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  1. One of my hives has a lot of drones, queen is 2 years old. The hive is doing well but I want to replace her but can't find her.....can I put an excluder between the 2 brood boxes then get back into the box she will then be in..... should be able to find her then. There are playcups there but I don't want to split yet if I don't have to, would rather they raise a new queen. Appreciate some ideas thanks
  2. I put the extracted frames back into a box on top of a top feeder and put that back on the hive so all drips are saved
  3. Done and dusted, vespex on it's way!
  4. Thanks, I was aware of the link, was hoping to avoid doing it this time of year but looks like I'll have to, wasps still aggressive to my bees
  5. Is there anyone in Auckland who can do a vespex baiting ?
  6. Umm now it sounds like there may be 3 queens. We had a good look too! Not long ago they were very busy at the entrance some hanging around and very noisey I think they are getting ready...... I could put a few frames of brood in the hive that swarmed to reduce bee numbers? Or use queen excluder?????
  7. Thanks for the feedback, she said to leave it now. Still 2 queen's in there , just heard them. So either they swarm or fight it out. I have a nuc if need bee, I also have queen excluder but don't want to risk losing queens. How long shall I leave them be? They haven't moved up to 3/4 super yet. If I see lots of them lounging around....could be a sign? They sure do have their own minds.
  8. So...hive swarmed last Wednesday, caught it with experienced beeks as they decided to settle on one of the tallest trees, hived them..all good. Went through and culled cells that day and again with a local beekeeper on Sunday, gave her 2 frames, culled more cells, left one queen cell. Moved up 2 frames brood added 2 empty frames in both boxes. Heard woodpecker sounds this week then high pitch quacking. Yesterday heard both, today heard 2 X high pitch quacking.....so 2 queen's? Do I leave them to it or do another split?
  9. Same thing has happened to me. I had a swam march into my full depth box mid December. Added a super after 5 weeks including a frame of drawn comb but they haven't done anything with it. should I take the super off and will a single brood box have enough stores for winter in Auckland? Or do I move a couple of frames of honey up into the super or is it too late in the season?
  10. Well the hive slowly died out as I did not have another to join it with. Got the frames checked by Kim K who said it was an old drone laying queen and probably infected with a virus. But no AFB. I put the word out in July and September with the club for a swarm or Nuc but there seems to be nothing much around. And I don't want to pay $300 for a Nuc when there is no guarantee it will survive the winter. So I have all this empty equipment and no bees? I noted in a 2012 discussion on the prices of nucs that @alastair offered to sell his at a good price....or if anyone kno
  11. this hive became queenless in July and has slowly died out, had a look yesterday and no bees left. Need to get sign off and somewhere to store all the frames ....and lots of ants around here. Was just wondering if freezing all frames would somehow interfere with inspection process/AFB testing? Was just one small swarm so only 5 frames total. Will reuse them for next nuc....when I get one
  12. What is the best way to store frames of honey so the ants wont get to them until these frames can get signed off for a COI? In the freezer?
  13. could I combine it with a nuc in september if I could get one?
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