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  1. Good for David, but , Kinda sad for me , it would seem from the article that only their preferred suppliers will get access to Daykel queens from now on . I purchased all my breeders from David , now I guess I will have to use my own stock . If you see this @David Yanke , Good luck for the future , and sad to see your queens no longer available to the general beekeeping industry.
  2. I read thru this thread, walked through the hallway door and threw up .
  3. Perhaps I should have said ," no visible symptons" however the hive will not build because the bees have a shortened lifespan , and when you get nosema ceranae as well they become lethargic and listless . they can sit for 3/4 months with 4 frames of bees and then finally crash. you beeks on the mainland are lucky in that nosema C does not appear to be down there yet , I am sure when it arrives you will wonder what is going on with your bees until the realisation sets in.
  4. Having been involved in the MPI pathogen project and seeing the results from virus tests I would say that deformed wing virus is endemic to every hive in NZ whether it shows any symptons or not .
  5. just leave them be man, they aren't aggressive and they are great to have around Their nests never get to big and they will disappear in late autumn.
  6. matt , have you tried Annton nursery in Cambridge.
  7. You didn't need no heater back then, you just drove them so hard the gearbox generated enough heat to keep you warm , and if you were parked up thats what the girl beside you was for Oh for the good ole days
  8. Hey Alistair, I had me a 6 cyl version way back when, them ######s could fly
  9. barbery just starting here in southern waikato , could smell it in home hives this evening, has its own kind of musty bitter smell and taste is not to bad, smells and tastes better than privet, can be a lifesaver for the bees in a hard year , but this year will probably see lots of bees leaving home in about 10 days or so
  10. any barbery around you, sometimes they can get a bit cranky on a barbery flow.
  11. Don't worry we are safe , its illegal to import any bees into NZ .
  12. sounds like we are talking about willow switches on this thread , not willow honey
  13. The cold turkey has been gobbling up mites at my place for over 2 years now And Frazz, those dead bees out front are what you will see in a hive that has dwv, and as dwv changes you can have dwv without the bees showing any deformed wings
  14. Hey @phillbee , maybe you should send a sample of those bees down to dnature to see whether you have nosema ceranae as well as nosema apis in that hive , looking at the variation in spore size it looks likely that you could have both nosemas in that hive. If you do have both i believe you will see more hives with die-off as n ceranae spreads thru your hives even with or without oxalic strips.
  15. The flower spike on my one was more flax like then your agave
  16. Definition for some corporates Ahhhh swipes ?
  17. If you are a small scale beekeeper and do not sell any honey you don't have to pay the levy, right? so you extract your little bit of honey and then give 10kg to your mate down the road on whose property you keep some hives, as a thank you for the site . now our friends at inland revenue consider this barter or trade to be a commercial transaction, so , my thoughts are that you are now required to declare this as commercially extracted honey and therefore will have to pay the levy on this honey. Okay 10c a kilo comes to $1 total for the 10kg of honey you gave to your m
  18. I don't agree with you at all, I believe the levy will be a weighted vote , so that means the more honey you declare the more votes you get How can that be one entity -one vote And Dennis I also personally believe it was one persons pet project to get apinz
  19. The best way to show your discontent with this levy proposal is to swamp the Honorable Damien OÇonnor's office with emails opposing the levy in its current form . Maybe even suggesting that any beekeeper levy should be managed independently of Apinz . Whoever it is that manages any future beekeeper/ honey levy should be elected by all those who would have to pay the levy, ONE ENTITY---- ONE VOTE.
  20. If my memory is right ,then Apinz say they will charge every levy payer $86 for the privilege of paying this levy, so, If only 5000 of the registerd beekeepers become levy payers Apinz will benefit to the tune of around $430,000 each year and the way it read to me was that we pay this $86 as well as the levy I could be wrong ,so please correct me if I am.
  21. Hey @hunterjd15 you could join the SNI beekeeping group , its a bargain at 10 bucks, I am sure you will be able to get lots of help and advice from some of their members.
  22. Why the hell would any of the more traditional beekeeping enterprises want to put money into any research projects that are going to be of more benefit to the large corporates than to to the smaller family operated businesses, these corporate beekeepers are the bane of my beekeeping life as it is without assisting them to keep there hives alive with funding from my pocket . Yes there are issues with bee health , especially as we now have nosema twins to contend with, but I would rather find my own solutions to these issues than fund research that will help the corporates to run lar
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