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  1. Working daily now with the Sprinter + crane. It's a big help!
  2. As far as I know Apijuneda is on the ApiNZ Conference in July with its cranes.
  3. Bit more than 30K. But very good quality. Way better than the French Easy-Loader. Sold the Easy-Loader after 3 weeks again.
  4. The Crafter max comes just with a 2l Diesel. The Mercedes has a V6 3l Diesel. That was the reason to chose this one for me. I will see how it works in the season...
  5. Here with all extras it was even a bit ore than 100k. It's very hard to find MT tyres in this size and for this loading capacity! @dansar: Loaded the 4WD works very well. Empty it's useless because 65% of the power are going to the rear axle. With this crane in the back it will allways have enough weight.
  6. I'm trying this one in the next saison: Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4x4 / 519
  7. @tom sayn East-Thuringia. (To keep the hundreds of hours of filling up honey and labeling interesting, I'm listening to audiobooks or podcasts. Funnily I was listening to a very nice Austrian bee podcast this week that was with you Tom. The interview was very interesting!)
  8. I didn't want to be off topic in the "show your truck" thread by answering. So I moved it to the International Beekeeping Forum. Yes the last real winter here in Germany was in 2010 (with down to -20°C and snow for some month). The last to winters were far too warm. Hardly frost or snow. So the bees were flying many times in winter. Nobody here is happy about this, because they have no brood-stop. This means a very low impact of the treatment with oxalic acid in December and that they need to much food for maintaining the brood. Usually we feed sugar till October and its lasting till cherry-blossom in April. This year many hives used all the food already till January/February and many beekeepers are forced to feed now, which is not what anybody wants to do. 2010: a nice winter with more than 3 month of snow and temperatures till -25°C.
  9. Thanks for welcoming! I'm running an organic apiary with 250 hives in the east of Germany . Because we traveled a lot before I started the beekeeping (cycled 2,5 years around Asia, Australia, Africa with first son) I'm allways curious about informations from abroad. I also have WWOOFers helping in the season. One of the best who came in the last years were from NZ! They were also the first one telling me that you also have Varroa since some years. I was very sad to hear this! Here in Germany we are worrying of getting the hive beetle soon from Italy, where it is since 2 years now. We still have some snow here now, but season will start soon!
  10. It's Winter here in Germany. By researching for my new Ezyloader I ended up in your forum. Sometimes reading of you working on the bees right now makes me jealous! So also a summer picture of the Hilux driving 90 hives to the sunflower.
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