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  1. I usually get around 5 years out of a Sherriff suit
  2. last 20 years ,Sherriff all the way , luv em , Although not to fussed with the new one , don't like the new cuffs.
  3. I used that 0800 number that Nick supplied earlier this year to report Indian honey for sale on trademe, was the correct number to use , getting the listing removed from trademe seemed to take a couple of days though.
  4. No Fraz, only ever used on mains power, will maybe try that in next couple of days, see how it goes
  5. been using one for a while now, I like it , certainly wouldn't use it as a cell carrier but is good for incubating cells, get good hatches.
  6. shouldn't have too many problems getting some replies, quite a few stirrers and agitators on here
  7. I'm with you on that one John, good on ya
  8. @phil46 my father in law had one of those welders from new - it came with 10 amp plug he used it for years with no issues
  9. Yeah thats the outfit, I Think Medhat Nasser may have been one of the researchers.
  10. thats how I was taught as well push 9 frames to centre, but then space the two outside frame evenly in the gaps, but the paper from Guelph made me decide to space all frames equally, and yes there is a bit more wax and propolis between the frame but I can live with that
  11. I may be a bit left "field" here but isn't fathoming the depths of linguistics an educational exercise, after all its about online learning these days
  12. probably end up with a numb skull
  13. Good luck with that Alistair, I have managed to bring a few like that thru winter in the past and usually are good hives by late October, just helps to have a kind winter. Shortly after varroa arrived here I was looking around the web for info on living with the little beast and came across some research from U of Guelf where they had trialled 10 frames V 9 evenly spaced frames per brood box, what they say they found was that there was fewer mites in the nine frame hives than the 10 framers. now this might be because the nine framers had less brood , but I doubt that , they t
  14. Hey Alastair was that supposed to be a fractious group or maybe a fractious grump or was it just meant to be a fractious grope ?
  15. somewhere out there in web world there is also some Saudi research that claims Manuka honey has antiviral properties
  16. Never used gib tape ,but I am sure that solid fibre strips would remain active longer than the gib tape , and yes the way you prepare the solution can have an effect on your hives.
  17. @The Frasers, yes please ,I'll take 2000
  18. I think philbee mentioned something in his earlier posts about using some dishcloth thingees,
  19. Beetroot sammies, very good for stamina and recovery .
  20. was a fairly quiet backwater where I am but since the new standards came in have seen a massive increase in others moving in , lot of corporates but also a lot of smaller newer players chasing what is usually around 5-8 npa blend every other year.
  21. I actually got some Mono this year and now my bank account would love to see it sold, maybe if I survive this covid bug I'll have some cash in hand by the end of the year.
  22. $50 to $100 in two years, and now we have had our 1 in 10 year crop the new players around me (steens, King honey , and half a doz other corps ) will probably jump to $200 to try and drive us out.
  23. yes I use it, and every time I do i get an email telling me the co-ordinates are in the wrong format and that I need to change the format, I reply its their map and their format and I can't change their system ! It aint my stuff up and I aint gonna fix it.
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