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  1. Especially when the rear door latch aint working!! Ive got a 5 door Prado atm,so having to tow my trailer around on the bigger missions,otherwise like you say Matt,in an out of the rear.
  2. Will all of those larvae that are uncovered,rope out? Bar the scale one ?
  3. Evening, Is anyone using these at the mo or has used these in the past?If so,how have you found them? I only have wooden box nucs and whilst they are good,i have all different sizes as some are homemade and some bought.Im looking at swapping to the above.They look nice n light,everything would be uniform size and can accomodate 4 frames of bees including a feeder.With the box type ,I have top feeders so could do away with all those as well.Cost is another big factor. Any feedback welcome.
  4. Reading posts on fb beekeeping page ,shows alot of people worldwide who are still very sceptical about buying honey because of the possibility it is fake,even from ur local beek down the rd..according to one person.And yes,the manuka name is being bandied around in all this gossip.
  5. Arohamai bro,not a good feeling i bet.
  6. Arohamai e hoa...sorry i dont have much to offer but if you ever in or near the Ktown district,call in for a hot tea bro.
  7. Sorry to hijack this thread,is ur ph number still same as on ur profile @Philbee
  8. After reading ur post @Dennis Crowley I doubt whether il be thinking or researching honey!!
  9. Have looked at colour variations but too many to decide,one doesnt really fit.I will keep on thinking/researching!
  10. Im looking at a name for my honey so just askinng some opinions,would you identify " golden " as a generic colour for the majority of honey we produce in our country?
  11. Mmmm how would a motorhome converted into an extraction room fare? Dont they have all the required facilities needed and licences ie gas,hot water etc?
  12. Just curious,with this situation,would running a double brood witha queen in each,overcome them filling the brood boxes with excess honey? im guessing swarm control would need to be spot on .
  13. I see "Stuff"on fb had another big report on Honevo and the work they are doing with kanuka honey...those sites could be worth a bit iin the near future bro.
  14. Dohhhh..here i was thinking u had no close neighbours watsoever,looks like all beekeepers have someone close by. Awesome looking hive anyway!
  15. Not just the beekeeping,i reckon Phil..ur isolation may have alot to do with it too ay
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