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  1. Ive sent off two honey samples in the last month or so to Analytica,these were in empty kina containers and sealed with brown paper tape,then sent in red courier bag.No questions were asked.Only one sample came up with a viable npa reading!
  2. oh right..as has been said above,first iv seen.
  3. oh,just seen last pic...no strength at all.
  4. Looks like penetration lacking..how was it down the sides of tongue?
  5. Morena,funny you say that,cos the block i now have access to,the landowner preferred my kanohi to kanohi exactly as you describe above....than the big players who turned up,spouted this n that or the others who let their other half do all the talking and couldnt look him in the face.
  6. @Shaun what sort of brake setup did you use on this trailer?
  7. awesome...have something in the pipelines relative to this answer,definitely no debate.
  8. Morena all,hope everyone is staying safe and keeping well in these times. A question for all you experienced bee folk and botanists....in your wisdom/experience/knowledge ,would the following plants all come under the above title:Manuka,Kanuka,Rewarewa,Kamahi,Pohutukawa?
  9. @Shaun To me,thats a nice size trailer with a nice even amount of hives to handle for the' loner' semi commercial.Pity about the reach of crane,however Im guessing the hives slide easily enough for you to place the rearmost hives.I could fit an extra 6 hives on the back of my flatdeck,which would then determine my biggest apiary would consist of 30 hives. Any crane has got to better than none when youre on your own. . .
  10. @Shaun sweet set up .So thats 20 hives you can travel with? How far down the trailer,does the crane reach?
  11. @tristan there was no object given in the original post as to what exactly was being made/repaired .Yes there are a few things to take into account when carrying out any sort of fabrication,however I was basing my opinions on my own experience of welding/fabrication .Maybe could have been a 15amp plug on my welder,doesnt look like it and Iv never changed it.
  12. Put a 3.2 rod in ur welder and try welding a couple pieces of 5 mm plate with that.Id start around 110 amps...adjust your amps to suit,you might find your welder will be ok.A 2.5 rod anywhere between 60 - 100 amps. If you are finding rods are sticking,not able to weld well...they may be damp,you can try putting them in oven at low temp or get a new packet.
  13. @Alastair This is my old stick welder,which I have built a patio,my trailer pictured,various dogboxes and lots of repairs to mates towbars,boxes ,trailers etc.It can take up to a 4mm rod which may need 130 - 150 amps,however the largest Iv used is 3.2 low hydrogens running around 110 - 120 amps no problem.The axle on my trailer is 50mm box with 5mm thickness,the towbar plate is 10mm flat and the steps are 6mm steel deck plate. Its a 10amp plug ,with half decent handpiece but a new earth clamp i put on.I picked it up 2nd hand for $250 bucks and have had for about12 - 13 years.Im not a welder by trade but learnt all my welding plying my trade as a diesel mechanic. Something similar ,I would be sure, would more than suffice for your needs,if you are still wanting to stick weld. I prefer to mig weld but dont have one myself,Iv always had use of a workshop while i was in the trade. My 5 cents anyway,and if you get desperate and dont wana splash out,you are more than welcome to borrow this one....I love a good excuse to head north!
  14. Yeah id bee interested to know his name,i have hives around the district and have had a few pinched....id love to know of any crooks round here
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