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  1. Under the old owners MH were only using NZ product, don't know if that is still the policy with the new ownership. I remember Kerry Paul once telling me that he believed propolis had the potential to bee bigger than Manuka, damn pity that hasn't happened.
  2. coro#rapa disease? maybe thats what Dennis was suffering from a couple of days ago.
  3. seems like canada's not the only place you you need to watch out for bare's
  4. Symptoms of a hive with both Nosemas = slow dwindling death.
  5. Philbee asked a couple of weeks back how much solution my strips hold , weighed some this morning an average of 26 grams per strip , 4 strips per brood box.
  6. Jamesc Your choice of the farmlands glycerine may be the reason for your losses, the glycerine they sell now is very thin compared to the shine glycerine they used to sell. I used to get my glyc from farmlands , but when they changed supplier the new product was a lot thinner and that puts the final solution out of kilter ( the solution leaches out of the strips) I now purchase my glycerine direct from bell booth in Palmerston North 200l at a time Shine USP/BP grade , also if you used the ovaboard product, that could also be problematic as that stuff is made from recycled board and so could have anything in it. I would suggest that you find a supplier of what used to be called food grade fiber board but now called food contact board , this can be obtained here in the Waikato at Attwoods in hamilton and they will get it cut to size .If there is an Attwoods down there in CHCH they may be worth a visit Check their website under greyboard I think.
  7. All that recycled plastic gets turned into more wheelie bins so we can collect even more plastic
  8. my strips are 450 mm long 30mm wide 2000 micron (2mm) and weigh approx 19gr when soaked for 48hrs drained for 24hrs then used as required.
  9. MGO 40 manuka, well if it passes the MPI markers , Why not, it must be legal .
  10. yep, kinda looked like that
  11. more likely "reckless"
  12. sounds just like what happens to my Te pari brander, I've learned to check for spiderwebs before lighting now, mostly seems to be the jumping spiders.
  13. The hives @Matt mentioned most likely did not die from starvation , but from a combination of several factors not the least bring Nosema Ceranae , this area of the Waikato had a grouping of the highest Nosema Ceranae counts during the pathogen programme testing , when combined with other stressors this nosema is deadly.
  14. check out the " Hive for queen bee " on trademe , the person with the listing does not really seem to know anything about bees, I don't know how to report these things.
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