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  1. Phil46

    August 2018 Apiary Diary

    Mmmm....looks awesome,nice n big,solid as.I have a rental in Turangi,that was my Mums last house and it still has the old firebox oven/stove in the kitchen,not in use now but hopefully one day I can get it legal to reuse.I remember my Grandpa lighting his every morning to make his cuppa,warm the kitchen and then keep it stoked all day long.I was the firewood fairy!
  2. Phil46

    August 2018 Apiary Diary

    @M4tt thats an impressive fire box mate!!
  3. Phil46

    Show Your Truck

    With diesels,5k intervals were recommended if you were doing a lot of start/stop driving like around town/city where the diesel didn't really get to optimum operating temp,so a lot of combustion byproducts are still present ....as you get out on longer trips and getting maximum effiency byproduct volume decreases.. With newer tech in engine/fuel/filtration systems these days,engines get to ideal thermal effiency a lot quicker,so in theory ,cleaner burning hence longer service intervals.
  4. Phil46

    Drawn comb

    Kia ora mo tena e korua,thanks for that you two.
  5. Phil46

    Drawn comb

    Some hives were left with a box of honey as feed over winter/spring,will this stimulate bees into wax producing mode like sugar syrup does?
  6. Phil46

    First Graft For The Season

    Good to know,that's wat I'm planning on trying.5 frame Nuc box starter and 3 box,qr finisher.
  7. Phil46

    Mating nuc apiary

    @jamesc I travel a little further than that
  8. Phil46

    Mating nuc apiary

    Yes that be abou😉t 20 hives,as far as being robbed...I would hope not,I'll do my best to not make them.too attractive to visitors..
  9. Phil46

    Mating nuc apiary

    An apiary of approx 5 pallets can be seen within 3 kms of where I plan to site my nuc apiary.
  10. Phil46

    First Graft For The Season

    What method are you using ie seperate cell starter and finisher hives or all in one,cloake board etc? If you don't mind me asking
  11. @Trevor Gillbanks where do I find donation page..I'm using my pH at work at the no @nikki watts have sent you a message on messenger for now,til I sort messaging on here
  12. @nikki watts hi,hey how can I get in touch with you please.