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  1. Hey Matt I am south of you and our blackberry is flowering, hope your not spraying while its flowering man
  2. Finders- Keepers
  3. gino, surely you've heard of bee milk, been around longer than almond milk, so we should be able to promote it as the original alternative to dairy.
  4. Sounds like he must of started out working for one of the corporates, and learned about hive placement from them.
  5. Phil, Maybe you should have a talk to Jane Lorimer I think Jane did a submission last reveiw
  6. Not all posca pen are equal , I use posca paint pens and into my 4th season with ox strips and have no issues with queen marking .
  7. I certainly hope you were talking through a hole in your head Fraz, Now with reinvasion , it does not always come from collapsing hives , these mites are pretty smart critters and when mite numbers are at there peak in late summer and the amount of brood in the hive is starting shrink these smart critters start to change tactics, instead of jumping on nurse bees they hitch a ride on foragers and get transported out into the big wide world where our hives just happen to bee. So it stands to reason that the stronger your hives are, the more brood they have, the more mites they will have in the Autumn that are going to be looking for a new home hence in the good brood years reinvasion will be much more of a problem.
  8. Hey Dennis, did you bury the horn or was it just raining
  9. the way they are squashing houses into Te awamutu it will be pretty hard to site hives 25 metres from the next door dwelling.
  10. As Ted said definately comvita hives, C358 is one of the outfits they bought out .
  11. I see MPI may have just killed this thread !!
  12. The "private sellers" were staff , last I heard it was 4000 to pollination.
  13. Just a note that two of the people in that article work for companies that have a joint venture for growing manuka plantations, so they have a vested interest in promoting to land owners that plantations are the future of the manuka industry.
  14. unfortunately not all "research " has an apparent benefit to all beekeepers, just look at what MPI's research into "Manuka" has done to a lot of beekeepers bottom line.
  15. My memory is not as good as it once was ,but about the time varroa arrived I am pretty sure it was claimed that pasture pollination was valued in the billions of dollars per annum I think that came from one of the govt depts at the time.
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