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  1. If you have mesh floors and a vaporiser that pushes out a decent amount of vapor like the one shown you extend the nozzle and fit an elbow then just vaporise from below the mesh floor quick and effective , don't see a need to block anything. Not good for those plastic floors though.
  2. Dennis, I honestly cannot think of the guys name but I"m sure you would know who headed up the BIG before and after the apinz formation. Karin Kos was on the same programme about a week later
  3. Dennis, it was the face of the bee industry group
  4. Broom is a useful plant, somewhere hidden away in one of the many boxes of books I have is a recipe for wine made from broom flowers, supposed to be veeeery nice. I once tried to make a dandelion beer , god awful stuff couldn't even give it away as poison
  5. stoney, if you go down the storage rmp route don"t forget you will probably have 3 audits to pay for in the first year, that will more than take care of any savings you make from having your own rmp.
  6. Manuka Honey Boom ? well thats what the man from Api nz said on the country channel a couple months back, he said the packers stock were getting low and they were now looking to restock , all the white honey from canty was sold, things are looking up for beekeepers, Just what my farmers wanted to hear "you back in the money boy, where"s my share". unfortunately there share is still sitting in my shed along with my share, and I am still wondering where this new sales boom went
  7. @yesbut, haven't you seen the latest tv ad with bees, you milk the venom VERY carefully
  8. Here's one , Trademe listing No 2646324947 , is this a legal importation of bees wax from China ???
  9. Bighands, the listing was removed from trademe about 2 days after my complaint, was never told whether there was any further action taken taken with the importer
  10. This was a great project , I was really stunned at the level of Nosema Ceranae that showed up in my sample apiary , mind you the reason I chose that apiary was because I knew something was not right with the bees there
  11. I usually get around 5 years out of a Sherriff suit
  12. last 20 years ,Sherriff all the way , luv em , Although not to fussed with the new one , don't like the new cuffs.
  13. I used that 0800 number that Nick supplied earlier this year to report Indian honey for sale on trademe, was the correct number to use , getting the listing removed from trademe seemed to take a couple of days though.
  14. No Fraz, only ever used on mains power, will maybe try that in next couple of days, see how it goes
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