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  1. made my last purchase in spring, still have plenty left at this time, as has been posted there are other retailers out there, I would recommend using only pharmaceutical grade , especially if commercial.
  2. I feel calling vipers bugloss as Blue Borage is the same as calling Kanuka as Manuka
  3. to have a law and order service would infer that we have a justice system, I see a system but I don't see justice.
  4. You say your hive does not have much brood, if it was me I would do an oxalic acid vapour to knock down phoretic mites quickly your dwv could take several weeks to clear up , if it ever does
  5. I don't think these hives even got the shop open this season!!
  6. hi Matt, 2 or 3 frames capped brood, plenty pollen , ###### all stores . these are all hives that didn't make pollination. couple k's west of me green grass , few more k's south and east , green grass , around me brown grass , seem to have missed most of those earlier downpours lots of wind since August, and heaps of drone layers this spring, the ground is like concrete , blunted my spade trying to dig a hole the other day .
  7. Thinking I might have to feed some of my waikato hives, slabs of pollen, very little nectar
  8. Honey being low glycemic should be able to give a sustained energy boost to keep going all night James, Of course I mean for shifting those hives over to bighands back yard !
  9. could smell smoke in the air in the waikato this morning , quite dull mornings and evenings.
  10. Hey Kaihoka, your phone description sounds just like my wife talking about me.
  11. I say good on ya Bruce for having a go, he was the only one to at least try to support our family/small business beekeeping community and we will now only be purchasing from his family business in the future whenever possible. GO BRUCE
  12. Hey Matt I am south of you and our blackberry is flowering, hope your not spraying while its flowering man
  13. gino, surely you've heard of bee milk, been around longer than almond milk, so we should be able to promote it as the original alternative to dairy.
  14. Sounds like he must of started out working for one of the corporates, and learned about hive placement from them.
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