkets near where I live, so much for the supermarkets going green and cutting back on plastic when they also cut out the alternatives.
  24. The supermarket shelves are pretty empty up this way
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