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  1. For decades, agro-chemical corporations likeBayer have been trying to convince us that we need bee-killing neonicotinoids, and that humans simply can’t feed ourselves without them. A scathing UN report just called that story a complete “myth.” This report on pesticides is a bombshell. Its expert authors say in no uncertain terms: the “myth” that humans need any pesticides -- not just neonics -- to feed the world is being spread by the “unethical” practices of global corporations who consistently deny the science showing the harms of using these toxins to grow our food. We don't need ne
  2. How long should you allow them to draw a queen cell?
  3. Have you seen those cool stencils @Trevor Gillbanks sells? Looks awesome!
  4. Update... Neville has been found! Mobile had died and he has made contact after spotting this thread. All is well thanks team as you were
  5. Mums "farm" is only 60 odd acres, she is there most of the time and would know if he's been. They spent much of the weekend clearing the area around the hives it was so overgrown the entrances had all but disappeared.
  6. Update... Address is not registered, still waiting on mum to find registration numbers. Since we don't have a surname the number is about the only way we can track him down apparently. Next step is I've been given the number of Byron Taylor to get someone out for an inspection. Thanks for your help all, confirmed my suspicion that I shouldn't be charging over to open up someone else's hives!
  7. hi guys my Mum has several (about 20) hives on her property at Te Miro near Cambridge belonging to Neville (doesn't know last name). She says he hasn't been in about 8 weeks, his mobile is disconnected and several hives are not looking good. I've asked her to search for a number on his gear so we can track him down that way, but really unsure of the best course of action. She doesn't like to see the bees struggling and doesn't know what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Thanks Matt, btw the MAQS are working a treat! Thanks so much
  9. Good morning all, My hobby hive is located close to our neighbours property. It is a farm which he sprays herbicide on a couple of times a year. He is planning on spraying again soon, last time he used "Baton". He has asked me if there are any he should avoid, also saying he has a commercial bee operator on the property who hasn't had a problem with what he uses. I would rather err on the side on caution, if anyone can let me know what he should watch out for? Thanks!
  10. Apparently ants don't like cinnamon, try sprinkling some powder around...But you need to use quite a bit.
  11. Thanks, Yes have made contact with a local who is going to sell some to me.
  12. None have even been shipped yet! They were expecting 10 packs with last shipment and only got 25s!
  13. I gave them a buzz, the expired ones are now too dodgy too send.
  14. Thanks for that Trevor. Yes, I watched that clip this morning. Great info, thanks for your efforts! Thanks @JayBee, I will look for the 10 pack now! Boo! 10 pack out of stock!! Comes from Canada so a while away from arriving... Plan B? I guess I'll do a different treatment this time around.
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