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  1. Time to make some splits? The hives i have near that early flowering are bringing in nectar from somewhere up in them hills,i dont think its from the manuka. By the way,thats not me in the pic...its the landowner keen to see wat we do and wat the bees get up to!
  2. Whakatane,Tauranga,Rotorua...they are all within an hrs drive and im sure there would bee a few interested in expanding their knowledge.
  3. Something else has come up re making up the nucs and then transporting,so im asking is it possible to transport the frame of queen cells a 1/2 hr drive to mating nuc apiary without causing any damage? I will wrap in a warm damp towel and have heater running in my truck and be careful az.
  4. Cant wait til you venture back up these ways Maggie,to share your know how,il definitely be attending!
  5. Looks like i have a busy Sunday!
  6. Woww! You sure they only have one queen in those cells!?
  7. An area of manuka that is usually in full flower beginning of Nov,was starting to flower this weekend...the whole hillsides.Seems way too early so not sure whats happening there
  8. Kia ora mo tena korero John,thats good to know i can insert cells as i make up the nucs . And i will be taking nucs out to another apiary once they are all made up,will that disturb the cell too much? They will be inside my vehicle not bounced around on a trailer.
  9. Rawe to korero Nick! Il start prepping n planning my nucs.
  10. Yeah iv seen that option Chris,i didnt want a whole lot of diff size frames,feeders etc again to either make or buy,this way its standard frames.Iv got plenty of 3/4 gear!
  11. Ata marie , Iv been into cell builder hive briefly today to check the number of capped queen cells,all the 11 started are capped. So,couple questions regarding nuc make up.I have had some 3 frame,3/4 nuc boxes made up.My thinking is 1 frame waxed foundation,1 frame nectar/pollen for food and 1 frame brood,ideally an all capped brood frame and add a 10 day cell. Now ,if i dont have enough fully capped brood frames handy, for all 11 nucs,my only option is to use watever brood frames i have.If thats the case,can i go into nuc a cuple days later to inspect/squash any cells they may
  12. Looks like they are promoting olive leaf extract .
  13. Well,not too bad,obviously room for improvement. So,the queenless nuc was a 3/4 extended heightwise making it large enough to take the FD graft frame . The 3/4 double brood hive wasnt lol.So,i had to shoot home and modify a 3/4 frame to fix this amateur fupar! (pic 1) Brushing n smoking the bees off graft frame,i counted 11 out of 16 cells started. ( pic 2 ) I swapped rails over hoping i didnt cause any damage and put frame into double box queenright hive.
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