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  1. tut

    Is zero tolerance for export honey only? What level is acceptable for home honey?
  2. Short distance move

    Thanks for the replies...let me think some more on this. I'll be back..
  3. Short distance move

    Morena, I know this is not recommended but will ask your thoughts or success rates on this suggestion. I have four hives that need to be moved and would like to keep in the area due to a ,possibly heavy pohutu flow coming on,without it being too detrimental to the hives. Hives would be moved from 100 to approx 300 metres in a straight line from current position at night,leave closed up til next day and a heap of branches,foliage placed over entrances. Iv seen different scenarios on YouTube but am.asking anyone here if they have done it and what sort of success they have had with regards to returning bees.Three of the hives are on a hive stand in current position.
  4. November 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    Pohutukawa starting to flower!! Looking a lot better than.last season...time will tell.
  5. November 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    Headed out to this apiary yesterday arvo to check on things...the 2 FD brood box hives have and are bringing in good loads of nectar. The first 3/4 hive was from an overwintered nuc with a queen from a breeder.It swarmed cos I was too late and didn't keep up,so its on the rebuild. The furtherest 3/4 hive has taken awhile to pick up ,through lack of bees and my rough handling of Queenie during early spring.A new one has been bom and layingll...but excluder was put on and its first honey super with newly waxed foundation. All bar one hive,received a honey super.I'm happy.
  6. supplier: MAQS+ Supply

  7. supplier: MAQS+ Supply

    Hi @Lucy Tasker...just asking f the MAQS+ has arrived? Thanks.
  8. NZBF One to two brood boxes

    When mine look like this with at least 7 - 8 frames of brood,I will add a box.
  9. Buying queens vs pauper split

    Yes I agree,location is another big factor to take into account. My location is a nice ,warm spot in the EBOP surrounded by lots of hives,both new and old.
  10. November 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    @kaihoka my frames in my dodgy nuc with supposed laying worker hive look just like your ones here.l
  11. Buying queens vs pauper split

    , @northernbeen try the pauper splits mate,iv increased my numbers through this method and have some OK queens. Timing,in my opinion,is the biggest factor in producing a half decent queen.The longer into the season you can.leave ur hive to split the better chance of a decent mating. Iv done them over the last 2 seasons and found the earlier splits can end up as working layers/drone layers .Here's some pics of my latest splits this season.
  12. November 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    Kool thanx for the remedies...will sort tomorrow after work.
  13. November 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    Went through an apiary this arvo.A nuc I put into a single box has ,I'm guessing a laying worker as multiple eggs in lots of cells and any capped brood is drones by the look. I went through a 3 box full hive and found a frame with two capped queen cells on the bottom,so I removed this and put into laying worker hive.I shook all the bees from the hive out the front of it . Is that enough to help rectify the situation? Can I do much with the multi eggs in cells or jus let them run their course? Hopefully by then there will be a new queen.
  14. supplier: MAQS+ Supply

    No worries..thanks .
  15. supplier: MAQS+ Supply