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  1. Wow 100 years between treatments ,surely you must have mite resistant bees Phill,. no wonder the oxalic strips seem to be working so well.
  2. Alistair, your foul tasting honey could be Astelia, it is still flowering west of waikato
  3. I know that some users in Chile will put 8 oxalic stips per brood box for hives under extreme pressure from mites and virus, they reckon that pulls them back , drops mites quick but takes a while to clear viruses, they are using the solid fibre board.
  4. got one of those calls myself, don't know anyone in New York , so didn't answer it
  5. Dennis, I did not back you on the levy, but I"m backing you on this , Tommy let it go
  6. It has been a while since I sat my deca , can someone point me to the legislation that says it is illegal to rob out your wets please , I do not ever recall having seen this in the past. Where I am I prefer to have dry boxes for the first couple of rounds in the spring, putting stickies on a hive in the early spring around here is akin to robbing out wets, even feeding sugar is risky , I know of five large corporates who are all based within 20ks of my base and coupled with all the other smaller beeks there 1000's of hives all around us 10 years ago none of these corporates we
  7. I know of some who got manuka prices for carrot weed when the manuka gold rush was just starting
  8. could be wild carrot, I don't often get it ,but have got quite a lot in souwest waikato this year
  9. Hi Crabee, starting cells in a queenright hive above an excluder works really well in spring , but at this time of year you will get a poorer take , been raising cells this way for years.
  10. I think John will be on the money, wax moth can explode with the temps we have been having lately, in a few short weeks a weak or dead hive will be full of them. You say the hive had plenty of stores because it was heavy, but ,that weight may be pollen combs , just what the wax moth and mice ordered for dinner.
  11. Hey Dennis, his second sentence says he'll spend the money to resolve it.
  12. coming back down to earth , perhaps a bit faster than we would like
  13. and now James we are on the return journey
  14. and some get there hands burnt reaching for that gold
  15. Looks like it get a bit hot when you get outside that growth zone , maybe about where our industry is now
  16. Welcome to the dark side brother
  17. I would think that anyone who considered a 30% turnout on the levy vote as good would have to be an egg.
  18. And yes John I have experienced the so called cororapa syndrome and I paid myself a research levy and went out and found a solution that works and along with more than 2 years of oxalic treatments for varroa we now have healthy hives again.
  19. John, I believe in the levy proposal it stated that a portion of the levy would be used to cover the cost of a levy payer to become a member of Apinz, I think the figure was around the first $60 dollars levy paid.That would then be on top of the 10% claimed for admin costs I am not adverse to paying a levy , but I definately do not want any thing to do with Apinz and their compulsory membership, and yes Dennis, I know I won't have to engage if I don't want to, But I will still have a portion of my levy taken to fund Apinz
  20. Hey Jake, are you looking for some way to get your hands on some 'levy' money?
  21. Starting to feel screwed over again, @ApiNZ Levy Proposal, did not say whether it would be one entity one vote or whether it will be a weighted vote on either hive numbers or amount of honey produced
  22. Nu Bee says that honey packers and exporters can't have a say how the levy will be used, what a load of bull, most packers and exporters own beehives as well, so they will pay the levy and have a say on how the levy is used, now ,I believe in the blurb it says that voting on the levy spend will be weighted by the number of hives owned . Guess who is going to hold all the power when it comes to deciding what to spend research money on , it aint going to be the smaller family owned business that's for sure.
  23. 40% of the levy for research is no where near enough, that is why I will vote NO for the current levy proposal.
  24. That aint such a new idea , been around a long time just refreshed
  25. Wear rubber gloves people! we all think of oxalic acid as being fairly benign ,but think RENAL FAILURE , not to mention the dreaded stones., I got lazy while preparing pollination hives last spring , moving and replacing strips with bear hands after about 10 days the skin started peeling off my finger tips. another lesson learned
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