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  1. Cant say really,may have been crook or possibly ,my thinking, would be to do with the processing of it after being shot. Iv never eaten any wild pork that was revolting.
  2. @Stoney Yum! @kaihoka was going to say yum too but you might of been offended,sows in good nick are good eating tho
  3. Time out on the Barrier earlier this month and even managed a bo peep at some local hives with an awesome host
  4. @M4tt I hope not mate...no these were around town,i have my name at the district council office as a swarm collector/ beekeeper.
  5. This year has been particularly swarmy in our little corner of the motu...my 2nd an third swarms for the season..
  6. Kia ora ,yes, but i put that down to not enough nectar flow,cos as you can see in my above pics,come spring time every waxed frame gets drawn beautifully. Usually get pakaru drawing of frames in honey supers,f too late for flow,or too many supers on the hive.
  7. Nice little apiary this one,lotsa tucker about...splits taken from strongest hives,all these queens have come thru winter and looking good atm.
  8. ah,so the rain not good for flowering? I thought it would be a pick me up for the plant and encourage longer flowering,so long as we get another good spell of hot weather.
  9. @AlastairHow did you get on with your labels Alastair? Im looking into some as well and thought those companies/business who already print honey labels would know all the requirements needed to comply with local and international regulations.
  10. Im thinking, there is a lot of talk about leaving bush honey on hives cos it not worth much...if someone has a market an selling overseas ,whats the chances of that beiing shared to other bush producers? Im keen to pursue this avenue.
  11. is there anyone on this site that has a market or regularly selling " Delish NZ Bush Honey" here in NZ or overseas?
  12. Crystallized comb honey tastes like ####,IMO 😄
  13. ??? Thats not how I read it Philbee,initially that was the beekeepers intention,however change of tactic on their part...better to feed bees honey rather than sugar and also...bees dont mind.Then theres the heading ....spring feed honey Another caution would be tutin testing.My understanding was,comb honey is at a higher risk of tutin poisoning ? Other frames from the hive could have been tested but whos to know. Or are you having a serve @Philbee
  14. onya Tristan...i didnt know how to post that
  15. Anyone else seen this on TradeMe...Frames of capped honey for sale as spring feed honey!.It is also suggested in the description that this a better option than feeding sugar! I have asked whether they are a registered beekeeper and whether this is safe practice? I didnt think it was.
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