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  1. Phil46

    May 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    cant complain with those ay Glynn
  2. Morena Philbee,have made contact with whanau in Turangi and waiting on responses of interest.
  3. Phil46

    May 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    Can't say iv had a nose job but the one on my r/h bottom eyelid las week made my eyes water.
  4. Phil46

    Congratulations Daley and Chris!

    Congratulations Daley and Chris..."let the good times roll"
  5. Phil46

    Honey super yields

    Awesome info from everyone...mauri ora!
  6. Phil46

    Honey super yields

    Cheers for that John.
  7. Phil46

    Honey super yields

    Thanks James,so is that a good or average yield? Im guessing good.
  8. Phil46

    Honey super yields

    Kia ora,just asking what are good ,average and poor yields for a honey super...9 x 35mm hoffman in 3/4 and FD,approx?
  9. Phil46

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Arohamai for my above nuc pic...was playing about on my phone and posted in the wrong thread.
  10. Phil46

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Went through nucs,gave them a feed,looking good,
  11. Phil46

    Which escape board do you use?

    Ae James,I was down ur ways last weekend visiting whanau in wainui on banks peninsula.I'll send you a pm when I get sorted,things are looking up this coming season. Ive made a decision to go with a two corner and centre escape boards,with thick rim.Looks like Dansar has plans to manufacture a few.
  12. Phil46

    Which escape board do you use?

    Awesome feedback peeps,lots of different ways/ideas and thanks for the pics Daley. I like the sound of Tristan's fly home method.Harvesting this season was a pain with robbers and the theory of coming to an apiary,lifting off clean honey supers without too much bee activity sounds like the go for me.
  13. Kia ora Forum whanau,been awhile since I've posted, lots going on. Question for all the Beeks who use escape boards ,which do you prefer and why? I'm looking at purchasing a few and there's a few options...thick rim vs thin rim,4 corner vs 2 corner,corner type vs central round type etc. Do some work better/quicker than others? Your observations would bee appreciated.
  14. Phil46


    Is zero tolerance for export honey only? What level is acceptable for home honey?
  15. Phil46

    Short distance move

    Thanks for the replies...let me think some more on this. I'll be back..