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  1. Crystallized comb honey tastes like ####,IMO 😄
  2. ??? Thats not how I read it Philbee,initially that was the beekeepers intention,however change of tactic on their part...better to feed bees honey rather than sugar and also...bees dont mind.Then theres the heading ....spring feed honey Another caution would be tutin testing.My understanding was,comb honey is at a higher risk of tutin poisoning ? Other frames from the hive could have been tested but whos to know. Or are you having a serve @Philbee
  3. onya Tristan...i didnt know how to post that
  4. Anyone else seen this on TradeMe...Frames of capped honey for sale as spring feed honey!.It is also suggested in the description that this a better option than feeding sugar! I have asked whether they are a registered beekeeper and whether this is safe practice? I didnt think it was.
  5. Diesel electric drives have been around for a long while in the mining industry,battery powered forks have been around for yonks too.I had a hunch this technology would move into the car industry eventually...iv even seen an worked on 400 ton electric drive face shovels,20odd years ago.They had 6 - 8 inch power cables laying around on their work benches with little ramps where a vehicle cud drive over them.safely. Battery disposal is my concern.
  6. Yes youre right there @tommy dave quite a few on the different buy/sell sites looking to part with their over purchases....the good thing about it is,most are willing to negotiate prices,whch you cant do with the product suppliers. Heres to small and steady expansion!
  7. Got your moneys worth out of those bro!
  8. Morena,I have been trolling through TradeMe last few days and have noticed an increase in pricing of,frames in particular,bee gear by private or smalltime suppliers.For eg: FD frames ,plastic ,no wax for $3.70 - $3.80 ea. I thought prices would be down,or more competitive with the big suppliers, considering the honey industry has taken a downward spiral. Theres some tryers ,I thought to myself.
  9. So,whose honey is that on the pak n save shelf for $5? Jus asking cos iv never seen that brand before? As in,company/producer?
  10. What i had read,sounded like a deal to do with hives on a property went sour .
  11. There was a post on one of NZ beekeeping pages on FB,warning not to do business with this guy featured in that above link,obviously someone had a bad experience..Tuakau area if i remember right.
  12. Especially when the rear door latch aint working!! Ive got a 5 door Prado atm,so having to tow my trailer around on the bigger missions,otherwise like you say Matt,in an out of the rear.
  13. Will all of those larvae that are uncovered,rope out? Bar the scale one ?
  14. Evening, Is anyone using these at the mo or has used these in the past?If so,how have you found them? I only have wooden box nucs and whilst they are good,i have all different sizes as some are homemade and some bought.Im looking at swapping to the above.They look nice n light,everything would be uniform size and can accomodate 4 frames of bees including a feeder.With the box type ,I have top feeders so could do away with all those as well.Cost is another big factor. Any feedback welcome.
  15. Reading posts on fb beekeeping page ,shows alot of people worldwide who are still very sceptical about buying honey because of the possibility it is fake,even from ur local beek down the rd..according to one person.And yes,the manuka name is being bandied around in all this gossip.
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