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  1. Another promotion for "kanuka honey" on 3 news last night....😊😊😊😊
  2. buy unwaxed mate and wax them yourself...then you get good thick coverage.I think its worth it inthe long run.
  3. ther you go @jamesc ....then you can go on ya island holiday.😉
  4. For those of you who run the TM trash pumps,do they handle 2:1 syrup alright?
  5. Y is that @jamesc? Way out the middle of nowhere and no close hives or still plenty nectar from somewhere??
  6. So,jus to confirm and reassure,it would bee ok to store stickiez outside with a mesh hivemat aT top n bottom of each stack of wets and maybe a run of broad tape around each join of boxes...and a roof of some sort to keep excess rain off.
  7. Just to let local Turangi beeks if you havent recieved notice,DOC spraying willows in the Grace rd area.
  8. I still have original staples sitting in OA solution from Philbee,35% if i remember right....i remove from bucket,cut to guessed length,scrape excess liquid with hivetool and place into double 3/4 brood boxes...4 in bottom,3 in top.
  9. @Dennis Crowley if that was the case then,wat does one do with 40 full honey supers on hives?
  10. kia ora mo ena ki nga whakaaro koutou katoa...ka mau te wehi!! Thanks for all your thoughts/info on how to go about this duty.I will bee staying near the apiary for the whole weekend,so the idea of splitting the duties into two days will work in well with that.I also have a helper (my babe) who can lift the lids/covers on and off as i place supers onto the trailer. My hives and boxes are all numbered individually already,so thats a head start....my leaf blower was modified last night and has a new vac hose extension fitted.Plenty of fuel,oil and water and check vehicle/trailer over and dont forget the spare for trailer!! ohh and lots of smoker fuel!! Ill post up a panui of my adventure next week.
  11. Morena whanau, So im planning on harvesting an apiary with 20 hives this weekend and Ive never done more than a few at any one time.There is 40 honey supers to remove ,so im looking at how best to go about this with the least amount of damage ( robbing )? Bees will be blown out as I have not yet purchased escape boards.My thinking is(per hive),remove honey supers,tip on end and blow out each in front of their hive,then stack on ground in front of hive and cover with board or sack ,carry out brood/disease inspection and then add staples,remove excluder and reassemble hive.Do this with all hives and when finished....come along with my wheel trolley and locate all honey supers to trailer.Stack and cover with tarp.Strap down and home james. To all you experienced harvesters,does this sound like a doable plan? what am i missing? what could I add?
  12. Is there anyone promoting/marketing the benefits of this 'close cousin' to manuka honey? Surely there is a market for this product on its own properties,other than using it in blending? Or is the info i have been reading about kanuka,heresay? Could this bee the new "wonder honey"??
  13. Ahh kia ora mo tena you two...I'll keep looking up this way ,I imagine freight from down that way would bee costly...but if all else fails,I have two contacts.
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